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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Urgent news: Complete failure and utterly rejected ex prez, plagiarist, probable racist and liar decries current VP as a disaster

Jimmy Carter calls Cheney a "disaster"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday denounced Vice President Dick


Cheney as a "disaster" for the country and a "militant" who has had an excessive influence in setting foreign policy.

Cheney has been on the wrong side of the debate on many issues, including an internal White House discussion over Syria in which the vice president is thought to be pushing a tough approach, Carter said.

"He's a militant who avoided any service of his own in the military and he has been most forceful in the last 10 years or more in fulfilling some of his more ancient commitments that the United States has a right to inject its power through military means in other parts of the world," Carter told the BBC in an interview to air later on Wednesday.

"You know he's been a disaster for our country," Carter said.
James Earl Carter as he left office did so with the highest combined unemployment and interest rates in the history of the nation, amid failures in Iran both in abetting via inaction the first Islamic revolutionary govt in history in place of a loyal ally, failing to protect his subordinates there, failing to rescue them, failing to prevent a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, failing to remove Soviet troops from Cuba and uphold the Monroe Doctrine, and was then removed from office by the american people in a historic level rejection of a sitting president.

Since leaving office this man has repeatedly attacked the Jewish people here and in Israel, aided and abetted the elevation of America hating clearly racist dictators, and in violation of 200+ years of tradition, criticized sitting presidents after leaving office.

Mr. Carter has been one of the worst presidents we have ever had, and is clearly the most execrable ex president in the history of this republic.

And I must confess to have voted for him.


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