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Thursday, May 12, 2016

German security authorities have good news and bad news

They’ve discovered at least 369 folks wanted for terrorism HAVE ENTERED GERMANY.
But they are running around.
According to German federal crime office, a number of Islamic terrorists have entered Germany by hiding amongst recent flows of migrants from the Middle East, and since last year 369 people with suspected ties to the Islamic State have come into the country in this way.
“German security authorities have indications that members and supporters of terrorist organizations are infiltrating groups of migrants in a focused and organized way, in order to launch attacks in Germany,” said a police spokesman, adding that there was no specific evidence of a planned attack at this time.
Of the hundreds of suspected Islamic jihadists entering Germany, 40 cases are currently under judicial investigation at the federal and state level, said a spokesman of theBundeskriminalamt in Berlin.
Am I alone in thinking that PERHAPS a camp designed to vet migrants OUTSIDE the German nation while this ‘discovery’ was being made might be a good idea?
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Blogger Always On Watch said...

I now have ZERO interest in traveling to the Eurabic Germany which Angela Merkel has wrought.

Thursday, May 12, 2016 2:29:00 pm  

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