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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sarah Palin's F Scott Fitzgerald Campaign - The 'Progressives' are different from you and me

Finally someone is ready to grapple with the most serious issue of Barack Obama's policy initatives - Barack Obama.

A good friend who happens to be a close relative, let us call him Lysander going forward, and another dem refugee, though I would characterize him as a more principled center-left (I) than I am - decries taking on the person of the nominee as going negative to avoid dealing with the issues.

I don't mind because American elections are a war-revolution-coup-riot substitute, and also more to the point I need continuous entertainment.

In this case however Mr. Obama has a history of events and mentors, associates and friends which taken together provide the outline of the man, and therefore the character with which he FORMS the policy initiatives he hopes to enact, and forms the way he will deal with other nations, both allies and those inimical to our way of life.

I have held forth before as to the factual events which compels me to judge, for example, that the man running for president as a democrat has a problem with, at the least, Americans who happen to be Jewish. Forget Israel, we don't even get that far.

But it's not just that, it's that the outline continues past all that to the fact that those same people, and more have a rather jaundiced view of our society, and do so as elite hypocrites.

We all know what Wright said.
We all know Michelle's disdain for Americans, certainly up until the last year.
We all know the pap about neighborliness and patriotism emanating from the democratic twosome of 'economic justice' and then with a perfect Alice 'looking glass' irony we see that on $370k of adjusted gross income, Mr. Joe Biden was charitable in a neighborly fashion to the tune of less than $1000 less by a factor or 4-5 than his opponent, and by a factor of ~10 by earnings.
But let's stick to Obama and the outline of who he is.... such as his denial of a relationship with Ayers, a self admitted terrorist whose dissatisfaction rests with his lack of success at same. Obama attempts to cover up records of this relationship and lie via the Annanberg Challenge, and his calls to the U of Chicago to close the records to the press. This then goes on to attempts to criminalize criticism of him, and to shout down and silence the critics on radio, ALL OF WHOM APPEAR TO BE WELL PUBLISHED SCHOLARS as smear merchants. Now the National Review is no left of center publication, but smear merchants?
And so on.....

And now the critic he faces is Sarah Palin.
She has said Barack Obama has in effect disqualified himself as a president by some of his statements about the war. I imagine she sees him as taking the easy way out rather than see the meaning in victory against those who want to kill us (i.e. it doesn't matter WHERE AQ is), and finds him well past incredibly naive in dreaming that if we get Bin Laden and kill some associates (the central front in the war is Afghanistan theory), this will cause Al Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM), for instance, to suddenly conclude Sayd Qutb, Hassan Al Banna and Maududi were wrong ET CETERA globally. The sad list of jihadi organizations, all of whom operate from the same core idea, is simply too long to repeat here AGAIN.
She has said he is a pal of terrorists, and the critics Obama has tried to silence as smear merchants agree.
She has now said " "This is not a man who sees America as you see America and as I see America." Well, 20 years of Jeremiah Wright and the haranguing of the scolding Meeechelle are probably enough to wear down most, but I think his proclivities did lie in that direction anyway.

You see, we can excuse each of these listed deficiencies if there was but one.
It would be the dalliance of youthful stupidity (Ayers)
It would be the misled young man seeking something greater than himself (Wright)
It would be the misguided judgment of one truly interested in an America first policy (Zbig)
It owuld be the bad judgment of looking upon HAMAS as if they were just another 'side' (Malley)
It would be the naivety of wanting to believe others are just like us (Iran)

The problem is that when taken together the picture IS of someone not qualified, and it has nothing to do with experience or lack of same.

I only HOPE, Mrs. Palin next asks Mr. Obama about why his foreign policy appointments seem to be so bigoted towards Jews (the now missing in action Dennis Ross, excepted).

The sad fact is that critical progressive Americans don't like the USA. They believe that the private property from which we derive our freedoms, is the bite of the apple which made us flawed and evil at birth. They believe the social and economic justice they promise is so self evidently wonderful that they cannot be bigoted, cannot cause wrong, and that anyone who opposes their Rx's must be ipso facto, BAD and therefore some kind of extremist to be contemptuously dismissed AT BEST. These people want the USA to be someplace else. Some other thing. Barack Obama is one of these people, and Sarah Palin sees it. No wonder they react to her as if she is a skunk at a birthday party, at theirs, she is.

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Looking back: Obama adviser calls for invading Israel to create a 'Palestinian' reichlet

For those of you who may have forgotten, here's a lookback at an interview with Harvard professor Samantha Power, a key foreign policy adviser to Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama, who calls for an invasion of Israel to 'impose a solution on unwilling parties' to create a 'Palestinian' state reichlet.

Let's go to the videotape.
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U.N. Helping To Spread Sharia Law

From Fox News, via Redneck Texan:

Religious groups and free-speech advocates are banding together to fight a United Nations resolution they say is being used to spread Sharia law to the Western world and to intimidate anyone who criticizes Islam.

The non-binding resolution on “Combating the Defamation of Religion” is intended to curtail speech that offends religion -- particularly Islam.

Pakistan and the Organization of the Islamic Conference introduced the measure to the U.N. Human Rights Council in 1999. It was amended to include religions other than Islam, and it has passed every year since.

