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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Flight 93 Movie Trailer

It looks like, maybe, Hollywood didn't screw this one up.

Go check it out.
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Zapatero: in favor of the Iranian nuclear energy

The United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero here Thursday stressed Iran's right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Addressing a joint press conference, Annan and Zapatero said negotiation is the best solution to Iran's nuclear case.

It is quite right that Iran reminds the world of its right to access to peaceful nuclear energy, said Annan adding Tehran should fulfill its commitments within the regulations of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

He praised efforts made by Iran and the European states to resume talks and settle Tehran's nuclear case, encouraging the sides to boost the move.

HT: Elder of Ziyon.

Well, the good thing here, is that Zapatero's party, the Socialists are totally oppposed to Spain using nuclear plants to produce electricity. What is more, the Socialists' program included a proposition to "dispense with nuclear energy":
The substitution of the 9 nuclear reactors for renewable energies (7.900 W) that are functioning just now would cost between € 15.000 and 20.000 millions, depending on the chosen alternative. To this quantity, we should add the consequences in jobs, because the definitive shut will forze the sacking of 20.000 wordkers; the economic impact in zones where the nuclear plants are sited; and the lose of fiscal benefits for the municipalities. And lastly, the high cost of the dimantlement of the nuclear plants that would be shut.
So, he thinks it's appropriate to deprive Spain of the only energy that it's really ours, that reduces our dependence from foreigners. But yet he thinks that Iran, the forth producer of oil in the worls, and one of the first in gas, should have nuclear energy.

In fact, the link in which the Socialists said that they were going to subsitute nuclear energy for others, cheaper and environmental-friendly, has disappeared from its web page. But the Bitacora de Yok, has a very good comment about this:
If they have a better and cheaper energy, don't they believe the greedy businessmen that are only searching for increasing their benefits would have begun to use it, without any need to force them?
A disaster very coherent. As everything our President is doing.

Cross-posted at the Anti-Jihad Pundit.
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Official Announcement: Infidel Bloggers Alliance Is In Favor Of Torture

If it works like this. Check out the horrible things we were doing to people at Guantanamo:

Asadullah strives to make his point, switching to English lest there be any mistaking him. “I am lucky I went there, and now I miss it. Cuba was great,” said the 14-year-old, knotting his brow in the effort to make sure he is understood.

Not that Asadullah saw much of the Caribbean island. During his 14-month stay, he went to the beach only a couple of times - a shame, as he loved to snorkel. And though he learned a few words of Spanish, Asadullah had zero contact with the locals.

He spent a typical day watching movies, going to class and playing football. He was fascinated to learn about the solar system, and now enjoys reciting the names of the planets, starting with Earth. Less diverting were the twice-monthly interrogations about his knowledge of al-Qaida and the Taliban. But, as Asadullah’s answer was always the same - “I don’t know anything about these people” - these sessions were merely a bore: an inevitably tedious consequence, Asadullah suggests with a shrug, of being held captive in Guantanamo Bay.

On January 29, Asadullah and two other juvenile prisoners were returned home to Afghanistan. The three boys are not sure of their ages. But, according to the estimate of the Red Cross, Asadullah is the youngest, aged 12 at the time of his arrest. The second youngest, Naqibullah, was arrested with him, aged perhaps 13, while the third boy, Mohammed Ismail, was a child at the time of his separate arrest, but probably isn’t now.

Tracked down to his remote village in south-eastern Afghanistan, Naqibullah has memories of Guantanamo that are almost identical to Asadullah’s. Prison life was good, he said shyly, nervous to be receiving a foreigner to his family’s mud-fortress home.

The food in the camp was delicious, the teaching was excellent, and his warders were kind. “Americans are good people, they were always friendly, I don’t have anything against them,” he said. “If my father didn’t need me, I would want to live in America.”

Asadullah is even more sure of this. “Americans are great people, better than anyone else,” he said, when found at his elder brother’s tiny fruit and nut shop in a muddy backstreet of Kabul. “Americans are polite and friendly when you speak to them. They are not rude like Afghans. If I could be anywhere, I would be in America. I would like to be a doctor, an engineer — or an American soldier.”

That's from the Guardian, by the way.
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The Hoor's Last Sigh (virgins in paradise)

Some of my thoughts on the Virgins of Paradise.

We have created (their Companions) of special creation.

And made them virgin - pure (and undefiled),

Beloved (by nature), equal in age,-

For the Companions of the Right Hand.

There is one murder I will willingly commit. So give me Gabriel's guidance. Send for a winged stallion. Let me climb the seven rungged ladder to Paradise. There is one there I wish to entomb. I will bring my own scimitar. I will kill The Hoor.

Beautiful, ideal, alabaster skinned idol of men's delight; delightful, virginal, dark eyed apple of the martyr's appetite; cursed Helens of Troy for all the believers. Her sins are dual.

Read the rest at Unwilling Self-Negation.
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Watch The Fascist Bushitler Tell The Audience To Shut Up

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Why Would Anyone Want To Have Sex With A Dog? Oh Well, I Shouldn't Make Too Much Of This

From the Guardian via Little Green Footballs:

When I visited Turkey last week on an inaugural London-to-Ankara flight, I decided the country was clearly ripe for membership of the European Union. Only a short walk from my hotel I found a Marks & Spencer, a McDonald’s, a Body Shop and a Mothercare. I could have been in Milton Keynes.

But on the flight home next day, a stewardess gave me a copy of the Daily Telegraph that threatened to change my view. It contained a story from Ankara, the city I had just left, bearing the headline Muslims Accused of Killing “Unclean” Dogs. The report said a Turkish vet caring for stray animals had come across hundreds of dead dogs in a municipal dump. These were said to have been left there by city workers who liked to round up, torture and kill dogs because they believed them “unclean”.

This made me wonder if Turkey really is ready to join Europe. True, its people seemed charming, intelligent and civilised; and its capital city could boast an M&S. But this was no way to treat a dog.

Furthermore, the report included the distressing detail that at least two of the dead dogs had been sexually abused. Why would you want sexually to abuse a dog if you considered it “unclean”? It made no sense, but it suggested that the founder of modern Turkey, the great Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, had died before Europeanising his country as fully as he would have liked.

But I mustn’t make too much of this.

No, Mr. Guardian Journalist Guy, what you ought to do is stick your head in the sand.
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Also Sprach Fjordman!

Fjordman put up an important post over at Gates of Vienna today. It's about what our bud Dag calls Dhimmi Fascism. That is, the Left's insatiable desire to suckle themselves on the phalli of fascists:

I have heard some people say that Western popular culture will destroy Islam. That is possible, but we need to remember that this is not a one-way street. What if the opposite happens? Sometimes the barbarians also influence the civilized people, and there is a disturbing amount of “understanding” for terrorists in Western movies and media these days. Creeps come crawling out of the woodwork, more or less cheering for the terrorists who are trying to bring society down.

There are probably always people who are drawn to blood and mayhem. They would like to destroy the current political order, but aren’t capable of doing it themselves, so they end up as cheerleaders for those who are attempting to do so. Let’s call them “terrorist groupies.”

I’m not just talking about the Oscar-nominated suicide bomber film Paradise Now. There are others examples of this mentality.

“V for Vendetta” is a recent movie made by the Wachowski brothers, the men behind the modern sci-fi classic “The Matrix.” It is set in Britain about a generation from now. The USA has dissolved into chaos and civil war after its involvement in a prolonged war in the Middle East. Great Britain has become a Fascist state. The protagonist, a “freedom fighter” named V, wants to ignite a revolution and brags about how blowing up a building can change the whole world. He is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask to conceal his identity, and proclaims that he wants to finish at November 5th what Fawkes tried to do in the so-called Gunpowder Plot in 1605: Blowing up Parliament. He gets an accomplice in this task, a young girl named Evey, played by Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman. Portman cites a popular British rhyme that is often quoted on Guy Fawkes Night:

”Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I know of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.”

During the movie, we see a gay man keeping a 14th century Koran in a secret room in his house, because he enjoys “the beautiful poetry and imagery” in it. He is later executed when the authorities discover this, as the Koran is now banned and Muslims are oppressed.

What beautiful imagery we are never told. “And slay them wherever ye catch them”? “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them”?

At the same time, the Church is shown to be a place of filth, corruption and hypocrisy. Islam is good and “misunderstood,” Christianity is bad and oppressive.

In the final scene of “V for Vendetta,” the British Parliament is blown up, with hundreds of thousands of people in Guy Fawkes masks watching and Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” blasting from loudspeakers, fireworks crackling and Natalie Portman smiling.

In Hollywoodistan, gays admire the beauty of the Koran. In real life, gays are physically attacked in increasing numbers by Muslims in Europe, and death squads are targeting gays in Islamic countries such as Iraq.

