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Saturday, June 04, 2016

“Free Speech”? YOU LIARS! Twitter CEO Admits He Met With Black Lives Matter To Learn How To Better Serve Their "Activism"

From Charles C. Johnson:
Open Letter To The CEOs Of Twitter From a Digital Jail: 
Dear Jack Dorsey and Deray McKesson, 
I write this letter to you, Jack, the CEO of Twitter and you, Deray, the shadow CEO of Twitter, to condemn the hypocrisy and dishonesty you recently displayed claiming that Twitter is a platform that respects free speech. 
You’re lying to your investors, you’re lying to the VC and Twitter community, and, I fear, you’re lying to yourself. 
On Wednesday, you both were interviewed at the Recode conference where you laid out your roles with the company and your alleged views on free speech. 
Jack disclosed that he took time off from working for Square and serving as then-Chairman of Twitter in 2014 to return to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to participate in the protests against the (legally justified) killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson. 
It was there that he met Deray and a “friendship” was formed that led to Deray being invited to eat with Jack’s family and eventually take an active role in influencing how Twitter operates. 
Jack told the Recode audience that Deray has been invited into Twitter headquarters to tell Twitter engineers and managers how to alter the product to meet the needs of his so-called “activism” and to direct the company on how it can become more “diverse.” 
Jack said he even arranged a one-on-one meeting with Twitter COO Adam Bain for Deray to offer his thoughts on how Twitter should make these changes.
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Anonymous thelastenglishprince said...

In other words, social media shout out platforms do not provide a venue for free speech. They are management companies against free speech. That is why I do not use them. Period. I lose control of my product.

And then there is this:


I would imagine that at the point an individual is harmed or killed at a rally a forensic search of the perp's media access is in order.

If a perp's digital footprint showed a viewing of Mr. Rensin's call to riot, then VOX might be legally liable for the assault.

Good call to suspend the man. The follow through needs to be a trip to the curb with the cardboard box in hand.

Saturday, June 04, 2016 3:39:00 pm  

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