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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Violence Spreading Across Europe?

From Fox News, on December 11, 2008:
Greek-Inspired Violence Spreads Across Europe

Unrest that has gripped Greece for the past six days showed troubling signs of spreading across Europe, as violence erupted in several cities.

Angry youths smashed shop windows, attacked banks and hurled bottles at police in small but violent protests Thursday in Spain and Denmark, while cars were set alight outside a consulate in France. Protesters gathered in front of the Greek Embassy in Rome on Wednesday and some turned violent, damaging police vehicles, overturning a car and setting a trash can on fire.

Authorities say the incidents have been isolated so far, but acknowledge concern that the Greek riots — which started over the police killing of a 15-year-old on Saturday — could be a trigger for anti-globalization groups and others outraged by economic turmoil and a lack of job opportunities.

"What's happening in Greece tends to prove that the extreme left exists, contrary to doubts of some over these past few weeks," French Interior Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet [said]...
More here.

Are we seeing the early signs of a snowballing anarchy in Europe?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can we exploit this to make the EU break up?

Thursday, December 11, 2008 11:37:00 pm  

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