Go read the whole thing.
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Another honour killing

From Haaretz:

A gag order was lifted on Thursday on the arrests of five brothers from Lod who are suspected of murdering their 19-year-old sister in the name of family honor.

The young girl, Rim Abu Ganem, was killed after her brother Suliman, a 33-year-old pediatrician at Assaf Harofeh Hospital, allegedly gave his brothers an anesthetic with which to drug her. According to the suspicions against them, her brothers, whose ages range from 20 to 33, choked her to death after she fell asleep.

Rim's body was found two weeks ago in a well near Rehovot.

Rim had fallen in love a few months earlier with a Palestinian man, despite attempts by her family to betroth her to a resident of Lod. She insisted on maintaining her relationship with the Palestinian man, and ran away from home for a few days.

Police sources say that after Rim returned to Lod, police officers warned her that her life was in danger, and referred her to a women's shelter. She refused, however, and was killed shortly thereafter.
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The Australian rapists who blame their Pakistani-Muslim culture

A New South Wales Supreme Court judge has rejected a claim by a Sydney gang-rapist that his strict Pakistani upbringing meant he did not know his actions were wrong.

Justice Peter Hidden has today sentenced two Sydney brothers, who can only be known as MSK and MAK, for a range of sexual assaults against two teenage girls at the brothers' home in Ashfield in 2002.

The brothers are already serving lengthy sentences for the gang-rape of two other teenage girls and MSK will now serve up to 28 years in jail, and MAK will serve up to 19 years.

MSK claimed his family's strict moral and cultural upbringing in Pakistan explained his offences, which has angered one of his victims, Tegan Wagner.

"This wasn't about culture, this is about abuse against women and the fact that they had the nerve to bring in culture to begin with just astounds me," she said.

HT: All Things Beautiful.

Just in case someone does not agree with the "Muslim" in the title you can read these posts:

The racist reason is given by the rapists themselves. The problem is that nothing is being done to prevent others doing the same. In the case of these rapers:

Sister Toldjah has several posts on the subject. but one of them is extraordinary:

A violent gang rapist should have been given a lesser sentence

partly because he was a “cultural time bomb” whose attacks were inevitable, as he had emigrated from a country with traditional views of women, his barrister has argued. MSK, who, with his three Pakistani brothers, raped several girls at their Ashfield family home over six months in 2002, was affected by “cultural conditioning … in the context of intoxification”, Stephen Odgers, SC, told the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday.

Kinshasha on the Potomac has the victim's response to the eldest brother...
when he mouthed "I'm sorry". According to the SMH;

Ms Wagner laughed and gave him the finger. When the court adjourned, she stood up, faced him and said: "F--- you! Go to hell, mate."

"I've been waiting four years to do that," she said. Now 18, Ms Wagner then
took the extraordinary step of allowing her identity to be made public. Outside court, she said: "I'd like to say, have fun in prison, boys. I won."
And Jeff continues saying:
While the use of the "Islamic" defense for gang rape is obviously ludicrous (Islam does not sanction rape), modern Islam, particularly how it is practiced and integrated into tribal societies, is brutal and does not hold women in high esteem (at least from my decadent, morally bankrupt, Western Crusader point-of-view). Women who have sex (as well as men) outside of marriage are to be whipped 100 times (from "The Light" 24.2), while adulteresses get stoned (Sunnah, Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 413).

The terrible reality is that MSK is right (in Spanish, I translate only a part of it):

In some parts of Pakistan, the sexual assault -rape included- is officially authorised as a legitime way to implement the system of social values.

The Council of a little village ordered reciently that 5 teenagers should be "kidanpped, raped or murdered" because their negative to be treated as material things.

Their ages were between 6 and 13 when they were married against their will to pay a family debt, There is also the case of Mukhtar Mai: when it was presumed that her brother, aged 12, had comitted an offense in a little agricultural village, the council ordered his sister should be group-raped. So, she was carried to a hut where she was raped by four men repeatedly.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, there were 804 cases of these type of rapes officially orchestrated in 2000 and 434 of them were group-rapes. But the worst thing is that the victims of these atrocities chould commit suicide, because the victims of rape are an irreparable damage to their families.

So when MSK committed the rapes he was only perpetuating his own cultural inheritance. He is proud of a society in which the sexual violence is officially condoned and used commonly as a tool to subdue the women even more.

Cross-posted at The Anti-Jihad Pundit.

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I have been saying since early in the War on Terror, that we are dealing with a cult. Now, some will disagree with me on this idea, and that is their right. But, let me elaborate on my thinking.

A cult, mind control and brainwashing. What thoughts come to mind when you read these words? To me, they mean power and control over a human being. All of us at some point in our lives have encountered a situation when we felt compelled to comply. For the majority of us, it is in a positive situation such as at work or following the laws of the land. For the most part, complying in these situations does not pose a problem. We are comfortable with our job and with few exceptions, comfortable with the laws of our land. When we find ourselves faced with a situation that raises a red flag that makes us uncomfortable, we do what we can to deal with it.

But, what if you are a child who is raised in an environment that looks at the world in a way that most of us would deem inhumane? From the time of birth you are taught that violence and imprisonment is a way of life? That if you complain, you could very well die?

This is the life of a child growing up in the Middle East. For the most part, these countries are ruled by a dictator who uses violence, imprisonment and threats to rule. A dictator who views individual rights as a threat to their power and as such, uses a type of "mind control" to rule.


Today, with the advent of the internet, there are many more people in the Middle East, who have found a way to gain information and communicate. In many countries in the Middle East, information that goes against the government is banned. The purpose? Power and control of the people. You see, if the citizens of these countries were to find out that their world really isn't that great, they may rise against the government. In order for these dictators to stay in control, they must control the minds of the citizens.

Times have changed and the outside world is coming in, whether the dictators like it or not. There are many more people in the Middle East who have come to realize that their lives can be better. That what they have been raised to believe, is not necessarily correct. Many of these people have started blogs. Many countries have started jailing bloggers for writing about things that are banned. Those bloggers that continue, regardless of this threat, should be commended for their bravery.


Bringing freedom to the Middle East is something that is long overdue. It is a process that will take a lot more time than people may realize. The people in the Middle East have been raised in a manner that I compare to brainwashing. Undoing this process will not happen overnight. But, it can be done and absolutely must be done. In today’s world, we have grown accustomed to instant everything. This idea must be forgotten when it comes to the Middle East. We must remember exactly what needs to be accomplished and how much time it took for the thoughts that are rampant there to be embedded. I for one want this to be done right. Want the people in the Middle East to finally feel what freedom feels like. To finally be able to accomplish whatever their hearts desire. In order for this to happen, we need to give it all of the time and energy that is required. Haste makes waste. These are human beings that we are talking about, not robots.


Some people may wonder, why would we be willing to expend blood and money for this. The simple fact is, the ME has become a breeding ground for terrorists. These terrorists are a threat to the world. In the end, I feel that any investment that we make in the ME, will have a huge payoff in our security.


I have included some information below regarding cults. It is really important that we all begin to understand exactly what we are dealing with here.


Mind control is the process by which individual or collective freedom of choice and action is compromised by agents or agencies that modify or distort perception, motivation, affect, cognition and/or behavioral outcomes. It is neither magical nor mystical, but a process that involves a set of basic social psychological principles.

Conformity, compliance, persuasion, dissonance, reactance, guilt and fear arousal, modeling and identification are some of the staple social influence ingredients well studied in psychological experiments and field studies. In some combinations, they create a powerful crucible of extreme mental and behavioral manipulation when synthesized with several other real-world factors, such as charismatic, authoritarian leaders, dominant ideologies, social isolation, physical debilitation, induced phobias, and extreme threats or promised rewards that are typically deceptively orchestrated, over an extended time period in settings where they are applied intensively.

A body of social science evidence shows that when systematically practiced by state-sanctioned police, military or destructive cults, mind control can induce false confessions, create converts who willingly torture or kill “invented enemies,” and engage indoctrinated members to work tirelessly, give up their money—and even their lives—for “the cause.”

Power struggles

It seems to me that at the very heart of the controversy over the existence of mind control is a bias toward believing in the power of people to resist the power of situational forces, a belief in individual will power and faith to overcome all evil adversity. It is Jesus modeling resistance against the temptations of Satan, and not the vulnerability of Adam and Eve to deception. More recently, examples abound that challenge this person-power misattribution.

From the 1930s on, there are many historical instances of state power dominating individual beliefs and values. In Stalin’s Moscow show trials, his adversaries publicly confessed to their treasons. Catholic Cardinal Mindzenty similarly gave false confessions favoring his communist captors. During the Korean War, American airmen confessed to engaging in germ warfare after intense indoctrination sessions. The Chinese Thought Reform Program achieved massive societal conversions to new beliefs. It has also been reported that the CIA put into practice nearly 150 projects—collectively termed MKULTRA—to develop various forms of exotic mind control, including the use of LSD and hypnosis. More than 900 U.S. citizens committed suicide or murdered friends and family at the persuasive bidding of their Peoples Temple cult leader, Jim Jones.

