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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Spain: more news about jihad and islamism

"Muslims have a hanging vengeance with Spain".(link in Spanish)
The authors of Al-Battar's (an Al-Qaeda terrorist camp) journal say: "Muslims have a hanging vengeance with Spain, that is renewing and that began with Al-Andalus and the profanation of its sacred sites, forcing them to abandon their religion and expelling them from their lands".
Well, the problem is not that 500 years ago there were human rights abuses or political theories that were for the fulfillment, by the citizens, of the same religion that their Lord, King or Emperor. The problem is that, in the Islamic states, that happens right now. Nevertheless, Muslims continue making comparisons with that moment:
The President of the Iranian Parliament, Gholam Ali Hadad Adel, declared, in a conference between religious leaders, that Iran will never expel Jews from Iranian territory, as Spain did in 1492.
Denmark, Italy and Spain: the most endangered by the Islamic terrorism. (link in Spanish)
"We are facing an enemy that wants to impose on us the past, using means of the 21st century. 70% of the people that belong to terrorist Islamic networks have a University degree, the great part of them in technics disciplines, and in their countries the percentage of bachelors are fewer than 5%. They are radicals, but not stupid".
"Spain has a high probability of being again the target of the terrorists. We are only surpassed by Denmark, because of the cartoons, and Italy, as the place where Christianity was born. [...] Madrid and Barcelone, because of the large Muslim populations, and Grenade and Toledo, because of their meaning, are the most endangered places."
"The most important figure is the "recruiters", that are capable of detecting people that have little formation, and have a high possibility of being radicalised, whenever they are common thugs or even imprisoned ones. [...] They just enter mosques to watch out who is the one who prays with more faith, the most enthusiastic of all. [...] He is the one who decides if the "beginner" is meant to be a suicide terrorist in Spain or abroad; or another recruiter, and the process begins again to create new cells".

(Both news from this post: Los musulmanes tienen una venganza pendiente con España)

So the Civilization's Alliance and the shameful withdrawal from Iraq have meant nothing (as most of us thought then). But there are people that support Zapatero: The imam of the M30 Mosque (Madrid) says that Mr Zapatero is "wise" and "enlightened". (link in Spanish)
The imam defended the Spanish President, Mr Zapatero: "We can see his wiseness from his policies. He has an enlightened thought that invites to dialog, to Civilizacion's Alliancs -"a path we need urgently"- and a "succesful man in politics". He said he is against the religious terrorism and, although he said he was against the Mohammed cartoons, he also recognised that "there was extremism in the reactions in Islamic countries".
Also, we are worried about the processes that are being held against Islamists in Spain. Spanish Criminal process is divided between the making of the Sumario or "Summary", before a judge that has only an objective: to make a summary of the deeds, of the criminal torts and of the responsability of each one of the detained. And the Oral Trial, that only begins when the three (deeds, torts and actors) are somewhat proved. It is held before another judge (normally a Tribunal). Well, in these cases the proofs were so week, the summary never was started. That is possible, but it is not normal in percentages. But in these processes more that half of the 92 Islamic terrorists detained last year are now in freedom:
The problem with this numbers (only 41 are today in prison) is that the Interior Minister held press conferences announcing that the greater part of them were of "vital importance" for their processes. For example, the "Saeta" operation finished with 13 detained -6 Moroccans, 4 syrians, 1 Egyptian, 1 Palestinian and 1 Argelian- of whom no one is in prison today. Also, in the Operation Tigris -june- 13 people were detained, and only 7 were held in prison. In the Gamo Operation -november- 11 were captured, only 4 were sent to prison. In the Green Operation -december- 7 were detaned, only 3 formally accused. Nearly no arms had been found.
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Blogger Kiddo said...

They will never stop. This is an insult to muslim pride, to have lost a land they once held. Spain should be on their highest guard instead of playing the appeasement. They should resurrect El Cid and the spirit of La Reconquista, but they will continue down this road to doom, I fear.

Monday, March 13, 2006 3:38:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, disgusting... Today Moratinos has praised Qatar for their defense of women rights. Qatar: a country where the Shari'a is applied wahhabist style...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006 1:53:00 am  

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