In 2005, Yemen successfully brought a similar resolution before the General Assembly. Now the 192-nation Assembly is set to vote on it again.

The non-binding Resolution 62/145, which was adopted in 2007, says it “notes with deep concern the intensification of the campaign of defamation of religions and the ethnic and religious profiling of Muslim minorities in the aftermath of 11 September 2001.”

It “stresses the need to effectively combat defamation of all religions and incitement to religious hatred, against Islam and Muslims in particular.”

But some critics believe the resolution is a dangerous threat to freedom of speech everywhere.

The U.S. government mission in Geneva, in a statement, told the U.N. Human Rights Council in July that “defamation-related laws have been abused by governments and used to restrict human rights” around the world, and sometimes Westerners have been caught in the web.

Critics give some recent news events as examples of how the U.N. "blasphemy resolution" has emboldened Islamic authorities and threatened Westerners:

-- On Oct. 3 in Great Britain, three men were charged for plotting to kill the publisher of the novel "The Jewel of Medina," which gives a fictional account of the Prophet Muhammad and his child bride. FOXNews.com reported U.S. publisher Random House Inc., was going to release the book but stopped it from hitting shelves after it claimed that “credible and unrelated sources” said the book could incite violence by a “small, radical segment.”

-- An Afghan student is on death row for downloading an article about the role of women in Islam, FOXNews.com also reported.

-- In December 2007 “a court reportedly sentenced two foreigners to six months in prison for allegedly marketing a book deemed offensive to Aisha, one of the Prophet Muhammad's wives,” the U.S. government said.

-- A British teacher was sentenced to 15 days in jail in Sudan for offending Islam by allowing students to name the class teddy bear Muhammad in November 2007.

-- In February 2007 in Egypt an Internet blogger was sentenced to four years in prison for writing a post that critiqued Islam.

-- In 2004, Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered after the release of his documentary highlighting the abuse of Muslim women.

“It’s obviously intended to have an intimidating effect on people expressing criticism of radical Islam, and the idea that you can have a defamation of a religion like this, I think, is a concept fundamentally foreign to our system of free expression in the United States,” said former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

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America Must Not Bail Out Sharia Finance (but we will)

Gold Diggersof 1933 ~ We're in the Money
Featuring Ginger Rogers

America Must Not Bail Out Sharia Finance

October 3, 2008
by Jeffrey Imm
Anti-Jihad League of America

On September 17, 2008, the U.S. News and World Report magazine reported on how the "Federal Reserve extended an $85 billion loan to American International Group to be paid back as AIG sells off some business in the biggest government takeover so far in the ongoing credit crisis." What the American public hasn't seen yet is what AIG is going to sell off in terms of its business. According to the September 16, 2008 press release by the Federal Reserve on this bailout, the "U.S. government will receive a 79.9 percent equity interest in AIG and has the right to veto the payment of dividends to common and preferred shareholders."

But while the U.S. taxpayers are loaning money to AIG and the U.S. holds a nearly 80 percent equity interest in AIG, no one in the government seems concerned that AIG is continuing to expand its Sharia finance business. Less than a week after the government bailout of AIG, Reuters reported on how AIG's unit American International Assurance Co (AIA) was awarded an "international takaful (Islamic insurance) license" by the Malaysian government.

AIG's American International has been selling Sharia-based "Islamic insurance" for at least two years, through its AIG Takaful division, since its October 1, 2006 announcement, with a stated goal to sell such Sharia financial instruments in the United States. AIG SunAmerica, AIG Financial Services Corp, and other divisions of AIG also are dealers in Sharia mutual trusts. The AIG bailout came two days before Congressman Tancredo's introduction of the "Jihad Prevention Act" (H.R. 6975), which "would deny U.S. visas to advocates of 'Sharia" law, and expel Islamists already here."

This House bill has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary. Yet as the
AIG bailout shows, the challenge of Sharia is more than an immigration problem, and the U.S. federal government is not yet taking any action on Sharia finance. While we should be concerned about "Islamists" coming to the U.S. to promote Sharia, shouldn't we be really concerned that the U.S. taxpayers own a nearly 80 percent equity interest in a company promoting Sharia finance today? Shouldn't the first assets that AIG should have sold two weeks ago have been their Sharia finance businesses?

The day before the AIG bailout was being announced, the Center for Security Policy's (CSP) Frank Gaffney published his concerns about this growing financial institutional problem of "Shariah-Compliant Finance (SCF)" in an article entitled "Into the Fire." In his article, Mr. Gaffney references David Yerushalmi's study "Shari'ah's Black Box: Civil Liability and Criminal: Exposure Surrounding Shari'ah-Compliant Finance," which details the lack of financial transparency inherent in Sharia finance, and how such lack of transparency could lead to financial institutions being used to support terrorism and reverse money laundering. Moreover, as Mr. Gaffney states, the current financial crisis will allow Islamist nations to buy "up engines of our capital markets for pennies on the dollar," and "[w]orse yet, they are, in the process, putting themselves in a position to promote Shariah-Compliant Finance and the seditious theo-political agenda it serves."