The power of social situations to induce “ego alien” behavior over even the best and brightest of people has been demonstrated in a variety of controlled experiments, among them, Stanley Milgram’s obedience to authority studies, Albert Bandura’s research on dehumanization, my Stanford Prison Experiment and others on deinviduation.

Understanding the dynamics and pervasiveness of situational power is essential to learning how to resist it and to weaken the dominance of the many agents of mind control who ply their trade daily on all of us behind many faces and fronts.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

South Park Takes On The Motoons

South Park has just aired the first in a 2 part episode which deals with the motoons and the issue of free speech. I hear that the episode can be download from a place called something like ' Senor Twig ' although I obviously can't post the link (not that I have one) because that would breach copyright.
In short the episode deals with censorship of the toons and how people of the non-Muslim world respond by dissassociating themselves from the TV network and 'sticking their heads in the sand', literally.
The episode is called 'Cartoon Wars' and is from series 10.
A more detailed breakdown of the episode can be found here.
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Those Fabulous Chinese Models

I know that this has been up for a while at LGF, but I love it so much that I just had to repost it here. Some of these models are sporting suits based on the Iranian flag. Take that, Ahmadenijad!! Besides, I don't think the Chinese put up with fatwas.

Chinese Bikini Models Sport Iranian Flag Suits
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posted by Kiddo at permanent link# 16 Comments

Use the Force, Luke

"Active Protection" Speeds Up

Armies around the world have been spending a ton of time and money trying to figure out how to keep their fighting vehicles, trucks, and personnel carriers safe. Better armor is one answer. Another is to stop attacks before they ever hit. Several of these so-called "active protection" systems are making progress, both here and in Israel. Generally speaking, they all work in the same way, Defense News' Barbara Opall-Rome notes:

• A radar detects and identifies an approaching threat.
• Target information is transferred to a kill mechanism.
• The kill mechanism destroys the target at a safe distance from the vehicle.

A few weeks back, Trophy, an Israeli active protection set-up, went through its first tests on an American Stryker vehicle. It's already being used to protect Israeli tanks against rocket-propelled grenades.

[In a] Feb. 28 test... two inert RPGs were fired simultaneously; one would hit the Stryker while the other was intentionally aimed for a near miss… Trophy was able to track the trajectory, discriminate among the two parallel targets, and determine which one would actually hit the Stryker before selectively unleashing its lethal countermeasures. The actual method used to destroy the targets is classified.


Trophy Active Defense System (ADS) is marketed by General dynamics, based on a system designed in Israel by an industry consortium headed by RAFAEL, including IMI and IAI/ELTA. After evaluating several systems available in the world market, General Dynamics selected the system for further improvement and is offering a version of the system to the US Army and other customers. The system can simultaneously engage several threats, arriving from different directions, is effective on stationary or moving platforms, and is effective against short and long range threats (such as RPGs and ATGM). Trophy was designed to be effective in open or closed terrain, including urban area and can be operated under all weather conditions.
It's a force field? Deployable to a rectangle in space? Between you (the target) and the weapon approaching?
"Shields up Mr Sulu"
Now there are those out there who want to know why Israel has pragmatic value as an ally. This is the second major contribution that Israel has made (Arrow software for the Patriot is another) in the last few years (altho they get a huge F for the way they have behaved with the Chinese) Some feel that pragmatically speaking the oil is more important ... so besides exploding humans .....(fill in the blanks), and repressive dictatorships (which we originally felt was a good idea).. I'm sorry, how many patents? How many irreplaceable developments?
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The Halted Immigration Bill Compromise

The Senate, I feel, has failed.
The primary issue regarding the border at the present moment is national security.

The secondary issue, but almost as key, is how we deal with the criminals here
The 3rd issue is how we allow those who want to come here to become citizens to do so
The 4th issue is how people who want to come here and earn money then go home, achieve that.
The senate has made a rat's nest of wires out the whole thing.
First we have to have the ability to ensure security at the borders. This is a no brainer, and if someone has another priority with regard to this, I'd like to here why. I have heard NOTHING about this despite the fact it is obviously NOT the priority of the Senate of the USA.

Continue reading "The Halted Immigration Bill Compromise" at VWT »

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Photo Faith Freedom



28 March 2006

More news on UA 281 /04

Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh is reportedly scheduled to be executed on or before 1 April 2006. She was sentenced to death for the murder of her husband.




"The stay of execution granted to Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh on 12 October 2004 was rescinded by the Supreme Court. Her execution has been reportedly scheduled to take place on or before 1 April 2006.

Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh was sentenced to death for the murder of her husband.

She alleged that her husband was a drug addict who had tried to rape her daughter from a previous marriage, who was 15 years old at the time.

Apparently he had previously told her that he had lost the girl in a gambling match. Amnesty International does not know when she was arrested, but she may have been tried in 2002.

The Head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, had stayed Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh's execution after reading a letter written to him by her daughter, entitled "Don’t render my hopes hopeless", in which she appealed for clemency for her mother.

Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh was then held in Evin prison in the capital, Tehran, whilst her case was sent to the second Division of the Supreme Court for review.

According to a report in the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri on 15 March 2006, the Court has confirmed the death sentence against Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh and has reportedly approved the execution.

Her lawyer was reported to be intending to ask the Head of the Judiciary to use his powers to issue another stay of execution."


Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in Persian, English, French or your own language:

- expressing concern that the stay of execution granted to Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouh has been rescinded after almost 18 months;

- urging that the death sentence imposed on Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajouhbe commuted immediately;

- urging the authorities to ensure that the victim’s family is made aware of its right, under Islamic law, to pardon the condemned;

- reminding the Iranian authorities of their commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in particular Article 3A: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

National Council of Resistance of Iran - Foreign Affairs Committee

Read our friend Kat - Islam, Freedom and Democracy
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Criticism Of Pastorius

A guy whose opinion I very much respect sent me the following email:

About your recent blogging, I was kinda sad to see how down you've been on Afghanistan recently.. of course I understand and agree with the outrage, but (here's my 2 cents) it seems to me that times like this are when Glenn Reynolds's wise dictum "democracy is a process, not an event" really come into play. We can say Afghanistan is a "failure" because of the apostate case, because the apostate case is/was definitely an injustice. But doesn't that set up an impossible standard for democratizing countries whereby we must erase every injustice or it's a "failure"?

You can say "well we did it in Japan" etc., but

(1) no, of course we didn't erase every injustice in Japan,

(2) to the extent that we *were* able to impose a decent society on them, it was because we devastated them with the nukes & then had an imposing occupation force.

Similar with Germany. But in this case we are simply not able to spare the troops & cost to occupy Afghanistan to that extent. (And devastating them would be counterproductive...)

The fact of the matter is that Afghanistan is now a democratic republic (however flawed), and the good news is that killing (even prosecuting) a person for apostasy is, by any logical reading, unconstitutional under the Afghan constitution. But (absent the willingness/ability to put the entire society under our boot and issue their constitutional rulings ourselves) we're going to have to let *them* come to that conclusion (because it's their institutions that will have to do the enforcing, or not). And that's the "process" part.

Apparently, they have not come to that conclusion yet. That's too bad, in fact it's shameful and wrong.

That judge is *wrong*, those prosecutors are *wrong*, to allow prosecution of apostates, and of course it's depressing that no decent voices in Afghanistan's institutions have seen fit to stand up and point that out. But neither did we come to the conclusion that slavery was wrong, for decades. That doesn't mean the US "not a democracy" or a "failure" during that time. It had the *engine* for change/improvement, which is the important thing. And now, Afghanistan does too.

That doesn't mean I'm saying we can kick back and say "whatever happens it's all cool".

Democracy is a process! Notice that part of that process is international pressure on them to improve their institutions. You (I think it was you?) lamented that it required international pressure to help save that guy. Actually, that was a good development. The government of Afghanistan is (at least to some extent) amenable to international pressure!

Wow! Isn't that good?

When they are doing something objectively evil, we can and should shame them. If it were still the Taliban in power, of course, they wouldn't care less. But now....I guess I'm saying, you've become far more pessimistic than me. It's made for good blogging on your part, but makes me kinda sad.

