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Monday, April 30, 2018

WOW! Deep State Redacted Comey Comments in House Intel Final Report on Trump and Russia That Absolve Gen. Michael Flynn

The Longing

WOW! Deep State Redacted Comey Comments in House Intel Final Report on Trump and Russia That Absolve Gen. Michael Flynn

The same sources for my original story say their original statements are correct — that Comey said the agents did not think Flynn lied. 
In addition, Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, in a Thursday appearance with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, revealed that there is a transcript of the Comey session and that, yes, the transcript shows Comey telling lawmakers what the FBI agents thought. 
“Director Comey’s recollection is flawed,” Gowdy said. “If he does not remember telling Congress that his agents told him they didn’t think Flynn was lying, then he needs to get his lawyers to go back and look at the transcript. We did not miss here. Maybe he misspoke, but that’s in the transcript.” 
Sources say the Comey quotes in question are included in the newly-released House Intelligence Committee Republicans’ final report on the Trump-Russia investigation, but that they were blacked out by the Intelligence Community. 
In addition, the sources say a quote from McCabe making the same point — that the agents who questioned Flynn did not believe he had lied — was also in the report and was also redacted. 
When the report was issued, committee chairman Devin Nunes complained that the Intelligence Community had gone overboard with its redactions, and that he, Nunes, would fight to remove some of those redactions. 
“We object to the excessive and unjustified number of redactions, many of which do not relate to classified information,” Nunes said in a statement . “The committee will convey our objections to the appropriate agencies and looks forward to publishing a less redacted version in the near future.” 
In addition, Republicans pointed out that the Intelligence Community quickly removed proposed redactions from the House Intel Democrats’ counter-report. 
“The Democrats got all the redactions on their minority views lifted within a day,” said House Intel spokesman Jack Langer Sunday evening, “while we’re still struggling to get our concerns addressed.”
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