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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Imagine if the ‘Conservatives’ of the GOP sent to Congress had been ‘BERNIE’

The message was sent immediately after Rick Santelli let loose ONE MONTH after Barack Obama took office.

Financial responsibility

Fidelity to the Constitution

A majority of the House in the next election, then a majority of the Senate as well in the one following, and it GREW.

Yet despite that only Congress can make the law, and money to be spent must be initiated in the House, HERE WE ARE.

Lack of governance and lack of fidelity to the CLEAR intent of the voters that sent you.
Now imagine if they had been all Bernie’s of the Tea Party.

Eric Cantor would be speaker. A Ryan might be the nominee. Obamacare would have been replaced or gutted and THEN Obama compelled to REAL compromise. Bathrooms would at the worst be reserved for M/F/ and ANYBODY. And most importantly by far, people would have SOME faith int he government, and their ability to influence it.

Instead all politicians find themselves in the midst of a revolutionary movement which is very peaceful as such things go, and REJECTED by a ‘social-democrat’ whose bolshevik like means to his end are UNMISTAKABLE, and a businessman who refuses to adhere to the rules of ‘doing nothing and sounding like something is doing’.

Just look at what happened in the Nevada State Dem convention and ask yourselves what the USa would be like, if the R leaders in congress had said what Bernie did after being admonished by D leaders … “WE ARE IN THIS TO THE VERY LAST BALLOT”, and then DONE IT as we all believe Bernie will do.
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