Often, my readers are more reasonable than me.
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Iran: Israel behind Danish cartoons out of anger at Hamas victory

Iran accuses Israel of being responsible for the Danish cartoon controversy before the Gazan Arabs' election of Hamas to lead them (via IRIS Blog):
The furious international row over the publication of cartoons satirising the prophet Muhammad intensified today when Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, claimed it was an Israeli conspiracy motivated by anger over Hamas's win in the Palestinian elections.
They're also severing financial ties with Denmark:
Iran today also announced it was suspending all trade and economic ties with Denmark in protest of the caricatures. The move came after the EU had warned Iran that boycotting Danish goods would place further strain on already frosty relations.
If they want to stop their trade agreements, fine. Butter cookies are too good for bigots to be allowed to taste. And it's a shame that their kids won't be allowed to play with Lego either.
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Hamas Leader: "Jews Control American Christianity"


United States churches are secretly run by Jews who converted to Christianity with the intention of controlling religious Americans including President Bush, a top Hamas member claims.

"Even the churches where the Americans pray are led by Jews who were converted to Christianity, but they were converted to keep controlling the Americans," Mohammad Abu Tir, the number two Hamas terrorist in the newly formed Palestinian Authority government said during an exclusive interview from his home yesterday with top radio host Rusty Humphries and WND Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein.

"I made a study and I know very well that all this radicalism in some parts of the Christianity, (including) the Anglicans who are being led by Bush, is because of the control of Zionists," said Abu Tir.

The Hamas man, famous for his orange-dyed beard, went on to accuse "Zionists" of controlling Western media organizations and "leading terrorism inside the mass communications media."

Abu Tir was elected to the number two spot in the PA in January's legislative ballots in which Hamas won by a large margin. He spent nearly 25 years in Israeli prisons for directing terror activities, including the attempted poisoning in the early 1990s of Israel's water supplies.

You might think this is a crazy idea, but really, Abu doesn't go far enough. I have it on good authority that a Jew created Christianity.
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FOX NEWS tonight ...on Hannity and Colmes ...9:00 Eastern time


This might be the most fun since Dershowitz vs Chomsky ...

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A Must-Read at Memri

Hat-Tip: TROP

Iraqi Ansar Al-Islam Commander Mullah Krekar in Norway: "No Peace Between West & Islam Until Islamic Caliphate is Re-established; Bin Laden & Al-Zawahiri are Good People; Muslims in Europe Increase Like Mosquitoes – By 2050 Europe Will Be 30% Muslim"

In the aftermath of the controversy over the cartoons of Islam's Prophet Muhammad, the Internet edition of the Norwegian daily Dagbladet interviewed Kurdish Iraqi Islamist Mullah Krekar. In it, Krekar expounded his views on relations between Islam and the West. Krekar, whose real name is Najm Al-Din Faraj Ahmad, came to Norway as a refugee in 1991, where he established the Islamist Ansar Al-Islam organization. He is currently slated for deportation from Norway.

Read the interview at: http://memri.org/bin/latestnews.cgi?ID=SD113406
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"Practicing Anthropology" Goes Palestinian

I am waiting patiently for the Spring issue of the Society for Applied Anthropology's publication "Practicing Anthropology". This is due to the fact that the SfAA turned it's control for its Winter issue over to a Palestinian guest editor and produced a quite ridiculous issue of what is supposed to be a serious academic journal into an advertizing campaign for the Palestinian cause. The editor has assured me that the next issue is to have an Israeli guest editor and will focus on the Israeli side of the issue, but I'm quite apprehensive regarding what I will find in the new issue, as previous articles in this journal on the Israelis have primarily focused on Israeli peace activists and spoken negatively of the more hard-liners in Israel.

As for the winter issue, it features such absurd articles as "Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Training Center: A Narrative of Beautiful Resistance" which focuses on a center in the West Bank "refugee camp" of Aida, which has a history "of continuous tragedy". No doubt that it does. How can any place that advocates constant resistance and intifada, meanwhile glorying in it and calling it "beautiful" not have a tragic history? They do not report on the number of suicide bombers from this community, but do detail the Alrowwad Centre's program of teaching the camp's children to use theater to tell the story of their tragic lives. The children and their plays have even toured the United States.

There are many more articles, including one about Israel's "Apartheid Wall", most quite unprofessional as far as more traditional anthropology is concerned. I will be co-writing a more detailed report on this publication with a practicing Anthropologist later on, and we will delve further into the issues brought up in this publication. Suffice it to say, it is the political shifts to the extreme Left in academia that keep quite intelligent students from even bothering to go into fields such as Anthropology as well as causing many Anthropologists to either keep their mouths shut or to seek work in related or other fields. Publications such as this issue of "Practicing Anthropology" serve as rather sturdy ideological signs reading essentially, "Dissenters Need Not Apply".

But then, as the editor wrote me, "resistance IS beautiful".

For the table of contents for this issue, please see the SfAA's site, specifically: http://www.sfaa.net/pa/pa28-1.html

For a much more detailed image of the magazine cover, please see the large version of it online at Flickr at:
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A Proper Sentence

The first Islamic attack on the World Trade Center happened in 1993 and those directly involved were convicted. The jury refused to impose the death penalty in the fear that their death would make them a martyr. We now hear the same cry for those who want to spare Moussaoui’s life such as Richard Cohen of the Washington Post and, of course, his Moussaoui’s own lawyers.

Has the 1993 sentencing has worked as planned? The blind-sheik continued to command a following and, with the help of his lawyer, Lynn Stewart, he continued to play a role in the terrorist movement. The organization continued to function and play a role in the 2001 attack. What evidence is there that the death sentence creates an Islamic martyr?

Contrary to common misperceptions, an Islamic martyr doesn’t die in the electric chair or become crucified on the cross. That’s a very different religion. Islam is a warrior religion and Islamic martyrs die in battle. Most Christian martyrs died while trying to peacefully preach the religion in hostile territory. St. Stephen was the first martyr and one of the most frequently portrayed in art history.

Moussaoui is a failure. He’s a pathetic loser in the minds of jihadists and would be written out of Islamic history if it weren’t for the susceptibility of Western writers to be manipulated by guilt and fear. Indeed, refusing to sentence him to death will only confirm the weakness and susceptibility of the West in the eyes of Jihadists. Refusing to administer the death sentence will be seen as an admission of moral uncertainty.

Besides, justice requires the ultimate punishment.

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Support By Party (US) of Israel & Palestinians

Here is an interesting post from Daniel Pipes regarding the disparity of support for the Israelis vs. support for the Palestinians by party affiliation in the US. It's hardly a surprise, but it's still very, very sad to see it all graphed out and researched like this and confirms what many of us have already suspected:

It's hardly news that Republicans view Israel more favorably than do Democrats – I wrote about this pattern in 2000 in "The Friendly Republicans" and have even speculated (in "Arabs and Jews Sorting Themselves Out Politically in the United States?") that Jews will eventually settle in the Republican party. But now the Gallup Poll provides more detailed proof than ever before about the calibrations of American attitudes toward the Jewish state. In an article titled "Republicans and Religious Americans Most Sympathetic to Israel," Frank Newport and Joseph Carroll establish its nearly linear quality from right to left. Here are replies to the question, "In the Middle East situation, are your sympathies more with the Israelis or more with the Palestinians?"

Sympathy for Israeli/Palestinians by Party  in US

Read the rest at: http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/579
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Fox Guarding The Henhouse?

(All emphases by Always On Watch)

The following information comes from the April 6, 2006 edition of the Washingon Times:

"An Iraqi-born U.S. citizen suspected of being a foreign intelligence agent was employed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to rule on asylum applications, including those from unfriendly Middle Eastern nations, according to documents obtained from Congress by The Washington Times.

"Michael J. Maxwell, the former head of the Office of Security and Investigations at USCIS, is expected to testify about the Iraqi case and other breakdowns at the agency to a House subcommittee today.

" Mr. Maxwell will tell legislators that the immigration system is being used by enemy governments to place agents in the United States.

"The suspected agent, whose name has not been released, judged 180 asylum applications while at USCIS, the agency that also rules on green cards, citizenship and employment authorization. ...

"'The immigration system as a whole is so broken that our adversaries can game it,' Mr. Maxwell told The Times when asked about the documents this week. 'I can assure you they're using it against us; they can with impunity.'

"His testimony comes as the Senate debates whether to enact a guest-worker program that would allow current illegal aliens and future foreign workers a new path to citizenship....

"The man has since left USCIS and the United States so Mr. Maxwell closed his investigation. But Mr. Maxwell said that despite his findings, USCIS doesn't even have the ability to go back and see whether any of the 180 cases the former employee approved should be revoked.

"'With no internal audit function at CIS, we don't know who he let into this country,' Mr. Maxwell said.

Doesn't the above make you feel secure?
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Whither Goest Our Democracy Project?

We are a nation with a history of making the world a better place. We brought Democracy to the world. In the Civil War, we fought again for the greater establishment of Democracy when we realized that we could no longer tolerate the sin of slavery. We pulled Europe out of its private circle of hell in WWI, we beat back the demonic forces of Nazism and Japanese barbarity in WWII, and we braved the poisonous seas of diplomatic sorcery in bringing the Soviet Union to an end.

