Sunday, January 21, 2007

Couldn't CAIR Less

New York Daily News is a left-of-center daily published by Mortimer B. Zuckerman. In Sunday's edition it published the following letter from one Jim Autino (unknown to this author):

Muslim groups need to get a grip and realize that most Americans don't need TV shows like '24' to fuel out 'Islamophobia' ('Muslims fear "24" nuke-plot follout,' Jan 19).

That gaping, smoldering hole in lower Manhattan and the daily atrocities and barbarism we read about in the papers are more than enough to remind us who our enemies are---and that many of them are already living here.

The so-called law-abiding and peace-loving imams and other members of the American Muslim community---especially the ones who claim 'we never wish that any harm be infliccted on this country'---could also be a great deal more demonstrative in their support by helping us root out the sleeper cells and other murderous scum living among them.

I'm sure many Americans will join me in holding our collective breath until that happens.

Whoever Jim is, he gets the IBA letters-to-the-editor award for the week.

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