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It Is Not A Good Idea
To Act As If You Can Not Accomplish
What You Were Elected To Do


Friday, January 12, 2018

Clair de Lune

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OT...if George Webb identified this individual correctly, the title given to this Awan IT specialist is alarming!


I believe this is Omar Awan, Director of Strategy at the House of Representatives. He is a good man, but he is sheltering Imran Awan. Imran’s corruption and spying in Congress cannot stand. He cannot be in charge of IT direction and have PeopleSoft administrator admin access.

Friday, January 12, 2018 2:05:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Investigative Reporter, Luke Rosiak adds to the above conundrum with the following sequence of tweets:

Here are the list of specific expenditures by the House of Representatives for cybersecurity through Q3 2017:
Did any of that go to the Awans?
It's almost like something happened...

(link: http://bit.ly/2zkuSpt) bit.ly/2zkuSpt

BTW, nothing has been done about the fact that vouchers were systematically falsified to hide spending --- including by one of its largest vendors, CDW-G. Awans' lawyers alleged members ordered them to falsify.

Friday, January 12, 2018 3:32:00 pm  

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