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Thursday, May 17, 2018

A List of Jihad Attacks for the Last 30 Days, and How Journalists Plot to Ignore Them

A Group of Jihadists 
Briefly Spread Mass-Murder 
In The Name of Allah

From The Last English Prince:
Catching up on the most recent knife attack in Paris, I noted this thought in an article in the New York Times: 
“The knife-wielding man who briefly spread terror in the heart of Paris on Saturday night…” 
Briefly spread terror? 
Heartache lasts a lifetime. 
One man lost his life in the most recent attack. 
Ask his mother. Ask her. 
Is she over this brief moment? Ask his father. See a fist connect with your insensitive mouth. 
What about 9/11? It is a brief moment in time when choosing to revisit the moment the aircraft armed with the souls of the innocent penetrated the towering structures, a testament to man’s capacity for innovation. 
Heartache is the unseen wound. Ask the children. Ask the children who walked across the stage for Kindergarten graduation with a face missing from the crowd. 
Ask the young ladies who have made a difficult decision regarding who would walk them down the aisle for their wedding. 
And ask the young men who lacked a father to help them choose the car that would transport them to college. 
Heartache is not the coat which can be taken off and hung back in the closet. 
Here is my commitment to the readers. I will never flinch, waver, nor turn aside from calling out evil. We owe it to the many victims of Islamic terror. We should not minimize their suffering. 
Neither does telling the truth magnify the story. 
It sets the story within the right frame. 
Because at the end of the day, Islamic terrorism falls along a familiar path. The innocent are ambushed. And in that “brief moment of time” – a future of heartache awaits.

Listing of Killings in the Name of Allah Last Thirty Days
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