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Friday, September 05, 2008

The oh so sad next attack on Palin .. another farce .. Proclamation of Christian Heritage Week

Sent to me by a progressive friend, and then googled, we have a proclamation by Gov Palin that there be a Christian heritage week, thus 'proving' she is a 'Christian Rightist', and 'seeks to enforce Christian doctrine' on the rest of us. This is especially true since the proclamation notes several quotes by the likes of Franklin, Madison, Washington, and it is claimed that the quotes are out of context in order to further this effort to spread mandatory Christian Doctrine.

First of all, this proclamation is not exceptional. There are hundreds of such proclamations over the years from all sorts of states (and cities, but by no means every state), such as Alabama, New Hampshire, New Yoirk, New Jersey, Kentucky and Connecticut. Not all sport the quotes, and other contain some quotes, or other quotes. (I don't think Jeanne Shaheen could ever be confused with Pat Robertson)

Secondly, quotes from the Founding Fathers about the goodness of God and Christian society, and the benefits of prayer, are not exactly shocking news. They are all Christians, and they all REALLY believed.

Next the quotes being out of context thus distorting their meaning in order further the goal of these 'nefarious' Christians...lets take 2, those of Franklin and Washington.

(and this is taken from Politico's Ben Smith WHO OUGHT TO HAVE DONE HIS HOMEWORK, and mentions NONE OF THIS - but this thing is VIRAL)
""It is impossible to build an empire without our Father's aid. I believe the sacred writings which say that, Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it"

full speech in 1787 at the Consitutional Convention.
If one takes the time to go and read the entire context, his feeling about this is, IMHO, even more strongly represented, and is in no way distorted.

"animated alone by the pure spirit of Christianity, and conducting ourselves as the faithful subjects of our free government, we may enjoy every temporal and spiritual felicity."
Full Context . From a letter to catholics in the USA in 1790
expressing his supportive hope "that your fellow-citizens will not forget the patriotic part which you took in the accomplishment of their Revolution, and the establishment of your Government, or the important assistance which they received from a nation [France] in which the Roman Catholic faith is professed.

Quote then follows. Whoopee ! Shocking! So so, mundane, people.

And so on.

Once again started by blogs, in this case to attack the jews' possible vote for McCain (as was the Palin -Buchanan farce), and now furthered ONCE MORE by irresponsible journalism, a story easily debunked in about an hour makes it's way into 'reality'

When will those tasked as real reporters DO HOMEWORK WHEN CLAIMS ARE MADE?

This is simple stuff.

Why is the debunking HERE, and NOT Politico? Or MSNBC? or Fox for that matter....

It is actually getting BORING.

THe jewish vote problem Obama has can be summed up like this, Mr. Smith, and it is of OBAMA'S MAKING IN HIS ACTIONS:

Merrill 'american jews are the problem' Mcpeak

Samantha 'criticism of Obama is about what's good for the jews' Power
Zbig 'american jews are too powerful Mcarthyites, and Walt and Mearsheimer were right' Brzezinski

Robert 'I do negotiate with Hamas' Malley

Susan 'let's appoint Jimmy Carter and Jim Baker as chief middle east negotiators' Rice

Not to mention Pastor Wright.

Lastly, practiced for real, can anyone think a nation of Christian belief is necessarily something BAD? Why does REALLY having faith imply to some it will be enforced on others? Why are these same people so worried about the plot to make us all 'adhere' to Christian doctrine (DROP THAT BAGEL !) EXACLTY THE SAME FOLKS so IGNORANT of the requirements of THAT OTHER RELIGION? The one which requires the death of all the jews to get to the end of days and paradise for all, and teaches this to young minds HERE IN THE USA EVERY SINGLE DAY?

BTW, George Bush, every year signs a bill proclaiming Jewish Heritage Week.
I look forward to the movement for Shinto Heritage Week, and the publication of so many emails, blogs, and articles like Mr. Smith's warning of the effect of this terrible kind of idea. Imagine, pride in one's religious (and perhaps therefore cultural) heritage. SHOCK !

When will all this shame these people?

Yours truly, MELECH
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