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It Is Not A Good Idea
To Act As If You Can Not Accomplish
What You Were Elected To Do


Wednesday, January 09, 2008


This is the kind of thinking we're going to need to win our war against the Islamofascists who would destroy our civilization. I have refrained from posting on Lionheart in the past, because I find it hard to substantiate some of his claims. But, being that he is testifying as to things that happened to him personally, it's not as if I could provide you with a link to a news article. In his case, the problem is exactly that no one is writing news articles. No one is taking up his cause.

You may not agree with all that Lionheart says, you may not believe all he writes, but he is a brave man standing up for his civilization. And, the police want to arrest him? Lionheart:

A murderous section of the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park – Luton threatened my life, as witnessed by two witnesses, and my blog which is my perception of truth based on facts is my response to those very serious credible death threats.

I would rather die a Christian man than a pathetic Dhimmi – What about you?They have bombed my homeland and they are desecrating my Nation on a daily basis with their Islamic degradation, so I will not back down from them or their gullible Liberal Left Wing tools who are trying to silence me – They are the ones who are at war with my country, and who want to kill me personally – If they want a war based on the facts and they want to kill me, then is it not my right to protect myself? If I don’t who will, do I just let these people kill me or do I run away and leave this to someone else to deal with? And if they are at war with us which they are, as the facts clearly prove, then can we the British people not let them have a war?

Whose homeland is this, theirs or mine?

What is the result of doing nothing?

My Grandfather never fought for Queen and Country so that the blessed birthright he handed to me which was my part of the British homeland as an Englishman could be taken away in my generation and given to an alien Kingdom with its alien Islamic culture so that there will be nothing left for my children other than an Islamic way of life enforced upon them.

I would rather my children know I died a free man for them and their birthright, than a coward and a slave to the oppressors, no matter what form that oppression comes in.

Why should I be forced out of my home, forced out of my business, forced into bankruptcy and forced to become a vagabond in my own land because of murdering warmongering Moslems who are at war with the Nation – something wrong there don’t you think?

And now people are trying to ‘silence’ me from speaking out about this abomination that is happening to me and my fellow countrymen by this internal enemy whose ultimate intention it is to take over rule of the land and enforce ‘Sharia Law’ upon the population, no matter how long that takes them.

I have not called for murder, war or bloodshed, as my title states “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”, yet this Labour government wants to take the pen out of my hand and lock me in prison when I have done nothing wrong apart write words of truth on a computer screen for others to read.

You want a fight with me to silence me then lets fight, but remember there is an army made up of millions of people the same as me throughout the World who are ready to fight you with me, this has been shown to me over the last two days, and these citizens of the free world stand shoulder to shoulder with me, because this attack on me is an attack on them, their children and grandchildren also!!!

You have started something that will never be stopped now!!!

In the future, which is right now coming at us with all the force and inevitability of a train, we will all need to be lionhearted.

Go read the rest at Lionheart's blog.
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Blogger Always On Watch said...

HERE is Phyllis Chesler's interview with Lionheart.

Thursday, January 10, 2008 12:57:00 pm  
Blogger WATCHER71 said...

I lived in Luton for a couple of years a while back....and it was my first real experience of large numbers of Muslims together in one Neighbourhood, to be accurate as I recall the town it is basically split in two, one side ethnically mixed, the other being Asian/Muslim, the Asian/Muslim side of town being basically like an Islamic country, more so than most other Islamic neighbourhoods.... My experience was of Asian/Islamic gangsters terrorising ALL other ethnic groupings in and about the town (I recall a gang of 15 of them trashing this guy's car...why?...because they were drunk....and could....on challenging them I found myself being surrounded by 15 of these scumbags...3 of them on their cell calling for reinforcements, my girlfriend dragged me away. I had personal experience of a really sweet, though stupid and naive White English girl who was shamefully exploited by this real nasty nasty peace of work Asian/Muslim wanna be gangster /businessman who derived his money from owning a string of bars/brasseries in the town, ran several drug dealers and used junkies as disposable muscle, utilising his 'Muslim' brothers when things got more serious. He had a wife and used this 19 year old girl as his 'Ghorri'(White whore), getting her pregnant, feeding her drugs and beating her up when ever he felt like it....she concealed a fire arm for him more than once. This guy was a total scum bag. I hope he's dead now. Luton is an intensely divided city and is most definatley a flash point when the Muslims make their move....

Lionheart....I hear ya mate, I feel ya mate, I'm with ya Mate!

Ps Kudos for Oona King....I've book marked your Blog. Be seeing you very soon on there.

Thursday, January 10, 2008 8:01:00 pm  

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