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Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Coming Convergence of Islam and Christianity?

Vatican unveils The ‘Chrislam cross’

The Western political class are increasingly reticent to confront Islam when its violent side spills out into the open. This is why France, the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany have all become increasingly anti-Israel in recent years. They don’t want to offend their growing Muslim populations. They must bow to this foreign religious ideology, or risk violence in the streets.
The elites need a way out of this dilemma because right-wing parties are quickly gaining strength, and before long these European countries will all have their own versions of Donald Trump to contend with. That’s the last thing they want. They need an out, a way to save face with native European voters while somehow also giving their new Muslim citizens the feeling that they have a seat at the table of political power.
They can’t go on indefinitely with Muslims and Christians, representing opposing cultural values and worldviews, living in the same cities and growing further apart by the day. The current model is not sustainable.
That’s where the interfaith movement comes into play.
Some of the world’s most prominent Muslims are working on a plan that they hope will offer the secular elites in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia-New Zealand some relief. Give them a “third way” that will lead to peace and security for all.
The hope is that this third way provides Western elites with an opportunity to stave off a complete Islamic takeover while accepting the most basic tenets of Islamic Sharia. This includes, first and foremost, an end to all Christian proselytizing of Muslims, and secondly, a silencing of all anti-Islam rhetoric in the public space. Any Christian who insists on pointing out the dark side of Islam will be silenced. That’s pretty much already been accomplished, to varying degrees, in the post-Christian, formerly-free Western nations. But Muslim leaders still put forth the “Islamophobia” meme in hopes of getting more out of the deal.
A pope and a king spinning lies
Two of the biggest players in this movement are Pope Francis and King Abdullah II of Jordan. Abdullah is promoting a new “convergence” of Islam with Christianity and some of the pope’s recent statements, such as his admonishment of Christians not to convert Muslims, seem like good cover for the king’s deceptions. The pope also recently signed a pact with a major Islamic leader in which God is said to be pleased by a “diversity of religions.”
Skip to the 8-minute mark of King Abdullah’s interview last year with Fareed Zakaria of CNN and you will hear some astonishing deceptions being offered up for Western ears.

In the above interview, you have King Abdullah, one of the world’s most important Muslim leaders, telling CNN that “Muslims believe in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, we believe in the holy virgin mother, and we believe in the Bible and the Torah, and I think that this is the way that all of us were brought up.”
Of course anyone who has studied Islam knows that Muslims believe nothing of the sort. If it were so, why are Muslims killing Christians throughout much of the world? Against this backdrop there is a serious movement afoot to merge the two religions.

That movement has in some circles been referred to as “Chrislam.”
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Blogger Always On Watch said...

Chrislam is heresy.

Thursday, April 18, 2019 11:45:00 am  
Anonymous thelastenglishprince said...

Hadith: When Isa returns he will break the Cross, kill the pig and slay Dajjal.

Lies. Complete lies. Until you have been seated face to face with a Muslim and watched escalating levels of agitation when speaking of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the animus is hard to gauge. Muslims will never declare what is anchoring Christian faith: Jesus was the Son of God, he died and was resurrected. He was the Lamb of God. None of this is believed by Muslims. They revere Isa as one of their prophets, but he is not afforded Divinity nor power to forgive sins.

Thursday, April 18, 2019 1:44:00 pm  

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