We want to and, indeed, we need to believe we are doing good in order to gather the strength to go on.

The recent revelation that Abdul Rahman could be tried, found guilty, and executed for the "apostasy" of converting from Islam to Christianity in Afghanistan, has, seemingly, rendered our efforts, in that godforsaken country, useless. The reality is, life is better for Afghanis than it was under the Taliban. Women now go to school and learn to read. Schools are being built, and infrastructure is being put in place, and the Islamofascist circus of public beheadings is no longer prime entertainment in the public squares and stadiums of Afghanistan.

But, that is not enough. How could we be a partner in the creation of a Sharia state, however, relatively, benign? And, if Afghanistan has gone medieval on our watch, what does that bode for Iraq? Have we spent thousands of lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars, to install the same old bosses in the Arab world?

At Belmont Club, Wretchard points out that Francis Fukuyama, George Will, and William F. Buckley have all become sibilant seamstresses stitchhing together their white flags of surrender. Like tired lounge musicians, they vamp in repetition on pathetic choruses of "the Arabs just don't want to be free."Such is the postmodern, multicultural bigotry of conservatives without vision.

And whose fault is all this, ultimately?

It is George Bush's fault for not learning the lessons of our own American history. In Japan, we turned an alien culture bent of barbarity, enamored with suicide warriors, inured in a squalid honor/shame mentality, into a modern capitalistic democracy. And, how did we do it?

Well, let me be blunt. We did it through something very akin to fascism. We forced the Japanese to quit their ugly habits at the point of a very sharp sword.

Why did we do this?

Because, we believe that freedom beats in the breast of all human beings. We believe that men are all created equal to pursue their own idea of happiness, and to live without the fear of expressing themselves in worship, creation, or against the hand that feeds. In short, we forced the Japanese to learn freedom and democracy because we believed they would be better off.

To an American, any other course for life is a Satanic lie.

Oh yes, indeed, the Buckleys, Wills, and Fukuyamas of the world have practical reasons for why Iraqis/Arabs/Muslims can not govern themselves morally. You see, they have too many "animosities," history is too viscous for change, traditional hatreds trump progress:

These arguments essentially say that while America can win the military struggle in Iraq it can never win the political struggle. The reasons may vary. Maybe "Iraqi animosities have proved uncontainable"; maybe the country "lacks a Washington, a Madison, a Marshall"; or maybe it plain "doesn't want it" -- some form of democracy that is. But whatever the cause, so the argument goes, any success in the military field is negated by the "fact" that the political battle is unwinnable. Therefore the campaign as a whole must fail.

Of course the argument is valid only if the US in fact loses the political struggle. If the US wins the political struggle in some meaningful sense then the whole syllogism falls apart. Because the entire issue pivots on an empirical question it's important to examine just what US policymakers are trying to achieve in current negotiations to form an Iraqi unity government.

Wretchard points to an article by David Ignatius which avoids the totems of fear which lead to hopelessness by outlining the specifics of the Iraqi rifts which are delaying Democracy:

Khalilzad recounted the items that the Iraqi political factions have agreed on in private negotiations over the past month. On Sunday, the leaders signed off on the last of these planks of a government of national unity. The Iraqis have saved the hardest issue for last -- the names of the politicians who will hold the top jobs. That bitter fight will play out over the next several weeks. ... given where Iraq was six months ago -- when Sunni and Shiite leaders were barely talking -- their agreement on the framework for a unity government is important. These negotiations may not succeed, but they are not a fairy-tale fantasy, as some critics argue. "All the elements of the deal are there, up in the air, and they could come down and click into place," Kurdish leader Barham Salih told me by telephone from Iraq. "We have come to the real crunch."It seems the real disagreements arise over the practical matter of how to share the oil revenue.

The real force driving the formation of a Unity Government is not some desire to satisfy an American obsession with spreading democracy so much as the need to come to agreements over oil and security. All the ethnic groups in Iraq want to share in the oil revenues. The Sunni need a share in oil revenues of which they have none themselves; while the Kurds and Shi'a need to agree how to tranship and manage the oil resources in their areas. Without a negotiated settlement under a Unity Government, the Sunnis, Shi'ites and Kurds would have to fight for territory and oil resources. It is better to conclude a series of agreements to be administered by a Unity Government than escort every barrel of oil by force of arms to the market.

This should not be a surprise to us. It is a truism as old as Adam Smith that the free market principle of disparate selfishnesses creates the invisible hand which guides our society forward.

However, I believe we must learn from our failures in Afghanistan. Order is not the priority of democracy, freedom is. We can not allow Iraq to become a rigid Islamofascist state administered by purveyors of crude. We must, once again, find the courage of our convictions, the faith of our fathers. We must believe in our own Declaration of Independence and our own Constitution. We must know with a fervor that it is for everyone, and we must become willing to impose it at the point of a gun.

This may seem like an oxymoron, the imposition of freedom by force of arms, but forcing one's worldview on another is the essence of war. So, the question isn't whether my point is accurate. Instead, the question is, do we think our worldview is better.

If we do not, then what is worth going to war for?
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Meeting the Sheikh

I mentioned the other day that a former Jamaat ul-Fuqra member has started his own blog, Shedding Some Light. Since then “Fuqra Hater” has been adding posts almost every day, and it is worth a trip over there to see what he has to say.

This is important material. CP and I have just been nibbling around the edges, looking over the fence at JF while reading publicly available material about it and speculating. But Fuqra Hater has been inside the “villages”, and has inside information on the affairs of Jamaat ul-Fuqra.

Sheikh GilaniHis post for today, A Trip To Pakistan, concerns a trip he made in 1999 to meet Sheikh Gilani, the founder of the Jamaat ul-Fuqra terrorist group and its cover organization, the Muslims of America. Here’s an excerpt from his account:

...I met many dignitaries from the pakistani military and ISI..., we did various religious studies, from Quran memorization to islamic law to mystic sufi studies as well. We visited the schools that the Sheikh had.

We then went into the mountains for extensive studies in the sufi way, We met one white man named Javed, formerly named Atif, formerly named STEPHEN PASTER. The missing fingers the keen look in his eyes , I knew right away who it was when some of the elders greeted him by saying hey nubbs, I guess that comes from the missing fingers from the bomb that went off too early(doesnt sound like an expert bomb maker to me). He stayed around for about 30 min then went off to somewhere unknown. Have not seen him since. All the while we were escorted by armed men with klashnikovs and automatic pistols from russia. A town we went to called Peshawar was like gun city, any kind u wanted u could have, even the banned jewish founded uzi was available.

Fuqra Hater’s conclusion:

This is the begining of the end for me within the realm of Gilanism. I am being general but if need be I can name times, places, names and description of my life within this group. I challenge any member of this group to call me on anything I am saying.

Go over to his blog and read the whole thing. Read his other posts, too. This man is putting his life at risk.
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Ah, To Be Young, In The Springtime In The City Of Lights

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Attacking Iran, and Iran attacking us, Part Deux

Which should actually read the other way around.
We have been very pre-occupied with pre-empting the Iranians developing either a nuclear weapon or the tools to do so, and the Iranian response to this.

Segway to the Panshir Valley, Afghanistan September 9th, 2001. Two newsreporters appear for a schedualed interview with Ahmed Shah Massoud
longtime mujahid, american ally and head of the Northern Alliance which stills resists the Taliban though dramatically outnumbered.. They blow themselves up along with him, in what appears to be an isolated act to end Northen Alliance resistance. Two days later the world finds out differently.

Two can play the pre-emption game

Continue reading "Attacking Iran, and Iran attacking us, Part Deux" at VWT »

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You Didn't See This in Television!

I've been very busy lately so haven't really got any time to post some news from Denmark. Yesterday I read a GREAT column by Farshad Kholghi (actor and lecturer, fled from Iran as a kid and is very pro-USA and pro-Israel). It pretty much sums up what happens in Denmark, and in a language I guess pretty much every islamofascist never will be able to parse. I add my own comments in fat to you who haven't any insight in Danish politics. This is freely translated by me, so it might lacks some places in correct grammar, etc.

