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Thursday, May 12, 2016

From 9/11 to 5/11

From The Last English Prince:
On 9/11 I watched it all. I watched it all from the safety of my living room. But I no longer felt safe. Even as the news was still evolving my telephone rang. 
“Will you be called up?” As a U.S. Naval Officer individuals were reaching out to me for reassurance. Would the military provide a shield from what could not be shielded from our vision on that day? 
I watched as a woman took her leap to death due to flames at her back. My oath of office was neatly displayed on the wall. I pulled the frame down and reaffirmed my oath to protect and defend. 
Then I took it a step further. I took an oath to not only observe the movement of the snake but to determine the flicker in the eye. For many years now I have tracked movement, and it has been my privilege to see the flicker in the eye, feel the tongue dart gently across my cheek, and withstand the ideological assault. 
Yesterday an east coast analyst asked, “I wonder if we are changing Muslims in America more than they change our landscape?” Part of my response into the thread was thus: “I will try to write something today or tomorrow regarding Islam. 
One thing I know: Islam as behavior cannot always be tracked because of deceptive communication with non-Muslim audiences. Behavior is not the benchmark. The dynamic of movement within the various confederacies delivers the profile. So Islam has to be tracked as movement. 
We have to think operational physics as the desirable model. The patterns emerge more clearly by observing the movements of Islam as opposed to the behaviors as expressed in the West.” 
Islam is not a religion. Islam is a system of governance based upon geopolitical confederacies. While some point toward the African plate, and perhaps secondarily to Afghanistan, to note the tribalism which contributes to Islam’s entrenchment my view is distinct. 
It is not the tribalism which sustains Islam. It is Islam which sustains the tribalism and makes it impossible for such societies to move forward and toward an embrace of democratic principles. 
We continue to grossly underestimate the guiding template of geopolitical confederacy and how it impacts Islam and her forward march into the West. GO READ THE WHOLE THING. 
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