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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Austrian media fakes scenes of refugees ‘helping’ German flood victims

From The Vlad Tepes Blog:

From a few sources. First:This German site:Local News[Schwäbisch Gmünd | Thursday, 02. June 2016Embarrassing Flood Staging with refugees in the Weststadt [Schwäbisch Gmünd]A help effort by refugees, staged by the municipality on request of a foreign camera team, sparked outrage among residents and flood helpers in the Weststadt [a district of Schwäbisch Gmünd] which is still marked by the flood.The aid became a satire, as several eye witnesses, independent of each other, described to the Rems newspaper, seeking help also in the interests of the obviously abused asylum seekers.Despite the massive irritation, all observers emphasized that they truly pitied the refugees in this situation. They tried to quickly provide work gloves for the men who apparently did not even know what this all was about. 
They were sent, equipped only with light casual wear and sparkling clean sneakers, and cheerful music from the IPhones, and escorted by municipality staff (witness: tie-wearers) to the flood aid in the Eutighofer Street, where their help was basically not needed anymore. 
“We all did not believe our eyes what was suddenly happening” says the stunned RZ reader Wolfgang B. Many other citizens of Weststadt too indignatedly approached the Rems newspaper about this show initiative of the town on Thursday, and even showed videos from their mobiles of this unbelievable satire. 
Allegedly the disgruntled residents were about to chase the camera team out of people’s homes and gardens because of this strange move. 
The refugees were even coerced to fetch back from the containers, flood trash that the residents had long salvaged, to again carry it out of the basements, geared toward the media. 
The citizens were so outraged that, according to reports, there were fisticuffs against the foreign camera team. 
Town hall press spokesman Markus Hermann reassures: This action has indeed been unfortunate. He asks for understanding: the camera team from Austria had arrived too late, and one had only intended to reenact for them that the refugees indeed supported the flood victims. 
The indignant residents of the Weststadt though do not know of any such support. Rather, they felt quite on their own until Wednesday. 
According to reports, true helpers were not put in the Spotlight like the unfortunate refugees, who, a few minutes after their TV appearance, took to their heels. 
The clear opinion of many flood victims of the Weststadt: Perhaps well intended by the Lord Mayor, but nevertheless absolutely out of order, this weird initiative.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I read this over at Vlad's, the bolded text: "Despite the massive irritation, all observers emphasized that they truly pitied the refugees in this situation."

After viewing the video illustrating the ferocity of the floods ...'massive irritation' seems a trifling characterization of the situation. Adding insult to injury...the quote suggests ALL OBSERVERS pitied the refugees. B.S. on a loose shingle!

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Sunday, June 05, 2016 3:56:00 pm  

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