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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The error of their ways...the Alaska Independence Party and Sarah Palin

Earlier in this marathon week a 'progressive' friend sent me a story about the huntress - hot librarian perhaps next VP joining a crank 'secessionist party'. This was after the 'her daughter is her granddaughter' slime and the OUI, Troopergate and Buchanan stupidities, but before they announced her daughter was pregnant.

So I clicked the link and read the story of the AIP, and good ole Lynette Clark.
The story was by Jake Tapper of ABC news.
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Now as a few of you might know, I am a visitor frequently, and have been for 7 years at forums which are primarily populated by Persian Gulf Arabs, Iranians, Syrians etc, and a few HARDY western souls dedicated to a life of debunking. And what have we debunked...
well we have about 30% of the debunking being of the Talmud, 30% things that Israelis said and done, and the rest things americans (and freemasons) have said and done. One thing I have found, is that as the now student of the Talmud I have been forced to become, every SINGLE CLAIM was wrong. Some spectacularly.

So, since I have called for Mrs. Palin back in June and knew a bit, I found this and some other claims had the same smell. I indicated at that time to my friend that if the AIP was claiming Palin was a member, there would be a hard record, and I would wait for that before being a believer.

The next day the Republican Party released their records showing the lady had been a member since 1982, and today, IN THE NEW YORK TIMES, who essentially and to their credit published what amounts to a retraction, we see that Lynette Clark recanted her entire story.

Meanwhile....the LA Times, today, persists.

ABC reports a story based on one person and no documentation. THE WORLD OF THE MEDIA wanting as Dan Rather did of GWB, for that story to fit their image of crackpot small town america, drunkenly shooting animals from speeding pickups with their high school or less educations, and bingo, here we are debunking stories about the Talmud.

Except I know small town America, and I know BIG CITY america, having been born in the Bronx, and traveling the world at 150,000 actual miles a year for some 15 years and now living in a town of ~2000 in Maine.

There are flags out on both sides of the street from Memorial Day on.
People help each other most of the time.
There are problems just like anywhere else, but people are accepting of each other's peccadilloes without much more than a chuckle, since we're all ourselves and as weird as we want to be, or not.
Veteran's Day 2005 at a church concert, they played the anthem of each armed service and asked the parents of serving members, or anyone who HAD served to stand up and sing. By the time they reached Halls of Montezuma, NO DRY EYES, everyone standing, everyone singing. Pipe organ blaring.

It is THIS America which apparently is beyond the understanding of most of the elites and media in this nation, today. The America that MEANS it. It is beyond their understanding in the same way that arabs cannot understand that what they are compelled to believe about jews is naked racism, and thus accept stories which are literally fantastic, AS THE MEDIA DOES in cases like this.

Sarah Palin is a graduate of small town USA.
She understands this world, and understands that we don't even know if the small town mayor, or town manager is republican or democrat, or in the Maine Independence Party. We do understand if the roads suck, and the schools are not making it. We understand the property tax bill pretty well.

The media elites have lost the ability to connect to Norman Rockwell America. Perhaps they can only see cynical manipulation because that is their lives. I cannot say.
Thus they see and claim cynical manipulation among those who really might seek to serve, because it is beyond their realm. They mistrust it.

I know their total disconnect has contributed to the promulgation of lies, and that they are irresponsible in ensuring those lies are corrected. And nothing can make up for the personal damage this has caused.

But you know, Sarah Palin always beats the point spread.

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Blogger Suricou Raven said...

It won't work. The rumor is out now, and it's too good a story to let facts get in the way. Convincing people that Palin wasn't a member of a secessionist party is going to be as hard as convincing people that Obama isn't a muslim: It doesn't matter how much evidence you have, how many times they deny the slur, how much the records prove them truthful. People will selectively forget the things they do not wish to hear.

Palin's dirt is building up, but that's nothing unusual - noone is clean. By election time most of it will be forgotten, just like McCain's affair, or Obama's pastor.

Interestingly, Palin has a pastor-scandal of her own now. The church she attends and has even given speeches at claims that terrorist attacks in Israel and God's punishment for the jews rejecting Christ, or something like that. Like Obama's scandal, it will also be forgotten by the election.

Thursday, September 04, 2008 10:40:00 am  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

Saerching 'Palin jews pastor' takes us to only one place ... Andrew Sullivan, who has morphed into as vitriolic a hater as any Olberman.

He also is referring to Jews for Jesus for this pastor in a totally gobbledygook story ...JEWS FOR JESUS...these people consider themselves jews and as a jew who certainly does NOT share any such absurd view, I can tell you, Sarah Palin is no jew, thinks of herself as no jew, and does not run around as a jew who also believes Jesus was the messiah (a good one!)

PRECISELY like the AIP story, where's the meat?

I don't see any scandal there, but why even mention, as Jake Tapper did, that for which there is one source based on a brochure, printed in 1974, from 2004, which led to ONE PERSON saying something else?

If the Obama campaign wants to go down that road, and open Rev Wright.. they are OUT OF THEIR MINDS.

No one has forgotten 'GODDAMN AMERICA'

Thursday, September 04, 2008 11:48:00 am  
Blogger Epaminondas said...


Story says her church HOSTED A VISIT from Jews for Jesus, whose director made the egregious claims about god and Irael


I run into Jews for Jesus once or twice a year, they are like the Mormons at the door, and their creed is that all the bad things happened to jews BECAUSE they rejected jesus (which this group does not)

No story.

As usual.

This is all because the left is SHAKING that Palin's entrance in to a world devoid of principled GOP leadership, is now facing something unexpected, little understood, and is upsetting their strategic plan for Sept, and Oct.

If McCain is smart he will refuse to answer any questions about her personal life, as will she.

Thursday, September 04, 2008 11:57:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One can’t help but notice a difference in Palin and Obama audiences.

When Obama receives audience approval, his crowd chants in unison - O-BAM-A.

When Palin receives audience approval, her crowd chants in unison - U.S.A.

Obama = individual ego

Palin = united as a nation

Thursday, September 04, 2008 1:09:00 pm  
Blogger SamenoKami said...

"If McCain is smart he will refuse to answer any questions about her personal life, as will she."

I would only do this if I had nothing to hide (I think McCain/Palin have nothing major to hide.) By not answering questions the media will nut-up thinking there IS something to hide and will waste time looking for nothing (or fabricating it.)

Thursday, September 04, 2008 1:18:00 pm  
Blogger Aukmuntr said...

Since when did the leftarded morons at places like the Daily Kos or Move-On.org need facts to spew their vile rhetoric. It is and has always been: "First story out wins." They know this and don't care if they are debunked because our "sound-bite" mentality nation is too busy with inane drudgery of daily life and doesn't care to look behind the curtain. This explains, once again, why so many simpletons cannot see that their messiah is an empty suit filled only with platitudes and awe.

Thursday, September 04, 2008 2:23:00 pm  

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