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Monday, March 12, 2018

Raising the next generation of monsters

The biggest danger to the health and well-being of Muslims is ... other Muslims:
An Islamic school teacher in France has been sentenced to one year in jail for brutally beating his 12-year-old student and for shaving off the boy’s “non-Koranic” hair, which was colored blonde.
The teacher apparently did not favor the new hairstyle sported by the student, saying his blonde fringe went against “Koranic rules.” As a “punishment,” he decided to shave off his pupil’s tinted hair in the middle of class.
The beating came later:
In revenge, the boy later pelted the offender’s house with eggs only to run into more trouble. The teacher called the boy’s stepfather and got permission to teach him “a good lesson,” with the condition that it wouldn’t leave marks on his body.
The boy was sent to clean up the mess made by the eggs but, when he showed up at his teacher’s house, he was attacked by him and three others.
These pious, adult Muslims ganged up and assaulted a pre-teen kid for two hours!
When the young victim was finally released and arrived home, his stepfather, who himself eventually got a six-month suspended sentence, ignored the boy’s swollen face and bruises.
No wonder so many Muslims grow up to be brutal, hateful savages.

Also, these incidents should be clear warnings for non-Muslim countries all across the globe. If older Muslims use their limited power to treat their own youth with such viciousness, then what will they have in store for the hated infidels once they've acquired political control?


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