Sharia finance is not just "business." Sharia finance exists to promote an expansionist, supremacist ideology; it is not merely "business," but is "business with an agenda." As I addressed in my November 14, 2007 article "Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, and Islamist Financing," organizations promoting Sharia finance have employed individuals such as former Dow Jones' advisor Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, who have called for Jihad. As Alex Alexiev has stated, "far from being an innocent venture in free market capitalism, Islamic finance was conceived and is practiced as one of the key instruments of the militant Islamist movement in its struggle against the West." As reported by Alex Alexiev, Alyssa A. Lappen, Lt. Col. Jonathan D. Halevi, and others, Shariah finance zakat can be used to promote Jihad warfare.

As addressed by Allyson Rowen Taylor and others, Sharia finance is anything but simply "business," as has been addressed in multiple articles on this subject. Role of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act to Protect America's Interests With the passage of the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008" by the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 1424), a key part of its implementation is described in Section 104 of the legislation, "Financial Stability Oversight Board." The Financial Stability Oversight Board is comprised of the U.S. Treasury Secretary, the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the Chairman of the Securities Exchange Commission, and the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

This oversight board has the responsibility to ensure that policies enacted under this legislation are "in the economic interests of the United States.
As major financial organizations are receiving loans and other U.S. federal government bailouts, there have been no expectations set that they should be divesting their Sharia finance divisions and businesses. Why not? Certainly it is not the responsibility of American taxpayers to fund the efforts of financial organizations to promote Islamic supremacist financial instruments, any more than American taxpayers should be asked to fund any business that supports financial instruments that are geared exclusively to promote an identity-based supremacist ideology.

Under this Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, will this Financial Stability Oversight Board protect the American taxpayer from funding financial institutions that have or promote Sharia finance divisions? Clearly this did not happen with the September 16, 2008 bailout of AIG, where American taxpayer dollars are being used to fund a company supporting Sharia finance.

Isn't it "in the economic interests of the United States," to ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars are not being used to support divisions of financial organizations engaging in Sharia finance?
Congress and this Financial Stability Oversight Board should state that there are consequences to American taxpayers' support of such financial institutions, and a key consequence should be the elimination of Sharia finance that is rampantly supported among such financial institutions ranging from AIG's Takaful division to J.P. Morgan's MENA Islamic banking group (see page 6 of MENA brochure).

While dealing with the legitimate challenges of our financial problems and marketplace issues, the U.S. government has the responsibility to also protect America's interests and the tax dollars of the American public to ensure that they are not funding Sharia finance businesses, and not funding an ideology that calls for and funds Jihad (using Sharia finance zakat). The American public must demand that U.S. government withholds financial support to those financial institutions who continue to undermine our national security interests by supporting Sharia finance.

Fear No Evil.

[Postscript - see also Sources documents for additional reading and background information.]
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More Severe Recession Forecast By Goldman Sachs

From Market Watch:

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The U.S. recession will be "significantly deeper" than they previously thought, Goldman Sachs economists predicted Friday in a research note. The economy will probably show no growth at all between the middle of 2008 and the middle of 2009, with gross domestic product falling 2% this quarter and 1% next, they said. Two other quarters will show 0% GDP growth. The unemployment rate will likely rise to 8% by the end of next year from 6.1% currently.

Reports of the death of America are grossly exaggerated.

You can't stop the progress of ideas, and because we have free speech, we trade in ideas, and because we trade in ideas, we innovate, and because we innovate, there will always be money flowing into America.

Money chases ideas. Ideas do not chase money. Money can not exist without ideas. The only thing that grows money is ideas.

My prediction, in 2-3 years from now America will be fine.
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Camp Obama - Learn The Art Of Political Agitation ... From Satan?

From Investor's Business Daily:

When readers first alerted us to the camps, we thought it might be another hoax that migrated into inboxes. But it's for real.

The unsolicited pitch goes like this: "Camp Obama attendees will receive real world organizing experience that will have a direct impact on this election. Graduates of Camp Obama will go on to become Deputy Field Organizers who will lead this campaign to victory in crucial battleground states around the country."

The letter continues, "By participating in Camp Obama you'll get the kind of experience that Barack got as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago, where he learned that real change happens from the bottom up."

While the letter neglects to identify the source of that "experience," a slide on a camp blog linked to the Obama Web site offers a clue. Underneath a "Welcome to Camp Obama" banner, a trainer at Obama headquarters in Chicago is seen speaking next to a wipe board with the words "Saul Alinsky" scrawled across it.

Alinsky is the late Chicago socialist and street agitator who is considered the father of community organizing.

Another slide of a camp trainer identified as Mike Kruglik is equally telling. Kruglik happens to be the Alinsky disciple who first taught Obama hardball organizing tactics on the South Side. He was Obama's boss in the '80s. Kruglik now works for the Chicago-based Gamaliel Foundation, which trains and deploys radicals across the country.

Kruglik once declared Obama "the undisputed master of agitation," according to David Freddoso, author of the best-seller "The Case Against Barack Obama."

Obama learned well from the master agitator. Alinsky taught future radicals that bad things are often done for the right reasons, love without power is sentimental mush, power must be taken, and all change comes about as a result of threat and pressure.

Obama calls his Alinskyite experience "the best education I ever had."

Now he's passing it on to his groupies. He recently told supporters in Nevada, a state that will be hotly contested, to sharpen their elbows in the final lap of the race. Confront Republicans, he said, and "get in their faces."