MetroXpress - Copenhagen - Tuesday 4. April 2006 - #67 - volume 6

You didn't see this in television

(lately Farshad Kholghi has been in a bigger Danish singing contest television show where people are singing some well-known songs)

"Two minutes to your song, Farshad. Good luck." the producer said and did a hard knock at my back. There was two minutes till I was going to entertain Denmark on live television.
The nervousness erased my memory. I couldn't remember the melody nor the lyric. I tried for the last time to practice the song; but the only thing that came out of my terror-stricken mouth was a medley over a Richard Ragnvalds (old Danish musician) greatest hits. The situation of my stomach was worse than the Paris riots, and the sweat squirted from my forehead as lies out of the mouth of a mullah.
I love to sing and I do it constantly at home. This has caused the person living in the flat below to hate me whole-hearted and got him into both Johnny Hansens (leader of the Danish nazi party/club) little naziclub and Hizb-ut-Tahrirs big naziclub.
Now I waited in the lonely wings. Suddenly I heard an annoying falsetto saying: "You can't do it". I looked down at the floor and saw a creature being the size of a rotten banana jumping around my left foot with a little camel doll in the hand. He crawled up on my shoe with difficulties and looked up at me. "My name is Balls-In-Curry. If you are singing good, don't you think that someone will come and blow you up?" he said and came to look like a goat. (The danish word for Balls-In-Curry is Boller-i-Karry [last part pronounced something like karri] sound suspiciously like some Islamic Danish cleric, and the figures are pretty obvious too)
"Do you threaten me?" I yelled and went on to stage to entertain the nation.

It was a great show with dancers and fireworks. I was so on, that I accidently vomit fire. After the number I was happy. I ran to the judges - but got the shock of my life. In the panel of judges there was Marianne Jelved ((R), opposition, is middle-left), Anders Fogh ((V), PM of Denmark), and Helle Thorning-Schmidt ((S), opposition, middle, second largest Danish party).
Anders Fogh sent me a thumbs-up. "Now we can separate the sheep from the goats" he said (he has said this in the mohammed intifada) - but was interrupted by Marianne Jelved. "No, how can you say that? As a judge you shouldn't judge anyone. You shall go into dialog." (the danish sentence here was like "You shall build bridge over" but not sure is there is any english proverb like this)
Helle Thorning-Schmidt was politely holding back. While Marianne Jelved was telling Anders Fogh off and lecture whole Denmark about moral, the little Balls-In-Curry came and fall on me and began to beat me with his camel doll. "I said that you shouldn't do it good!" the little man said.

Desperately I looked at the self-righteous Jelved and asked for help. Balls-In-Curry was obviously out of control. Marrianne Jelved looked first at the attacker, and then she looked at Anders Fogh. "This is a very dangerous man. We must stop this madness," (she actually has stated this directly) Marianne Jelved said and pointed at Anders Fogh. Immediately she slammed her handbag into the head of him. (Jelved is very famous for always walking around with a handbag) It was chaos. I kept yelling for help. Jelved still hit Fogh with the handbag, and Helle Thorning-Schmidt still was quite. "Can't you see he's hitting me? Help me," I yelled. Balls-In-Curry instantly stated that he dissociate himself from his ongoing actions and his own tongue. Just to keep on hitting and threatening me.
The judges accepted his statements and kept on with their mutual fighting.

Finally Helle Thorning-Schmidt got into action. Everything was in slow motion. I was waiting the speech of the century. "No, really, Marianne. You are filling way too much. I also want to be into this. It's totally unfair. Because it's me who are going to be supreme judge someday. No, really, please ... May I borrow your handbag?" she said and stamped in the floor. (Helle Thorning-Schmidt has stated she is going to beat Anders Fogh and be the next PM, but she has acted really girly lately and fail in controlling her own party so that probably not going to happen, ever)
All this you couldn't watch in the television. But it happened. For real. The only thing I was happy about, was the three minutes I got to entertain Denmark with "Let me entertain you".

Now this was hilarious to me, and all this has happened and still happens for real. But guess how many Danish islamofascists/fanatic moslems/Imams that ever will be able to understand a part of what the column told? My guess is ZERO. Sadly most other people in Denmark probably don't understand it either.

Farshad Kholghi is a great and very intelligent man.
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More On Jill Carroll

I apologize for some repetition here, but this older (18 January 2006) article by Debbie Schlussel is the one I had wanted to publish first, but had a little trouble finding.

It provides some details about Jill Carroll's attitudes and views in addition to the ones in the more recent one below, and I thought them interesting enough to bring up here, even though the MSM no longer appears interested in her for the time being.

If you are anything like me, you wanted to hear, at the very least, that Jill had learned something about Islam from her experience, but it would appear that it only strengthened her pre-existing views favoring Islam.

Debbie gets the meat of this article from the Jordanian press.

"Check out this outrage from our 'ally in the War on Terror,'Jordan," she says:

"The state-run, state-sanctioned Jordan Times spews the official position of the country's Hashemite King Abdullah. And apparently, the official position of the Kingdom is that if you are an American citizen who supports American policy in the Middle East, and you are kidnapped by insurgents, you are the 'right target.' You deserved it and should be beheaded.

"But if you oppose U.S. policy in the Mid-East, LIKE JILL CARROLL DOES, then you are the 'wrong target.' Check out The Jordan Times Sunday 'editorial' on the Christian Science Monitor free-lancer:

"The kidnappers who abducted her could not have chosen a more wrong target. True, Jill is a US citizen. But she is also more critical of US policies towards the Middle East than many Arabs. . . . Jill has been from day one opposed to the war, to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

"More than just being sympathetic with average Iraqis under war and occupation, Jill is a true believer in Arab causes.

"From Arabic food to the Arabic language, Jill has always wanted to know and experience as much as possible about Arab identity, and she is keen on absorbing it, learning, understanding and respecting it.

"She doesn't just "like" Arab culture, she loves it. . . . It is simply unconscionable for any Arab to want to harm a person like her.

"Jordan Times' Beheading Candidates: Nick Berg (Okay), Keith 'Matt' Maupin (Okay), Jill Carroll (not Okay).

"Predictably, the Terrorist News Network (a/k/a Al-Jazeera) is eating this up.

"Oops, we almost forgot. Jill was good friends with Treasonatrix Barbie.

"So, there you have it--the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's sickening, official view: If you are a pan-Islamist American, you deserve to live and be released by your captors. But if you are a patriotic American and not a far-lefty wacko, it's the Nick Berg treatment for you . . . and deservedly so.

"Shukran (Thank you), King Abdullah. Moumtez (Excellent)."

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So I spent ~90 minutes with William Kristol yesterday

One of the great benefits of living in rural Norman Rockwell america is that when someone notable shows up at a local U, the gathering is only slightly larger than that you would find at a large cocktail party.
So there were maybe 45-50 people AT MOST.
This is a slightly blue but balanced state. More independent than red or blue I'd say, populated (more recently) by many who seek a way of life rather than fame, riches or notariety. This shared outlook (discovered by accident when we moved back here full time after many years in/near the BIG city) yields a very nice comity when the poltical wrangles come along, as opposed to NH where it's Hammer and Tongs (which I'll miss in 2008, I'm sure).

Enough of that.
Mr. Kristol (who looks exactly as he does on TV) was pretty funny. He spoke about the differences in foreign affairs pre and post break point of the modern era, 9/11 for about 40 minutes and then took questions there, and at the small reception after.

So I asked him about the OTHER OTHER bad guy our bud, Hassan Abbasi of the risk-averse western man.

Continue reading "So I spent ~90 minutes with William Kristol yesterday" at VWT »

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France's Future - Nearer Than We Imagine?


This morning, there were some horrific reports and pictures of an upsurge in violence on the streets of Paris - the usual "youths" and "students."

I know that many of us think France is circling the drain pretty darned fast, and that it's entirely possible that much of the rest of "Old Europe" isn't far behind.

There is one Eastern European author, though, who "gets it" and is very, very knowledgeable about Islam. The problem is so worrisome to her that, in view of the ever increasing frequency and intensity of the violence in France, she has written a very compelling novel called "Hatred of the Angels."

Because of the level of PC in Europe, she has been unable to find a publisher. We thought her vision of the future was so important, so educational, that we offered to publish it chapter at a time, about once a month, over at 6thCAJ. So far,three chapters have been published, with about nine to go. The titles of all of them are listed.

If there are any French viewers here, please read this. Chapter One is called "Faith Square," in a place known a long time ago as "Paris," and populated by people who have forgotten their history.

Americans, please note that Chapter Two is called "Ground Zero Mosque." Many of us in the States have been angered by the proposal of George Soros and company to put an anti-West, anti-American "Museum" at Ground Zero. It might as well be the "Ground Zero Mosque."

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Al Qaeda In Fascistine Calls For Purge Of Non-Muslims

A group which goes by the name "Jaish al Jihad" (army of jihad) has distributed leaflets in Gaza claiming that an Al-Qaeda leader of Bin Laden's stature will soon make his presense known in the area. The leaflet also demands that all non-Muslims must leave the area or "suffer consequences". Not to worry though as I'm sure this is just another step for the Muslims in their journey of establishing a peaceful state in... ahh who am I kidding :

An al-Qaeda leader as important as overall terror chief Osama bin Laden and the group's Iraq leader Abu Musab Zarqawi will soon reveal himself in the Palestinian territories and orchestrate local and global jihad from the area, according to a pamphlet distributed in the Gaza Strip.

