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Saturday, June 02, 2007

There is no mystery about Iran, only about why the ostriches of 1935 have been leading

Iran leveraging its missile arsenal to intimidate U.S. allies in Gulf region

GERTZ:WASHINGTON — Iran is threatening to use its huge missile arsenal in any attack on American allies in the Gulf, the U.S. intelligence community has determined. Officials said the mullah regime seeks to intimidate Gulf Cooperation Council states with Teheran's ballistic missile arsenal.
They said Iran views its missiles as the primary element in power projection. "Iran is enhancing its ability to project its military power — primarily with ballistic missiles and naval power — with the goal of dominating the Gulf region and deterring potential adversaries," National Intelligence Director John McConnell told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Feb. 27.
The intelligence community said Iran has the largest missile inventory in the Middle East. Iran's Shihab-2 medium-range and Shihab-3 intermediate-range missiles could strike virtually any strategic site in the Gulf. "Teheran views its growing inventory of ballistic missiles as an integral part of its strategy to deter — and if necessary retaliate against-forces in the region, including U.S. forces," McConnell said.

Since we are leaving the region by 2009, why on earth would anyone aid our cause at their own peril from the obvious winners?

They are embarked on a generational national project to acquire nukes. They have proven to the region they will be AMORAL and untrammeled by the slightest 'human' consideration in application of of force, and terror is considered by them to be a legitimate means of application. They have spoken with great consonance over that time about their intentions. Their weapons are mostly modern. They can freeze europe's aid to america with their real threats. They have the cooperation of the Russians and the Chinese. They have PROVEN the UN is a chimera, a charade, a kabuki dance. Their co-religionists form a (religiously repressed) MAJORITY in the Eastern Province of KSA (where the oil is).

They have NEVER lost against the americans.

Any questions?

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