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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why The Ladies’ Restrooms In Target Stores Are The Best Place To Meet Women In 2016

Get laid effortlessly by temporarily "identifying" as a woman

From Return of Kings:
Men have to stay on top of pickup trends when it comes to meeting girls because what may have worked a decade ago will no longer be effective today. 
Since I’m an expert on American pickup culture, you are the first to know what works best before the masses do. After doing some extensive experimentation, I’m happy to say that I’m having an incredible success rate picking up women in Target stores, specifically in their ladies’ restrooms. 
For those of you who aren’t American, Target is a popular low-cost retailer that sells food, home goods, and cheap clothes. Target is so progressive and cutting-edge that they have recently passed a new company policy catering to transvestites, specifically allowing biological males to use the female restroom. 
In other words, men can now legally use the female Target bathroom without any repercussions. I have decided to use this loophole to my advantage and get laid consistently by approaching girls inside the ladies’ room. I’ve slept with six girls from the strategy since the policy was announced on April 19. 
Here the game plan I’ve been using, which I’m sharing only because I don’t spend that much time in the United States (if I did, there would be no way I’d publicly reveal my high-octane tactics for free). 
1. Go into the Target women’s restroom and set up camp in a private stall 
My testing showed that appearing within her stall will not lead to the bang Most Target ladies’ rooms have two stalls. You will be occupying one for a “session” that lasts approximately an hour. I recommend you bring an e-reader or fully-charged smartphone to deal with possible down time of no women coming in.
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