"Be absolutely ruthless," adds Camp Obama director Jocelyn Woodards, who leads the intensive two-day training course for campers in Chicago.

In the Alinsky model, organizing is code for agitating. For revolution. He had no patience for liberals who merely talked of change.

"Liberals protest," he wrote in "Rules for Radicals," while "radicals rebel." Liberals become "indignant," while "radicals become fighting mad and go into action."

"Liberals give and take oral arguments," Alinsky added. "Radicals give and take the hard, dirty, bitter way of life."

Alinsky's paragon of radicalism was Satan, to whom he dedicated the first edition of "Rules": "Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer."

This guy is going to be President of the United States?

God help us.

Go read the whole thing.


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An American Carol Experience

I just got back from seeing An American Carol. It was great. It was really funny in some parts, and it was refreshing to see jihad spoken about so openly. But the thing that really lifted my spirits was the place was packed! I've never been in a theater that was so jam-packed. There was actually someone sitting on the floor because there were no seats left. And I live in a liberal city.

And at the end of the movie, everyone clapped.

It was definitely worth seeing, and I encourage all of you to go see it this weekend. It would make a huge difference if more movies like this were made in Hollywood. And if movies like this make money, someone will make them.

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Baron Bodissey Says, "We're All Racists Now"

Worshipping the created, not the Creator

I say, Baron (who used to be a regular contributor here at IBA) is speaking for himself.

The best course, in my opinion, is to take a deep breath and say, “I’m a racist. The reason that I’m a racist is that I cherish my own people and prefer the company of my own kind over that of foreigners. I accept my basic racism, and I’m OK with it.”

I, for one, do not "prefer the company of my own kind." I am a white person. My family, the people who gave birth to me, are white Europeans. They live in Europe, in fact, but I do not live with them. I have nothing against them. However, they live very far away and, while I talk to them on the phone quite often, I rarely see them.

My family, my chosen family - the one I married into - is not white. When we have family get-togethers, I am one of the overy few white people present. I do not think that this is a model for others to live by, and I don't mind if others choose not to live like me. However, I will not allow people like Baron Bodissey to define normal.

He is a retrograde human being.  

Living by tribal instincts is reactionary. In fact, I would call it animalistic in that it is, as I said, an instinct. It is, at bottom, a Pagan life, the worship of the created above the Creator. Baron Bodissey and people like him, are not of the Western tradition. They are a throwback to an older time when men defined themselves as being a part of a tribe, a clan, a race. Their tradition is that of racialism. Their tradition believes that culture springs out of race, as wheat grows out of the Earth. Their worldview is basically the worship of Gaia, Mother Earth

It is the choosing of physical standards before spiritual principles.

We are not animals. If you are a Jew or a Christian, in fact, you believe that we are born to sit with God above the angelic host. We attain such a seat by choosing to follow God, and by choosing to follow God, we become One in the Blood of Christ. Instead, of being separate tribes, we become One people of God. 

Dutch legislator Geert Wilders, producer of the movieFitna exposing the Koran's incitement to violence, announced that a "Facing Jihad Conference" will take place in Jerusalem in December. "We are organizing this event in Israel to emphasize the fact that we are all in the same boat together," he said in a speech in New York.

Wilders' 15-minute film earlier this year set off violent protests in Muslim countries because of the description of the Muslim prophet Mohammed as a murderer. He is teaming up with Knesset Member Prof. Aryeh Eldad (National Union) for the Jerusalemconvention, where he vowed "no racist organizations will be allowed."


Wilders said the conference will mark the beginning of an Alliance of European Patriots that "will serve as the backbone for all organizations and political parties that oppose jihad and Islamization." His speech was sponsored by the prestigious Hudson Institute, which has stated his current programs are aimed at "developing programs of political and economic reform to transform the Muslim world."


He said that "Israel is our first line of defense [but] the war against Israel is not a war against Israel. It is a war against the West. It is jihad. Israel is simply receiving the blows that are meant for all of us. If there would have been noIsrael, Islamic imperialism would have found other venues to release its energy and its desire for conquest. Thanks to Israeli parents who send their children to the army and lay awake at night, parents in Europe and America can sleep well and dream, unaware of the dangers looming."


Wilders warned that the Islamization of Europe leaves the United States as "the last man standing." The Dutch legislator presented statistics showing that the new European reality is one of a burgeoning Muslim population [in] ghettos controlled by religious fanatics…, and they are the building blocks for territorial control of increasingly larger portions of Europe… Clearly, the signal is: we rule."


The history of the Holocaust cannot be taught in many French cities because of Muslim sensitivity, Wilders stated.


He views the Muslim religion as a base for extremism. "The Koran calls for hatred, violence, submission, murder, and terrorism," he said in his speech at the Four Seasons Hotel.

"Let no one fool you about Islam being a religion. Sure, it has a god, and a hereafter, and 72 virgins. But in its essence Islam is a political ideology…. If you want to compare Islam to anything, compare it to communism or national socialism, these are all totalitarian ideologies… Now you know why Winston Churchill called Islam 'the most retrograde force in the world' and why he compared Mein Kampf to the Koran."

