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Monday, November 13, 2017

Clichy, France: Mayor Says Street Prayers Include Calls For Violence and Murder

From FDE Souche:
Since March, therefore, “agitators encourage street prayers every Friday on the largest boulevard in the city leading to Paris, laments Rémi Muzeau. These faithful, who are not all Clichois, since we see a lot of them leave by metro then, are manipulated by people who want to flout the Republic and stigmatize our city. Last week already, the party Secular Forces had come to demand the end of “these manifestations organized in the greatest illegality”. 
“We can hear in Arabic calls for violence, which have been relayed on social networks, without any measure of repression being taken against the organizers, supported from the beginning by the CCIF, is outraged Laurence Marchand-Taillade, its president. And the forces of order, missioned by the Prefecture, are there in number. Should the Interior Budget be spent on the protection of illegal street prayers? “ 
On October 13, leaflets of a certain “Mrap” (Movement for the respect and adoration of the Prophet) were recovered after the prayer on the sidewalks, reports the mayor. One can read there, under the subtitle “Mécréants”: “you put them to death or you will make them undergo the torture of the cross (…) You will drive them out of their country”. 
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