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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Al-Jazeera In Ohio

Stirring the pot:

From the news alert I received in a forwarded email (emphases mine):
ANP is working on a series between now and Nov. 4 analyzing the phenomenon of rage among McCain-Palin supporters which has surfaced in the past few weeks. Our first piece in the series will debut next week as we look at the rising tension at rallies we've attended, the effect of negative ads on the GOP base and John McCain's and the RNC's responsibility in fanning the flames.

For the other stories in this series, we need your help. Between now and Nov. 4, we want to document this rising rage nationwide at GOP rallies or anywhere else. If you have any evidence of rage, bigotry or deliberate misinformation among McCain supporters, whether at an official rally or elsewhere (local GOP groups, etc.), we need your help to video these events.

ANP producers have witnessed intimidation of Obama supporters, hate speech, racial epithets at these rallies. Our own reporters have been restricted by Republican operatives from speaking to supporters of John McCain or Sarah Palin.
Here's what we're looking for. Please look at this revealing report shot by Al Jazeera English:


We like this report for two reasons:

1) The reporter asks journalistic questions but also insistently probes people about the motivations behind their opinions but does so without the intent to provoke.

2) The approach is unbiased.

Many observers, including ANP, are worried that this agitation and rage may lead to more pointed hate speech and perhaps even incitment to violence in the campaign's last three weeks. And we would like you to help us document it.

If there is a McCain-Palin rally in your immediate area (go to http://www.johnmccain.com/Calendar/ to find out), we'd like to hear about it. You should edit the best rushes (about five minutes worth) and e-mail it to dhutchins@newsproject.org using software at www.pando.com or www.yousendit.com. Make sure "McCain Palin Rage" is in the subject line.

If we use your footage in our series, whether it is 5 seconds or 5 minutes, we will pay a fee of $500 and give you producers credit.


Davin Hutchins
Managing Producer, ANP
ANP's site is HERE.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet, don't dare mention the annointed's 1000 Sundays drenched in racist politic.

Saturday, October 18, 2008 3:22:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and no, it's not because Senator Obama is black

Saturday, October 18, 2008 3:33:00 pm  
Blogger Irv said...

Where was the outrage when Liberals for the past 8 years have spewed hatred for our President. No hypocrisy here? No double standard?

Monday, October 20, 2008 12:58:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I reckon that you're concerned of the issues confronting the African-Americans. You're against discrimination and bigotry perhaps. Does it make sense when you're advancing the same? See the ones in the right side of your blog. Makes no difference. You're advocating blanket global hatred against Muslims from all human races, and with that you're no different from those terrorists. The terrorists killed innocent people physically. There are more ways to kill a person than physically. You yourself have also become a terrorist.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 4:21:00 am  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Islam is not a religion for African-Americans. it is a religion for humans of all races. It is an religio/political ideology which calls for death to homosexuals, apostates, and adulterers, and it renders women second-class human beings. Additionally, Islam divides the world into two classes of people, Muslims and those who aren't. Thos who are not Muslims are Infidels, Kufrs, people to be converted, suppressed, or killed.

Read the Koran and the Hadith, my friend. It's all in there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 11:22:00 am  

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