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Non-Muslims Turn to Islamic Bank as a Safe Option

THE BIRMINGHAM POST: Growing numbers of non-Muslims are turning to Islamic banking as customers spooked by turmoil in the Western banking system increasingly see the sector as a safe haven.

The Birmingham-headquartered Islamic Bank of Britain said it had seen significant growth in non-Muslim customers since the onset of turbulence on financial markets as Islamic banks, bound by strict religious principles, are largely seen as insulated from the credit crisis.

Islam’s prohibition on the charging or paying of interest - riba - as well as rules on the kinds of investments they can make are among the reasons Islamic banks are coming through the crisis unscathed.

Islamic Bank of Britain head of marketing Steven Amos said: “Our core business will always be Muslims but the numbers of non-Muslims are really picking up.

“We’ve had massive interest and it’s down to the number of reasons why we’re insulated from the credit crunch.

“There were two reasons for the credit crunch. The first is liquidity - banks lending to each other on the money markets - but Islamic banks do not borrow or lend on money markets because interest is not allowed.

“The second reason Islamic banks are insulated is to do with assets - everything has to involve an underlying asset or service and if you are going to trade in an asset you have to own it first.”

The explosion in complex derivative products over the last few years has left Western banks reeling from exposure to toxic assets often far-removed from their everyday activities.

In contrast the more risk-averse Islamic finance system did not embrace this kind of deal.

“Conventional banks didn’t know what they were buying in these derivatives but we have no exposure to subprime as we just don’t deal in it full stop.

“That is one of the fundamental reasons we are insulated.”

Stipulations that you must own the asset you are trading in also mean practices such as short-selling are not a feature of Islamic banking. Non-Muslims Turn to Islamic Bank as a Safe Option >>> By Anna Blackaby, Business Staff | October 3, 2008

The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Dust Jacket Hardcover, direct from the publishers (UK) >>>
The Dawning of a New Dark Age – Paperback, direct from the publishers (UK) >>>

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Divisions within French Islam Deepen at Ramadan

FRANCE 24: As the month of Ramadan came to an end, FRANCE 24 went behind the scenes at French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and witnessed the divisions within French Islam.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has just ended and our reporter, James André, has been breaking the fast with Muslims around the country. What he found was a fight for influence among preachers sent to France by rival countries. In 2002, French President Nicolas Sarkozy - interior minister at the time - created a governing body for Islam in France, the CFCM. It was intended to be the face and voice of the country's Muslim community. But who should run it? Moroccan-born Muslims? Algerian-born Muslims? Both countries are widely represented within the French Muslim community. They've been vying for the top spot and, six years on, there is an ongoing turf war.

The town of Evry, on the outskirts of Paris, is home to France's biggest mosque. Every evening during the month of Ramadan, thousands of faithful gather here to pray before breaking the fast. The crowds are so large the mosque had to call in two extra imams from Morocco. The rector of the mosque explains that an agreement was signed with France's Interior Ministry to allow Morocco to officially send imams to meet France's mosques' needs. One hundred and fifty preachers have been sent to France for Ramadan. One of them was hand-picked by the Religious Affairs Ministry. A graduate of one of Morocco's top Koranic schools, he belongs to the elite of his country's religious establishment. His mission is clear: to ward off extremist influences. 

After his sermon, the faithful have differing opinions. One of them approves: "It's a very good idea. Even the Imams who come from the Gulf are very well versed in religion. We'd like to see more initiatives like this one." But another had trouble understanding the speech: "Some of the faithful here come from Asia, or from Africa, and they have a hard time understanding Arabic, or don't understand it at all. So we'd like to have imams who speak French." Divisions within French Islam Deepen at Ramadan >>> | October 3, 2008

Please don’t forget to watch the video, which, unfortunately, I cannot embed.

The Dawning of a New Dark Age (Broché) >>>
The Dawning of a New Dark Age (Relié) >>>

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Theatrical Release of The Third Jihad, The Week Of October 6

Received via email:
From the team that brought you the critically acclaimed documentary “Obsession” comes a new documentary about the greatest threat facing America today:

The Third Jihad is a documentary whose goal is to alert, educate and mobilize Americans about the danger radical Islam poses to the United States and to Western civilization as a whole. The film spotlights radical Islam's war against liberal ideas, its violent, anti-democratic agenda as well as its systematic human and civil rights abuses against women, blacks, homosexuals, Christians and moderate Muslims.

The Third Jihad focuses on radical Islam's campaign to dominate America and the West, and the ramifications of such a reality on our day to day lives. It underscores the importance of the American people joining together against radical Islam, that if not defeated, will continue to threaten our lives and values until they are destroyed completely.

Narrated by Dr. Zudhi Jasser, a moderate Muslim concerned about the spread of radical Islam in America, The Third Jihad aims to achieve the following two goals:

Educate viewers about the dangerous activities and frightening goals of radical Islamists, and their potential threat to the lives and values of millions of Americans.
Motivate viewers to become ambassadors for freedom and democracy by taking a stance against the activities and perpetrators of radical Islamic activities, spreading knowledge and lobbying political figures to eradicate such terrorist activities.


