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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Take with large grain of Kosher Salt "A warning to the West: Both Iran strategies being debated in Washington would lead to disaster"

From the World Tribune...the money lines...

To me, it is clear that none of the current problems in the Middle East and Islamic world can be solved unless there is change in Iran.

And this change is not best achieved either by bowing to the clerics’ demand that the U.S. and the West kowtow to them and legitimize them and their greatness, or by bombing Iran.

Before we move on, let me say that the Iranian command and control system, and the missiles and strategic warheads available to the clerics, are exceptionally sophisticated, and there exists a clear capability in Iran and its surrogate, Syria, to withstand a major incoming strike, and to retaliate with strategic weapons and major attacks on Israeli and Western targets. We know that there exist, ready, within the HizbAllah, Syrian, and Iranian arsenals may tens of thousands of tactical, battlefield, theater, and strategic missiles already in place to overwhelm Israeli ballistic missile defenses.

We also know that Iran has acquired a dozen or more nuclear warheads since 1993, and that, in all probability, North Korea attempted to deliver and mount at least one nuclear weapon on a Syrian missile just recently. We can also expect that, when the time comes — and it may come very, very soon — North Korea, as a major treaty ally of Tehran and Damascus, will begin major strategic moves to cause the U.S. to be militarily distracted in the Pacific as Iran, Syria, and HizbAllah begin their escalation in the Middle East.

Sounds a lot like a hysterical Debka report.


BUT...file away

The reality is that the U.S. should already have been following the “third path” toward victory over the clerics, which would immediately stabilize the region. The third path, the option which I have always advocated, is a comprehensive psychological strategy which would empower the Iranian people to seize the situation. The clerics know how vulnerable they are to their own people, which is why they have always taken the offensive, to create a sense of siege within Iran, and to keep the U.S. at bay.

Oh yeah.

Are you wishing and hoping, or what? I get it, you don't want to see your own people killed. I get it.

There is no strategic escape from this without major damage of some kind.

The only consideration should be what it takes to eliminate the entire regime, the IRGC and Basij. THAT is literally imaging a large contribution to whirled peas.

Ironically it is something which can unite both Israel and KSA. For a microsecond.
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