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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Obama's Church Loves Farrakhan

All you might need to know about Obama's Church, from Melanie Phillips:

Barack Obama belongs to the Trinity United Church in Chicago whose pastor is Rev Dr Jeremiah A Wright Jnr. Here is the church’s website. From it you will see that the church is committed to what looks suspiciously like black supremacism. Dr Wright promotes ‘black power’ and ‘black liberation theology’, under which adherents must have

a non-negotiable commitment to Africa

and to seeing the world through an African perspective. The church proclaims its commitment to a ‘Black Value System’ which, apart from a commitment to

Pledge Allegiance to All Black Leadership Who Espouse and Embrace the Black Value System

includes the

Disavowal of the Pursuit of ‘Middleclassness’

on the basis that those who are not middle-class are separated from other black people by

*Killing them off directly, and/or fostering a social system that encourages them to kill off one another.
*Placing them in concentration camps, and/or structuring an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill the jails and prisons.

In the current issue of the church’s magazine The Trumpet, there is a star-struck endorsement of Louis Farrakhan, the racist, anti-white and anti-Jewish black supremacist Muslim demagogue. In her ‘
Empowerment Interview’ in the magazine, which claims that the leader of the Nation of Islam is a much misunderstood man, writer Rhoda McKinney-Jones gushes that Farrakhan

truly epitomised greatness…

Such fawning is hardly surprising given that Dr Wright himself -- who in his sermons and interviews has equated Zionism with racism and Israel with apartheid South Africa, who said on the Sunday after 9/11 that the attacks were a consequence of violent American policies, and who suggested four years later that 9/11 was retribution for America’s racism ( views from which Obama has distanced himself) – appears to enjoy a close relationship with Farrakhan. In the Trumpet feature article, Wright raves:

Minister Farrakhan will be remembered as one of the 20th and 21st century giants of the African American religious experience...

His integrity and honesty have secured him a place in history as one of the nation’s most powerful critics. His love for Africa and African American people has made him an unforgettable force, a catalyst for change and a religious leader who is sincere about his faith and his purpose.

And in this story on NewsMax, Ronald Kessler reports:

Just before Obama’s nationally televised campaign kickoff rally last Feb. 10, the candidate disinvited Wright from giving the public invocation. Wright explained:

‘When [Obama’s] enemies find out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli’ to visit Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, ‘a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell.’

Considering the fact that the very mention of George W Bush’s belief in God is enough to give Democrats an aneurysm, and that Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are currently being dismissed as religious nutjobs, isn’t the Democrat (and media) silence over Obama’s choice of a black power church which is more akin to a cult, and the obnoxious views of the pastor who he says brought him into Christianity in the first place, more than a little remarkable?

And how have the Democrats got themselves into a position where the choice they offer voters for the American presidency is between Hillary Clinton and this man?


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Anonymous revereridesagain said...

Remarkable, yes. Surprising, alas, no. Write down the address of that church's website on cards and give it to every starry-eyed Obama Hope and Change zombie you meet. I don't know what is more frightening -- that this information is not out there, or that it is out there and his supporters don't care. This can't be hidden by the MSM forever, and when it does get out to the general public will he be able to get around it by "distancing" himself from his racist pastor? Would the other side of the universe be far enough?

Well, at least now we know why he spends half his time on the phone to Kenya.

Thursday, January 10, 2008 2:43:00 am  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Yep, and of course, many libs would read this post and call ME a racist for having the pic of Obama dressed as Osama.

He's the one who loves Farrakhan, or at least is willing to put up with a church full of people who do.

Thursday, January 10, 2008 3:22:00 am  

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