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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A British report has warned that war with Iran would be a disaster for Western interests

The Oxford Research Group said that any U.S.-British war with Iran would plunge the Middle East into violence. A report by the think tank concluded any U.S. air strike would invite Islamic retaliation against Western interests throughout the region.

"Going to war with Iran will make matters far worse, playing directly into the hands of extreme elements and adding greatly to the violence across the region," the report, released on Monday, said. "Whatever the problems with Iran, war should be avoided at all costs."

Last time I checked, war meant -be prepared to get hurt, but prepare to END THE ENEMIES EXISTANCE, because the point of the war was to effect just exactly that.

The report was released as the British government was said to be discussing war options against Teheran with the United States. British media reports said Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged that the British military would help Washington in any attempt to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program.

The Oxford Research Group urged a reassessment of the Western military strategy against Islamic adversaries. The report said the war against Al Qaida and its allies was failing and called for a Western withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq.

"If the Al Qaida movement is to be countered, then the roots of its support must be understood and


systematically undercut," said Paul Rogers, the report's author and professor of global peace studies at Bradford University in northern England. "Combined with conventional policing and security measures, Al Qaida can be contained and minimised but this will require a change in policy at every level."

Entitled "Alternatives to the War on Terror," the think tank said Iran and its ally Syria must be wooed by the West through diplomacy. Rogers said Islamic insurgency groups in Afganistan should be granted aid in an attempt to turn them into political partners.

"Failure to make the necessary changes could result in the war on terror lasting decades," the report said.


Oh. Ok. Who is the Oxford Research Group?
Got it?
Root causes?
Absolutely delusional group. Remember their name
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