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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gaza and Lebanon: Jihad goes on

There are two interesting set of news from Gaza and Lebanon who have happened on these two last days.

In Gaza, terrorists from Islamic Jihad and a unit from Al-Qasa Martyr Brigades (related to Hamas party), stormed in a border crossing last Saturday, riding a jeep into the gate, while mortar bombs and propeller grenades provided cover. The attack was made using a jeep disguised with a UN signal.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon police has identified the terrorist caught last week as Ahmad Merhi, coordinator between Fatah al-Islam terrorists and Syrian Intelligence.

On Sunday 4 more Lebanese soldiers were killed (toll risen till 58 in 4 weeks) and today 2 Red Cross workers have also been killed while trying to evacuate from the camp some wounded.

Lastly, UNRWA has recognised that the terrorists have been entering the camp for months, in groups, but that they could do nothing to prevent it. UNRWA is in charge of Palestinian refugee camps both in Lebanon and in Israel.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A correction: the Jeep in the Gaza attack was not disguised as a UN vehice. It was disguised as a TV station vehice. Not that this distinction will make much of a difference to the Palestinians' non-existent credibility, given their past history of unscrupulous usage of ambulances and UN vehices.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 1:37:00 am  

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