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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Two Black Israelites (Members of The Same Group Who Started the Mass-Bullying of the Covington Kids) Were The Jersey City Shooters, Authorities Say "No Sign of Terrorism"

Hate Jews, Kill People In Kosher Market, Not Terrorism

These people hate Whites and Jews. They make it very clear that they do.

But those in charge say, no terrorism?

When does the Civil War start?

Authorities said there was no immediate indication of terrorism
The shootout began when officers received a call of shots fired at a supermarket, which is next to a synagogue and yeshiva, in the city's Greenville neighborhood across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, around 12:30 p.m, Kelly said. Officers arriving on the scene were met by high-power rifle fire, he said.
NBC New York reported, through sources, that surveillance video shows two suspects “shoot a Hasidic man on the street and then run into the store, where they began firing at the victims inside.” The suspects “had…bomb-making materials inside the truck,” the station reported. The bodega was in a Jewish neighborhood.

The shooting is not believed to have been a terrorism attack.

“We have no inkling what the motive was yet,” Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly said at a Tuesday evening press conference. "Our officers were under fire for hours"


Jersey City Shooting: Suspect Published Anti-Semitic and Anti-Police Posts, Official Says
Jersey City’s mayor says camera footage suggests that a kosher market was targeted by two shooters.The morning after a firefight left six people dead, the mayor said camera footage indicated a kosher market had been deliberately chosen.

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