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Thursday, April 20, 2006

To Islam, Apostasy Is Sedition

As I say, Sharia is the Islamic Constitution, and Islam is a warrior ideology. Put those two things together and it is only natural that apostasy would be considered the equivalent of sedition.

Here's evidence, from Jihad Watch:

This morning the Jihad Watch Hate Mail Bag contained five copies of this message from a supporter of the traditional Islamic laws mandating death for those who leave Islam. The subject line was "Jewish Pigs." I have not altered the message in any way except for those two asterisks.

"you idiot, if you are working for the united states secret ervice and then you decide to leave and give all your knoledge to the enemy what is the punishment for this person according to usa law? dont you puish soldiers for going awol? if your so bothered about apostasy then f**koff and dont enter islam, we dont ned people who are wavering about the one who created them.
(buy the way i'm anti terrorist and pro democracy but i love my religion"

Logged and noted. I wonder, however: what "knoledge" might an apostate from Islam have that he could give to the "enemy"? Why would a private individual who converted to Christianity, like Abdul Rahman in Afghanistan, be regarded in the same way as someone who betrayed his country by giving away secrets vital to national security?
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