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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Learning the hard way

An Islamic center in the town of Växjö has been reported to the police after it was disclosed that it has been broadcasting prayer calls without permission for several years. The notification is based on a breach of the public order act, and the police are serious about the incident, Swedish Radio reported.
The Muslim Foundation in the city of Växjö, which previously made national headlines when it sought permission for public prayer calls, was revealed to already be doing them at its premises for several years, which has disturbed the people living in the area.
The foolish people of Sweden don't get the slippery slope:
Although the permission received in 2014 was only valid for a single occasion, the mosque sought no further permissions, yet continued with prayer calls through loudspeakers, among others in connection with the Ramadan holiday between 2015 and 2017. In February, the Muslim Foundation requested the right for weekly prayer calls.
[Emphasis mine.]
Of course. They won't stop till they are broadcasting their demonic chants five times a day. Note, that the first call comes before sunrise! Enjoy your sleep, infidels!


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