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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

And The Nobel Prize For Literature Goes To….

From Tammy Swofford:
The Egyptian writer, Naguib Mafooz, was born to a humble family in the Fatimid quarter of Cairo. He was bequeathed with the name of the Coptic physician who assisted in his birth. 
The youngest of seven children, raised within a Muslim family with strict orthodoxy he once commented, “You would have never thought that an artist would emerge from that family.” 
But buried deep within his genome map were the gifts of an artist. What is known as the Cairo Trilogy, is perhaps his best remembered work. 
In 1988, Naguib Mafooz received the Nobel Prize for Literature. His literature elevates the human soul. And his trilogy remains in the category of favorites, in my home library. 
The Nobel Prize for Literature will not be awarded to the editor of the Spring edition of the al-Qaeda magazine “Inspire”. 
There is literature, and then there is the work of disturbed minds. Having recently received a copy, it seems good to remind the readership to choose legitimate media organizations to assist in the opinion-making process. “Inspire” is not journalism. It is a niche industry run by hot-headed jihadi seeking out cohorts with reptilian brains. 
The magazine has certainly evolved over the years. Oriented more toward a Western audience, the cover shows a man with a ball cap and hoodie looking toward a well-lit, multi-story residence. 
The cover feature is a real attention grabber: “Home Assassinations: Making explosives for home Assassinations – parcel bomb, magnetic car bomb and door trap bomb”.
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