Coast to Coast Limited Theatrical Release

Initial screenings of The Third Jihad are scheduled for the following times and locations:

City Date and Time

Chicago, IL
Thurs, 10/9 - 6:00 p.m.
Renaissance Place Cinema

Plano, TX
Wed, 10/8 - 7:00 p.m.
Angelika Film Center

Los Angeles, CA
Mon, 10/6 - 7:30 p.m.
Thurs, 10/9 - 7:30 p.m.
Laemmle's Music Hall 3
Laemmle's Sunset 5

Miami, FL
Sun, 10/12 - 6:00 p.m.
Muvico Palace 20

New York, NY
Mon, 10/6 - 7:00 p.m.
Tues, 10/7 - 7:00 p.m.
Sunshine Cinema

Phoenix, AZ
Thurs, 10/9 - 7:30 p.m.
Harkins Theater Scottsdale 101

Salt Lake City, UT
Mon, 10/6 - 6:30 p.m.
Vine Street Theater Co.

San Diego, CA
Thurs, 10/9 - 7:00 p.m.
La Jolla Village Cinemas

Santa Ana, CA
Thurs, 10/9 - 7:00 p.m.
Regency South Coast Village Theater

For more information or to reserve your free seating at this limited event, please contact us at TheThirdJihad@yahoo.com to RSVP. Please indicate number of tickets to reserve, city and the date you wish to attend.

For more information you may also visit the website for The Third Jihad.
At that site, I ordered my own DVD copy of the film. I'd go to the theater to support the film, except that it's not being released immediately here in the greater D.C. Metro area.

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Happy Reunification Day Germany!

A commemorative plaque at today's Werdau high school says:

In memoriam of the 19 young people who were sentenced by the GDR-judiciary on October 3, 1951 to altogether 130 years of Zuchthaus*.

In self-made flyers they stood up for Germany's unity and protested against Stalinist terror.
*i.e. an aggravated prison sentence.

The Werdauer Oberschülerprozess, the case of the high school students from Werdau, was a court trial of 19 young people, most of them students at the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Oberschule in Werdau, a small town in West Saxony, in 1951. They were accused of "boycott-baiting of democratic institutions and organisations", Boykotthetze gegen demokratische Einrichtungen und Organisationen.

The first two arrests were made in the night of Friday, May 18, 1951. Many chairs remained empty in Werdau high school on Monday.

Almost half a year, the boys and girls waited for their trial, isolated from each other and without any communication with their parents. Some of them were supposed to pass their final secondary-school examinations to go to university during that time. Instead, they were subjected to one of the most memorable political trials in the former GDR.

Not long ago, Sovjet military tribunals had made short work of comparable cases. Roughly 1,200 high school students are said to have been trialled in Berlin, Mittweida, Güstrow, Jüterbog, Schwerin, Weimar, Wittenberge and other places.

In Altenburg, two students and two teachers were sentenced to death and executed. They had interfered with a radio transmission of President Wilhelm Pieck's speech to celebrate Stalin's birthday. In Werder, Brandenburg, 20 young people were trialled. 9 death sentences were imposed, including two against women, eight were executed. Some of the other convicts ended up in Sovjet camps.

On October 3, 1951 the 19 students were sentenced to long-term Zuchthaus imprisonment by the Landgericht Zwickau. Only "politically reliable" people were allowed to attend. The students' parents and family were excluded, newspaper reports were not allowed. When the (West Berlin) radio station covered the trial, Werdau was cut off the electricity network. Parents who tried to see their children were beaten out of the court building.

The names of the convicts were:
Name Age Sentence
Joachim Gäbler 18 Years
15 Years
Karl-Heinz Eckardt
16 Years
14 Years
Gerhard Schneider 19 Years 13 Years
Sigrid Roth 17 Years 12 Years
Theobald Körner 18 Years 10 Years
Heinz Rasch 19 Years 10 Years
Achim Beyer 19 Years 8 Years
Günter Fritzsche 17 Years 7 Years
Gerhard Büttner 17 Years 6 Years
Hermann Krauß 18 Years 6 Years
Gottfried Karg 19 Years 5 Years
Siegfried Müller 19 Years 5 Years
Walter Daßler 31 Years 5 Years
Manfred Stets 24 Years 3 Years
Günther Kahler 19 Years 3 Years
Gudrun Pleier 18 Years 2 Years
Edgar Göldner 17 Years 2 Years
Wolfram Schürer 18 Years 2 Years
Anneliese Stets 16 Years 2.5 Years

There had never been a fair chance of defense, however, the young people remained unfaltering. 18-year-old Joachim Gäbler closed his plea, saying: "I am proud to have fought for freedom."

They served up to five and a half years of their sentences, were sharing cells with murderers and sex offenders and were deployed to clean the excrement buckets. However, they were comparatively lucky. Without the XX. party convention of the Sovjet Communists and Chruschtschow's reckoning with Stalinism in 1956, they wouldn't have been released so relatively soon.

Fifteen of the students left the GDR after the last one of their fellow convicts was released so as not to compromise him. In West Germany they were recognised as political prisoners.

Was justice done after re-unification?

Read the entire article at Roncesvalles.

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You Are The Slave Of That Which You Fear

Some Dhimmi fool keeps dropping by IBA, and leaving me the message,

You become what you hate.

Wow, that's wisdom right there. You know who said that? Nietzsche. And, if you ever want to suck at the cancerous teat of philosophical wisdom, just read Nietzsche.

