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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Social Justice Warriors March Onward To War Against CAMILLE PAGLIA!

From their Change.org petition: Here is what we demand of UArts: 
1) Camille Paglia should be removed from UArts faculty and replaced by a queer person of color. If, due to tenure, it is absolutely illegal to remove her, then the University must at least offer alternate sections of the classes she teaches, instead taught by professors who respect transgender students and survivors of sexual assault. 
2) The University of the Arts must cease to provide Camille Paglia additional platforms such as public events and opportunities to sell her books on campus. 
3) The University of the Arts must apologize for its embarrassing response to this situation, and specifically President David Yager must apologize for his wildly ignorant and hypocritical letter. 
4) The University of the Arts must sit down with a group of transgenders students and survivors of sexual assault to discuss how they can best be supported moving forward. This group must include students of color.
She will masticate and swallow them with a tumbler full of Jack, NEAT! ... like so many salty snacks.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Tuesday, April 16, 2019 4:47:00 pm  

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