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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos says Islam, not just extremists groups and terrorists is responsible for violence against gay people and women

So this is the problem.
If the Quran says gays die, jews suck, do this and do that, and you believe the Quran is the uncreated, and therefore immutable word of a perfect being then you are kind of stuck with thinking that gays must die and jews must suffer and all the rest ..while lightly beating your 4 wives, if you so choose on the latter.
Or please correct me.
Then again, maybe you think the Quran does NOT ***REALLY*** have to be followed to every letter, and maybe it’s a little racist and misogynist.
So in that case, are you still a Muslim?
What if you accept the secular power of the American people by their collective voting when it goes against the Quran?
Is your personal responsibility fulfilled by trying to raise our consciousness?
Or do you have to visit the fornicating drinkers somewhere with deadly convincing power?
Just askin’
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