Here's my response to our Dhimmi friend:

You know what you are? You're the bitch of that which you are afraid of.

You're a dhimmi, and dhimmis will succumb to Islam.

Have fun stoning gays and apostates to death with all your Muslim masters.

Write me after you have cast the first stone, and tell me how you feel about yourself having killed a man for being gay, or for standing up for what he believes in. 

I'm sure you will still feel good about yourself, because your identity is all wrapped up in getting along, no matter what the cost.
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UK: Jihadist Threat Level Is At The "Severe End Of Severe"

From Jihad Watch:

The threat level is at the "severe end of severe" according to sources who say the level of "chatter" among terrorist cells has increased in recent months.
The security services say they are now operating at full stretch to counter the elevated threat.
Britain's close relationship with the US has been particularly inflammatory after cross-border raids into Pakistan by American forces.
Security officials had considered downgrading the official threat level from "severe" but that plan has now been abandoned as a result of the increase in terrorist activity.
A senior counter terrorism source said: "We were looking at the threat level six months ago and asking how severe is severe? But it is October now and we are at the severe end of severe.
"Al-Qaeda's core exists on the Afghan-Pakistan border. The arrangement of people changes at a frighteningly rapid pace but they have enough people to replace them and there are people who are looking at us and at external operations, some at this country in particular.
"We are not chasing shadows. These are potential threats to security and life. Police and the security network are operating at full capacity."
The source said a review by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, which looks at information from MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, had considered downgrading the threat from "severe," meaning an attack is highly likely, to "substantial," meaning an attack is a strong possibility, but that move was abandoned after the level of activity increased.
The assessment, which has five levels, has been considered severe since the arrest of the men allegedly plotting to attack transatlantic airliners in 2006 but moved up to "critical," meaning an attack is imminent, during last year's car bomb alert which led to the attack on Glasgow airport.
It is now only just below that level.
MI5 is watching around 200 networks across Britain and MI6 and GCHQ are constantly monitoring communications on the crucial Afghan-Pakistan border area.
Security officials are also worried about threats which may come from off the radar.
They are particularly worried by lone operators who "self-radicalise" over the internet and stock-pile chemicals from domestic sources.
"They are discreet from traditional networks and have a very small intelligence signature which makes them hard to pick up," the source said.
There is also a fear that some in the Somali community in Britain could have "potential connections" with al-Qaeda terrorists.
Last week's attack on the US embassy in the Yemen means security officials now consider the Arabian peninsular "particularly combustible."
"Over the past year, al-Qaeda has invested huge energy in outlying organisations," the source said.

That's not exactly "imploding."

But it is the lone operators who pose the biggest threat, particularly since attempts to cut off the supply of "kitchen chemicals" used in home made bombs, such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonium nitrate, have been unsuccessful because they are so widely available.
"We are doing a lot of research work into the detection of explosives at train stations and so on but this really demonstrates the importance of preventing radicalisation," the source said.

But as long as officials are unwilling to engage the ideology behind the "radicalization," they will not be doing everything they could to prevent attacks.

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End the War? End Jihad

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And here's a real shock in this world - US financial crisis causes spike in online anti-Semitism

derewigejude.jpgThe US financial crisis has provoked an outpouring of anti-Semitism on the Internet, with Jews being blamed for the debacle on Wall Street, a monitoring group said on Thursday.

"The age-old canards about Jews and money are always just beneath the surface," said Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which fights anti-semitism.

"As we witnessed after 9/11, whenever there is trouble or uncertainty in the economy or world events, Jews become the scapegoats and ugly anti-semitic canards are given new life."

The ADL said it had witnessed "a dramatic upsurge" in anti-Semitic statements on online discussion boards, and Internet service providers were struggling to delete them.

Blogs devoted to conspiracy theories as well as white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites have sought to exploit events on Wall Street and the subprime crisis to support their agendas, ADL said.

Referring to the demise of Wall Street bank Lehman Brothers, one poster on white supremacist website Stormfront wrote: "I would imagine the likelihood of the Fed etc bailing the company out depends largely to what degree it is Jewish owned," according to ADL.

Lehman Brothers went bust, while a number of other financial institutions from home loan providers Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and insurer AIG were nationalized by the US government.

How long until Iran, Egypt, Syria, KSA, Kuwait, and Chavez chime in?

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Rosie the Riveter clones Harry Truman, doggone it, scores knockout below words

Mrs. Epaminondas had it halfway thru.
"She can drop the soccer mom stuff, she is just like us, and we all know it"
I kept looking for the esoteric knockout on historic fact like the 2001 attempted bribe of Iran by Biden, or any of his numerous inventions, but none came, and apparently it doesn't matter

When Sarah Palin talks about knowing what it's like to have a problem paying for health insurance the American people see the bankrupted men's clothing salesmen who found a living in public service, and tapped HIS inner outrage investigatiing greedy war profits.

When Joe Biden came back feelingly about personal tragedy, america went 'yah, yah, you've been a senator for 30+ years'.

