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Sunday, November 12, 2017

WINNING!!! Donald Trump Has Negotiated $250 Billio in Trade Deals During His Asia Pacific Trip, Stressing Nationalism In His Speeches

Because Trump is stressing Nationalism in his speeches, the world is re-learning how to do business, and how to do it the right way.

The idea of doing business with someone who does not have his own best interest in mind (Obama, and all Western European pussies, er, I mean leaders, is absurd. It turns reality on it's head.

How can anyone be so stupid as to start a negotiation off by telling the other party they don't want to win.

The whole world saw this and laughed. And we have been taken advantage of.

However, having a trade partner who trades against his own advantage ultimately does not benefit the whole system, and that means those at the bottom (who believe they are getting to take advantage of us) do not benefit either.

Economics is an Eco-System just as surely as if a Desert, or a Rainforest.

We don't celebrate the purposeful destruction of any component of an eco-system, so why would we celebrate the purposeful destruction of a component of the economic eco-system.

When parts of the eco-system are removed, it throws off the balance. Some parties may win, but most will lose, because lack of balance will sent shuddering ripples through the whole system.

Trump is returning the Economic system to a real balance, and one which will drive the world's economy upward.

A rising tide LIFTS ALL BOATS.

Trump and Xi 'great chemistry' nets $250 billion in trade deals


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