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Saturday, May 14, 2016

General Election Attacks on Trump: Aiming at FAMILIES

Get ready Trump because here’s how they are going to go at the center of one of your 2 pillars:
Donald Trump’s plan to get tough with China, Japan and Mexico could cost the average U.S. household more than $6,000 a year if carried to its logical extreme, with the burden falling hardest on households with the lowest income, according to a new report from the National Foundation for American Policy, which describes itself as a nonpartisan research group.
“We find that a Trump tariff proposal against all countries would cost U.S. consumers $459 billion annually and $2.29 trillion over five years,” David Tuerck and Paul Bachman, a pair of economists at Suffolk University in Boston, write in the report. “Our analysis finds that the Trump tariffs would manifest themselves as a 30.5 percent increase in the price of competing domestic producer goods and therefore, as a cut in real wages.”
National Foundation for American Policy claims to be one ting, but actually their papers if you look, justify H1-b’s etc. and HERE
They don’t seem concerned with citizen workers ALREADY HERE. I have NOTHING against legal immigration en masse, but facts are facts, they are hardly non partisan. Worse however, is their attitude about ILLEGALS here
It’s important to understand the METHOD of attack here. Free Trade, NAFTA etc was sold as the best method to make items more affordable to American consumers. Coupling that ‘giant sucking sound’ to gains in automation created a world in which American consumers seeking the cheapest AVAILABLE products had traded that for their careers, ESPECIALLY in manufacturing (which PS is where the Gross Profit is)
Now the argument coming is the same from the RESULT SIDE, that we heard over free trade in the 1980′s - but then it was a THEORY, ‘DON’T TRADE cheap Mexican, Chinese and Maylasian, etc products for higher prices’ (and jobs making flat screens in Nebraska, iPhones in Nevada, SSD’s in North Dakota, and F-150′s in Flint?)
That’s the REAL question. Of course you can always continue to get those affordable Chinese flip-flops from Walmart
As usual in the US elections we have a left side ‘respected’ media entity, representing another left side ‘nonpartisan’ entity funded by grants from an equally left sided entity (Kaufmann Foundation) purporting to represent settled facts to the American people.
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Blogger Nicoenarg said...

“Our analysis finds that the Trump tariffs would manifest themselves as a 30.5 percent increase in the price of competing domestic producer goods and therefore, as a cut in real wages.”

This study is extremely limited in its scope. That's a random number picked on the assumption that the American market is not the most important market in the world and that companies will NOT establish factories in the US to avoid the 35% tax.

Secondly, things being produced in the US means increased income and hence a more of a cushion against any price increase rather than no protection whatsoever which seems to be the assumption of the study.

This is a line of attack for sure but a very weak one at that and Trump already started addressing this months ago with "Yes prices may go up but you will actually have jobs to be able to pay for stuff".

Saturday, May 14, 2016 4:29:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I'm sure Politco is ready with an in depth analysis of the consequences of Bernie Sanders' economic plan. Of Hilary Clinton's economic plan. No?

Maybe Tuerck and Bachman's grant money only funds studies on Republican candidates. That must be it.

Saturday, May 14, 2016 5:28:00 pm  

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