The pamphlet, signed by a group calling itself the Jaish al Jihad, or Army of Jihad, claimed to speak for al-Qaeda. It warned all non-Muslims and foreign embassies to vacate the Palestinian areas within one month.

"Is there now among us a person like Saladin, like Sheik Osama bin Laden, like Abu Musab Zarqawi? The answer is yes. We have this man and he will appear with the help of Allah very soon on the land of Palestine," said the pamphlet, which was intercepted this week by the Palestinian General Intelligence after being circulated in southern Gaza.

The message continued: "We ask all foreigners who are not Muslims to leave our holy Islamic land. We will fight all those who do not believe that Allah is the one and only God. (We will fight) every government that will not apply the rules of Allah and Islam and that chooses to follow the rules of the West and the infidels that bring corruption to our lives and religion like prostitution, alcohol … and drugs."

The group threatened the Palestinian police and security services not to interrupt its planned activities, adding, "we will fight all the corrupted and unbelieving politicians. It will be a great war for the purity of the land of Islam and Palestine."
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Yale Student Newspaper Defends Taliban Student

This is some pretty fancypants nuancin':

The threat to Yale and the United States comes not from the alleged horror of harboring a young man from Afghanistan, a man who has complied with all security measures, but from those who would colonize and monopolize the University so that it might become a blind breeding ground for their own prejudices. And this threat is anything but abstract, as the current debate regarding Hashemi has shown; rather, it has real and tangible consequences.

Such a threat can only be countered by an honest and sound search for answers accompanied by an unwavering commitment to the respect necessary to protect the space through which such search is possible. So whatever we think of Hashemi, we must understand that trying to strong-arm the University into excluding him damages Yale, the country and the world and takes us one step closer into the Taliban-like suppression of views that challenge the party line.

This is the last irony — that people like Fund who rage for this result with words, as much as some alumni rage with threats to withhold contributions, will only end up reproducing the asphyxia of dialogue over which the Taliban reigned.

Logic that just leaps off the page, huh?
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Why Was Jill Carroll Spared?

I was quite uncomfortable when, after she was freed, Jill Carroll continued to speak favorably of her captors.I was a bit confused by her elaborate traditional Muslim dress, too. I kept my fingers crossed, and said to myself, "Please don't make her a carbon-copy of the British missionaries who were so ungracious - make that "hateful" - after their rescue.

But sadly, it would appear that my concerns were justified, even though the MSM (including Fox) is giving her the green light in every respect.

Here's some stuff that Debbie Schlussel has found out:

Here's a note to you bloggers--especially the suddenly blind conservative ones--who want Jill Carroll to be what she is not. Please read it VERY CAREFULLY and S-L-O-W-L-Y, as some of you seem to have premature articulation and reading comprehension problems (that includes National Review Online's Jim Geraghty a/k/a "Jimmy Carter Geraghty," so nicknamed for his apparent propensity to ignore truths about pro-Islamists when they are right in his face):

Over the last few months, since Jill Carroll was kidnapped and upon her release, I posted her REAL views (here and here). They remain her views, and she has NOT denied or disavowed them. I never once cited a video that was made in captivity, as others did and as others are now claiming I owe an apology for. I do not. They owe me an apology for projecting the video onto my work. And for pretending to be able to read, when clearly they cannot.

The facts remain the same, as do the unfortunate, continuing plagues of blindness, deafness, and dumbness that have struck all of those who have some bizarre fantasy about their new unworthy heroine, a far-left "journalist," Jill Carroll.

Facts Are Stubborn Things: Jill Carroll's Extremist Friends, Views NOT Refuted
Jill Carroll was a close friend of the late Code Pinko Marla Ruzicka a/k/a "Treasonatrix Barbie." Ruzicka's group helped raise money for Islamic insurgents in Fallujah who burnt our contractors to a crisp. They also raised money for Palestinian terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank. You can tell a lot about a person by the company she keeps. And that was with whom Jill Carroll kept company.

Then, there's Jill Carroll's former employer, the anti-Semitic, anti-American Jordan Times (for whom she CHOSE to work), long ago made the following statement about her (which, to date, she has NEVER contradicted or disavowed):

The kidnappers who abducted her could not have chosen a more wrong target. True, Jill is a US citizen. But she is also more critical of US policies towards the Middle East than many Arabs. . . . Jill has been from day one opposed to the war, to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.
More than just being sympathetic with average Iraqis under war and occupation, Jill is a true believer in Arab causes.

From Arabic food to the Arabic language, Jill has always wanted to know and experience as much as possible about Arab identity, and she is keen on absorbing it, learning, understanding and respecting it.

She doesn't just "like" Arab culture, she loves it. . . . It is simply unconscionable for any Arab to want to harm a person like her.

Again, neither of these things has anything to do with the video Jill Carroll made. Nada. Zippo. And yet, Jill Carroll has not provided any evidence to the contrary. Because there is none. Facts are stubborn things.

It's a shame I've had to post this THREE times, and yet it still doesn't sink in for quite a few of you. It's not rocket science, people.

Then, there are the radical U.S.-based Islamist groups I wrote about, which spent a ton of time, effort, and resources to get Jill Carroll released. They are groups like LIFE for Relief and Development (which gave millions to HAMAS and is believed to be funding Iraqi insurgents), HAMAS-front group CAIR, and the rabidly anti-Semitic, pro-HAMAS/Hezbollah Congress of Arab American Organizations and American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

These groups were nowhere to be seen for the following U.S. hostages, some of whom have since been murdered, but some of whom remain alive: Tom Fox, Ronald Schulz, Jack Hensley, Eugene (Jack) Armstrong, Nicholas Berg, Jeffrey Ake, Sadeq Mohammed Sadeq, Aban Elias, and Keith Maupin.

Not a peep out of the American Islamist groups for them, even the two Arab-American ones (Sadeq and Elias).

So ask yourself--ye blind worshippers of Jill Carroll--why did these rabidly Islamist groups in the U.S. go out on a limb for Jill Carroll, and no-one else? So, Jimmy Carter Geraghty and others, I'm waiting for your answer. But I know one will never be forthcoming. (As for Jim, his e-mail address indicates he's in Turkey, so perhaps he, too, like Jill Carroll is writing "in captivity," or perhaps he's seen "Kurtlar Vadisi - Irak" one too many times.)

To sum up, I never cited the video, but I did cite these 3 heretofore unrebutted facts (her recanting of the video notwithstanding):

1) Jill Carroll worked, by her choice, for an Islamist newspaper that said she shares its anti-American, anti-Israel views (no reason to doubt that, she worked for them by her choice);

2) Jill Carroll was close friends with an American who worked for Code Pink (funding and helping terrorists);

3) Jill Carroll was unique among ALL American hostages in Iraq in getting the mammoth effort by U.S. Islamist groups (all of whom support terrorists and oppose the war in Iraq) to secure her release. They know what she stands for.

And it should be obvious to you, too.

As for any calls for an apology, the apology is owed to ME by all the premature articulators out there who didn't read closely and falsely claimed I cited the video. I did not.

Jill Carroll's views and Islamist, terror-supporting friends in the U.S. remain the same. Time for all of you to get LASIK so you finally see it.

Posted by Debbie on April 2, 2006 01:59 PM to Debbie Schlussel
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The "Iranian" Super Torpedo, and our bud, Putin

Well, here is the real deal on this system. If there is any doubt we are talking about the Russian Shkval in the hands of the Iranians, it will be goen afteer you read the details and then compare them to what the Iranians are claiming.
It's time to call the Russians bluff, and call them to task.
iran_and Putin.jpg
Not only is it hard for me to believe that this was stolen from the Russians, but it's presence means that the Russians have been working with the Iranians to kill thousands of americans in the event the american govt find it compulsory to attack Iranian nuclear weapons sites in order to safeguard the american people.

Continue reading "The Iranian SUPER Torpedo" at VWT »

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British Defense Minister:
International Law
Too Restrictive -
Calls For Changes In
Geneva Convention

Heck, even Bushitler never went this far:

John Reid demanded sweeping changes to international law yesterday to free British soldiers from the restraints of the Geneva conventions and make it easier for the west to mount military actions against other states.

In his speech, the defence secretary addressed three key issues: the treatment of prisoners, when to mount a pre-emptive strikes, and when to intervene to stop a humanitarian crisis. In all these areas, he indicated that the UK and west was being hamstrung by existing inadequate law.

Mr Reid indicated he believed existing rules, including some of the conventions - a bedrock of international law - were out of date and inadequate to deal with the threat of international terrorists.

"We are finding an enemy which obeys no rules whatsoever", he said, referring to what he called "barbaric terrorism".

