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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peaceful Palestinian Arabs, yet again

In Palestine Today's photo essay of Palestinian Arabs thronging to the courtyard of the Al Aqsa mosque during Eid al Adha, we see this giant banner draped over the entrance:
Looking closer, we see:

A map of "Palestine".

Which does not show Israel as existing.

Neither does it show any of historic Eastern Palestine, on the other side of the Jordan.

So no one can argue that they are just depicting a map of "Palestine" as it existed for centuries, because that map would look something like this the picture on the right.

The Negev isn't a part of it, and the western parts of Jordan are.

Once again, we see that the definition of "Palestine", according to "Palestinians," is whatever territory Israel happens to control at that point in time. It has nothing to do with age-old conflict nor does it have anything to do with historical facts - the desire for a Palestinian Arab state is simply the desire to destroy the Jewish state. Otherwise, they would be pining for much of Jordan.

The Palestinian Arabs have not the least compunction about publicly declaring their desire to see Israel destroyed, using huge signs, in full view of tens of thousands of people. (This is not even mentioning the Fatah logo, the maps shown in schools, and so on, which all echo the same desire to annihilate Israel.)

And the West refuses to notice.

(cross-posted at Elder of Ziyon.)

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