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Friday, December 05, 2008

A reminder from this blog, Sept 2007 -"The Destruction of Its Economy Will Cause the U.S. to... Disappear Like the Soviet Union"

Where is my fuel cell car, you morons?

FROM MEMRI:'The Battle... Is Economic Rather than Military' - An Economically Oriented Concept of Jihad Emerges in Islamist Discourse

By: E. Alshech


The concept of jihad, dating back to the earliest stages of Islam, has always been open to various interpretations. Since Islamic sources define jihad in very broad terms, Muslims have, throughout Islamic history, been able to transform and extend its meaning according to their specific perceptions and needs. This document focuses campaion a concept of jihad that has been emerging for some time in Islamist discourse, as is evident in Islamist forums and websites. In this permutation, jihad is perceived as being aimed primarily at undermining the Western economy, particularly the U.S. economy, with the ultimate goal of bringing about the total collapse of the West. [1] In practical terms, this concept of jihad does not pose an immediate and substantial danger to Western economy. However, it nonetheless merits attention, since it represents a broadening of the boundaries of jihad, and widens the circle of people who can potentially be involved in jihadist activity.

"The Destruction of Its Economy Will Cause the U.S. to... Disappear Like the Soviet Union"

Islamist websites rarely engage in comprehensive theoretical discussions about the overall goals of global jihad. However, postings on this topic that occasionally appear on Islamist forums provide crucial insight into the Islamists' understanding of their struggle against the West. For example, an article posted on www.alhesbah.org in 2003, by an individual named Abu Mus'ab, stated that the key to defeating the U.S. is to weaken its economy: "No reasonable person can deny the United States' military, economic and technological power... [However, both the U.S.'s] technological research and its military forces depend on the economy. [Consequently,] the destruction of its economy will cause the U.S. to disintegrate, collapse, and disappear, just like the Soviet Union. [2] Therefore, studying America's economy is [even more crucial] than examining its military forces..." [3]

"The Primary Goal of [Al-Qaeda's] War Against America... Is to Defeat it Economically".........

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