The conventions, he said, were created more than half century ago "when the world was almost unrecognisable". They dealt with how the sick and injured and how prisoners of war were treated, "and the obligations on states during their military occupation of another state", he said.
Given the big changes undertaken by the military over the past 50 years, he added, "serious questions" must be asked about whether "further changes in international law in this area are necessary".

Mr Reid declined to say whether he had come round to the US view that detainees at Guantánamo bay should not be allowed the protection of the conventions or the courts. Similarly, he would not say if he thought Britain should support the US practice of extraordinary rendition, the transferring of prisoners to secret camps where they risk being tortured.

However, he said, it was not "sufficient just to say [Guantánamo] is wrong".

Mr Reid said yesterday that while domestic laws had been introduced to deal with new threats - he referred to the new offence of "glorifying terrorism" - international law had not changed.

He also spoke of the "concept of imminence" - the circumstances when a state could strike without waiting for an attack.
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"The first Jihadist Government Since the Taliban"


Carolyn Glick discusses Hamas:
Last Thursday the first jihadist government since the Taliban ascended to power. The induction of the Hamas government in the Palestinian Authority has created a new dynamic in the Middle East.

Today a force openly supportive of global jihadist organizations like al-Qaida and Hizbullah, allied with Iran, dedicated to the complete Islamization of Palestinian society and committed to the eradication of Israel now reigns in the Palestinian Authority.

In an address last Wednesday, Bush said, "I weep about the suffering of the Palestinians," while maintaining that the "US government has got aid that goes directly to people. And I know that we'll continue to call upon governments in the region to support the Palestinian people."

Since its electoral victory, Hamas has targeted nightclubs, bars, Westernized women and homosexuals in Gaza.
More on the current situation in Gaza now that the Israelis have pulled out-- ThreatsWatch reports:
Red on Red in Gaza Bombing & Aftermath: Popular Resistance Committees commander killed in car bomb, PRC blames Fatah

The Washington Post reported that PRC spokesman Abu Abir blamed the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority security services, naming specific individuals and declared that “we will behead them.”
Articles as well as links to some excellent background information are here.
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Monday, April 03, 2006

What The Hell Is Wrong With These People?

Why are they so into blood and death?

New contributor, Apollon Zamp, explains at Gates of Vienna.
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Another Islamic Rights Group

This one's called the Muslim Actionable Committee!
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Get a grip, swallow hard, and SNAP OUT OF IT, there's more coming

If movie trailers are supposed to cause a reaction, the preview for "United 93" more than succeeds. Featuring no voice-over and no famous actors, it begins with images of a beautiful morning and passengers boarding an airplane. It takes you a minute to realize what the movie's even about. That's when a plane hits the World Trade Center. The effect is visceral. When the trailer played before "Inside Man" last week at the famed Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, audience members began calling out, "Too soon!" In New York City, where 9/11 remains an open wound, the response was even more dramatic. The AMC Loews theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side took the rare step of pulling the trailer from its screens after several complaints. "One lady was crying," says one of the theater's managers, Kevin Adjodha. "She was saying we shouldn't have [played the trailer]. That this was wrong ... I don't think people are ready for this."

This makes me a bit sick.

Continue reading "Get a grip, swallow hard, and SNAP OUT OF IT, there's more coming" at VWT »

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Women achieve equal rights in Saudi Arabia !!! HUMAN DIGNITY ALERT !!!

Tired of male domination, 5 Saudi women change sex

RIYADH (Reuters) - Tired of playing second fiddle to men in conservative Saudi Arabia, five women decided if you can't beat them, join them.

Al Watan newspaper said the five women underwent sex change surgery abroad over the past 12 months after they developed a "psychological complex" due to male domination.

Women in Saudi Arabia, which adopts an austere interpretation of Islam, are not allowed to drive or even go to public places unaccompanied by a male relative.

The newspaper quoted a senior cleric as saying the authorities have to fill what he described as a legal vacuum by issuing laws against sex change operations.

An interior ministry official told al Watan such cases are examined by religious authorities, and sometimes by psychologists, but those who undergo sex change are never arrested.

WHat did the Prophet say about sex change operations?

Maybe we should ask the Islamic THINKERS?
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Islamic “Thinkers”

Wanta kick your week off right? Read this. It showed up on Pedestrian Infidel, and we tracked a source back to Ali Sina's FaithFreedom.org.

Islamic “Thinkers”

By Bill Peterson

After stumbling upon a website operated by a group called Islamic Thinkers Society, I could not get over the notion that, with their name, they have coined the Mother of All Oxymorons. How could anyone that has signed on to kill himself and others to please the imaginary friend of a seventh century psychopath have the audacity to call himself a “thinker”? On the contrary, he has demonstrated a willingness to be a mindless robot that spreads destruction in order to promote the cause of not thinking. To wit, Allah despises free thinking so much that extermination is promised to the conscience that dares to entertain a unique thought. How else could a “religion” keep so many brainwashed zombies in line if not for the ever-present death threat that is the beautiful Quran? Not only do the words “Islamic” and “Thinker” not belong together, they are even mutually exclusive – for the rare Muslim that is brazen enough to think for himself has arrived at a fork in the road whose two possible outcomes, death and apostasy, both involve leaving Islam.

Judging by the photos on the Islamic Thinkers website, these intellectual powerhouses appear to enjoy burning American and Danish flags after a long day of pondering the good deeds of the Prophet. After all, if the object of your worship was a pedophile and master liar, as a true “thinker” I suppose that your first instinct should be to denigrate any symbol of freedom - even if that symbol represented the tolerance that allowed you to spew the most distilled brand of hatred the world has ever known.

For us infidels that are still allowed to think and speak freely, Muslim activities over the past few years have given us plenty to think about. I truly wish there were some actual Islamic thinkers out there to engage in rational debate, but we have all seen it 100 times before – the minute the going gets tough, the arrogant Muslim puppet resorts to branding you an infidel and/or threatening violence. The most enlightening example of this phenomenon that I have ever seen was the recent al-Jazeera broadcast of Dr. Wafa Sultan verbally lacerating two pathetic mega-mullahs. As she was relentlessly pummeling these hapless clowns into oblivion, all these great thinkers could do is throw up their arms, nervously scribble notes, and dismiss her as a heretic. The lesson here is obvious – when you strip away Islam’s mask of intimidation and deception, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THERE. This lesson was on display for the whole world to see, but will anything be learned from it? Hope springs eternal.

A secondary lesson is that it is impossible to bring shame upon a rabid animal that has been programmed to have no soul. Your words, no matter how powerful and seething to a normal human, do not penetrate the blank stare of the lunatic Muslim. It would be easier for you to make your dog to feel guilty about eating the piece of steak you dropped at his feet.

The good news is that, despite the sickening propaganda and psychological programming of their youths, some Muslims are strong enough to think for themselves. The pages of Faith Freedom International are overflowing with the personal horror stories of these apostates. But as for having dialogue with a “thinker” whose feeble mind is still frozen in the death-grip of the Quran, I’m afraid it’s just not going to happen. Thus, in lieu of engaging an actual believer, allow this kaffir to share a few random musings:

o Is the phrase “The Religion of Peace” the most blatant form of al-Taqiyya ever conceived, or could it be that a spelling error is responsible for a misunderstanding of colossal proportions? In order to remedy this situation, we shall heretofore refer to Islam as “The Religion of Pieces” to represent the physical remains of the people, churches, synagogues, religious statues, cars, trucks, etc. that have stood in the path of Hurricane Allah.

o What is the waiting period between conversion to Islam and entitlement to full benefits at the afterlife shindig? I suspect that the inventory of virgins is getting a bit thin as a result of the recent spate of martyrdom operations, but if I’m sitting on a airplane and hear an outbreak of “allahu akbar”, I’m gonna want to get my fair share of the action once we arrive in paradise! (it’s 72 right?)

o How much overwhelming evidence will it take before the pathetic, sorry-ass western liberals finally admit that Islam equals evil? I don’t know about you, but I’m not betting this will happen anytime soon because the depth of naivete on the left is apparently unfathomable. This other group of great thinkers would commit assisted suicide on a global scale rather than admit they were wrong on their assessment of the poor, disadvantaged, misunderstood “freedom fighters” of Islam. In this regard, they are arguably a bigger immediate threat than Islam itself, and they absolutely cannot be trusted to make leadership decisions in this era. Think about it – Project Eurabia is nearly complete and the European liberals are just barely showing signs of waking up (I repeat BARELY).

Yes indeed, the Religion of Pieces gives one much to think about. There is enough gore, blood, destruction, and nightmares to last everyone in this world a lifetime. If you need more evidence of what we’re in for, log on to Islamicthinkers.com and watch the video of their street “protest”. But don’t blame me if you end up putting your fist through the monitor screen.

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