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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

IG Report Redacts Dates of Carter Page FISA Applications - That's An Important Detail, HERE'S WHY

Amid the predictive discussions by those who have followed the three-year background of the potential DOJ and FBI FISA issues, there was one very specific aspect CTH was looking for: Would the IG report redact the dates of the Carter Page FISA application and renewals? 
We got that answer today, and that answer, unfortunately, is yes:
Ask yourself what is the national security value in hiding those dates? Why does the DOJ need to hide them? Unfortunately the answer highlights an institutional decision. On its face the dates seem like an overly granular question; perhaps even a small detail that few would notice. 
However, for CTH readers that little detail exposes so much. In 2018 Main Justice made a very specific decision, a very specific lie, that once told would forever set them on a path – from which there is no return. It was during a time between July and December 2018 that CTH realized the DOJ had handcuffed themselves to a cover story; and that cover story foretold future conduct.
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