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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Not being in some romance with Mr. Trump, makes it easy to say this:

The WaPo article today outlining the Republican leaders so called disagreement with Trump over his ideas about what to do about terror and the border, and mosques all omit one thing..

These leaders (of both parties) have ALL failed by ideology and function to keep the people safe.

Their policies have allowed the IDEA of Islamic fundamentalism as a REPLACEMENT for a republic in which the PEOPLE are the power, the ONLY POWER to govern themselves - to grow.
Their policies have allowed ONE of the expressions of this ideal of Islamic fundamentalism to become ISIS, but it is just ONE expression. There are others. Some are Shia. Some are NATION-STATES.

There is no strategy by which these leaders, critical of Trump, can foresee a victory over Islamic fundamentalism. They are neither pursuing a military course which will lead to a victory for secular sovereignty over Islamic fundamentalism , nor a political one.

President Obama made himself RIDICULOUS yesterday, clearly losing his temper over his being castigated for his (PURPOSEFUL) avoidance of linking Islamic fundamentalism directly to terror because we have allies we dare not alienate - then BLEW OFF THE SAUDI PRINCE WHO IS THE MINISTER OF DEFENSE.

So when I see a Graham, a Corker, a McConnell a Ryan made uncomfortable and others speaking unnamed about their dislike of the ‘crude’ Mr. Trump violating their sensibilities, I cannot help but think that if they do anything else but say that, it is admitting as leaders, they have FAILED IN THEIR PRIME RESPONSIBILITY as the danger grew, and grew, no matter WHO was to blame.

I don’t know if Trump’s path is the right idea (and if not we’ll get rid of him in 4 years too), but I am CERTAIN that increasing the number of Syrians (for one example) coming into the USA by a factor of five, when the director the FBI says publicly they cannot be vetted, is NOT THE RIGHT IDEA.
I am willing to allow the executive, who HAS THE POWER, to limit or stop immigration to TRY that idea.

The ideal of the USA as the refuge for all who want to be saved from oppression, make something of themselves out of their character and work, and find freedom in order to BECOME AMERICANS in the doing, has been RUINED for right now.

That’s NOT our fault, but it IS our problem.

It is up to us to put that in order.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the leadership of the both parties have completely failed at this enterprise, and while failing, have made us all far less safe.
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Blogger Always On Watch said...

Hell's bells! Obama in his speech yesterday directed more anger at Donald Trump than toward the murderous jihadists.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 11:13:00 am  
Blogger midnight rider said...

As I've been saying since the day I started blogging here...

This man/these men will get us all killed

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 3:27:00 pm  

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