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Friday, December 13, 2019

Yes, Chick-Fil-A Really Is Funding A Group That Hosts Drag Queen Story Hour

IRS forms show the Chick-fil-A Foundation has switched from financially supporting antipoverty and other charitable organizations to underwriting pro-abortion and pro-LGBT groups. 
Fast-food giant Chick-fil-A is sinking deeper into the controversy it created when it announced the Chick-fil-A Foundation would no longer donate to organizations that uphold a Christian ethic regarding sex and marriage. As LifeSiteNews reported, the Chick-fil-A Foundation has given money to Covenant House, an organization that aims to address youth homelessness. While its overall objective is virtuous, Covenant House New York’s affiliate is listed as one of the “community partners” that has provided “community space” to host Drag Queen Story Hour, according to Dragqueenstoryhour.org’s NYC page. 
Drag Queen Story Hours have been cropping up in libraries and other public spaces across the country. These events consist of men dressing up as women to read or tell stories based in gender ideology to children. 
“DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” according to the Drag Queen Story Hour website. 
The site encourages visitors to #STANDWITHSTORYHOUR and help raise $35,000 by the end of the year to “fight back against anti-LGBTQ censorship and attacks.” 
Covenant House, the recipient of at least $230,000 of Chick-fil-A’s donations, bills itself as “the largest provider of services to youth facing homelessness in the Americas” and provides shelter to about 400 kids between 16 and 21 years old. Its website says it seeks to provide houses that are “welcoming, affirming, and safe for LGBTQ youth.” 
New York-based Covenant House has nearly two dozen affiliates all over the United States and South America, but the parent organization and its New York affiliate in particular have indeed put a focus on LGBT politics. 
An examination of Chick-fil-A Foundation’s 2017 and 2018 IRS 990 forms reveal it gave $30,000 to Covenant House Georgia and $100,000 to Covenant House California, neither of which appear to fund DQSH or any other anti-biblical agendas. But in 2018, Chick-fil-A also gave $100,000 to parent organization “Covenant House.” 
“The Cov,” as its residents call it, has marched in New York’s Pride Parade multiple times. While the New York affiliate did not receive Chick-fil-A funding according to currently available tax documents, the parent organization proudly advertises it has collaborated with True Colors United, which provides “training and education” in LGBT matters. Covenant House employs the True Colors “inclusion assessment” to create a more “LGBTQ-inclusive and -affirming program and environment.”
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