When Sarah Palin looked straight into the camera and said she is not in favor of same sex union calling itself marriage unflinchingly, and willing to take the consequences, and then CAME BACK TO IT IN PLAINER LANGUAGE TO BE SURE EVERYONE GOT IT, it made Joe Biden's response (which actually came close to attempting to say the same thing) which tried to slip and slide around what he wanted to say and mean - the icon for Washington Insider speak

When Sarah Palin talked about Obama hoisting the white flag, Biden SURRENDERED the topic.

Never mind that Biden kept hammering on 'we will end this war' without regard to what ending it by winning it might mean to us, exposing the naked appeal.

By the time Biden went on and on about McCain voting against the troops, Palin's zinging 'you can go on and on' response made his recitation sound ridiculous.

She won on appearance, emotion, connection and performance.

He did creditably. He has a lot of practice, but not like this.

The win is not against your opponent it's in the hearts of the people.

Whatever the people dislike, it's not people just like them.

Fank Capra produced that debate, and cast it.

The American people know it.

The American elites hate it, because they have an emotional need to be accepted by those same people as superior, and therefore listened to.

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Damascus car bombing an Israeli job after all?

The London Arabic daily Asharq Alawsat is reporting that - surprise! - Syria is continuing its pursuit of nuclear weapons, but that it has now adopted the Iranian model of having multiple sites spread out throughout the country. Please note the last part of this report. It claims that both the assassination of Mohamed Suleiman (the IAEA's man in Damascus) and last Saturday's car bombing in Damascus were connected to Syria's nuclear aspirations.

According to the report, Israeli military sources told the London-based paper that following the reported airstrike against the nuclear reactor at Al-Kibar on September 6, Syria changed course and began a nuclear program based on the Iranian model of simultaneously building multiple facilities in various sites throughout the country.

The Jerusalem Post could not confirm the report.

The newspaper quoted the sources as saying that like the bombed nuclear reactor, the newest facilities were being built with the backing of North Korea. Furthermore, last month, a group of Iranian experts arrived in Syria and also joined the project, the sources told the paper.

The sources emphasized that Israel would not sit idly by and allow such activity to proceed unhindered, adding that in the past year, three separate events have proved that a "nuclear armed Syria is a red line which can't be crossed." The three events, the Israeli sources said, were the reported destruction of the first nuclear reactor, the assassination of top Syrian adviser Brig.-Gen. Muhammad Suleiman in early August and the car bomb explosion in Damascus last weekend which killed 17 people.

According to the report, the sources claimed that Suleiman's death and the car bombing were directly connected to the nuclear issue. The Syrian adviser, they said, was responsible for the nuclear project in the country, and among the fatalities in car bomb was another high-ranking Syrian official involved in the nuclear program.
Hmmm. Maybe Israel was behind that car bombing after all.

Cross-posted to Israel Matzav.
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If the Light Goes Out Stateside, the Light Goes Out for Us All!

There is no doubt that the USA is going through tough times; indeed, its very foundations are being rocked – financial and economic. Indeed, it could be argued that capitalism, the US’s raison d’être is being challenged profoundly. The current president, George W Bush, has only added to America’s problems. He has been a disaster for America. It is time for him to retire. And retire he will – shortly.

The recent débâcle with the USA’s most prestigious financial institutions either going to the wall, or having to be all but nationalized has only added to America’s woes.

It is a national disgrace that this profligate president has brought the once proud nation almost to its knees. America’s national debt is at an all time high: more than three trillion dollars, and still counting. Since 2001, a spurious war on terrorism has been fought, mostly in vain, since terrorism is not the ailment; rather it is a symptom of a far greater malady, namely Islam itself. It is rather like a medical consultant trying to treat the symptoms of cancer without excising the underlying cause: the tumour itself!

The US economy, totally deregulated as it has been since the era of Reagan, has succumbed to the worst of man’s faults and weaknesses: Greed. The people working on Wall Street, as in the City of London, have been paying themselves bonuses in Monopoly figures: Millions here, and tens of millions there. The result is there for all to see: The economic system has all but collapsed; and the American taxpayer is now being asked to pick up the tab.

It’s a disgrace. Nothing short of a national disgrace. There is simply no reason why the American taxpayer should bail out the bankers and financiers of Wall Street, with all their greediness and excesses. They certainly should not be expected to pay for the bonuses of these greedy and unprincipled people. They should be allowed to perish, as should the institutions they worked for.

The bail-out is flawed to its very core. When people in America are going hungry, and when more than forty million people there cannot afford healthcare, there is something very flawed in a bail-out plan which cossets the very people who have caused the near collapse of the capitalist system.

Yet, for all the flaws of the capitalist system, we have nothing better with which to replace it. It is an imperfect system to be sure; but it’s the very best system man has ever been able to come up with. We must nurture it; and we must certainly be careful that we do not lose it.

America is no paradise on earth; America’s sidewalks are not paved with gold. America is as flawed as anywhere else on earth. Yet America has given the world something which the rest of the world has been unable to give people. It has given them hope and freedom – the hope to aspire to a better life; and the freedom to live without fear. How many other countries can say the same?

America has been a beacon of freedom for a couple of centuries. People have for centuries flocked there in their droves, in search of a better life. As a result, America has become a hub of creativity, for nothing fosters creativity more than freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

Yet, we are living through very difficult times. So many, worldwide, are gloating in the difficulties that America is now experiencing. When the US was attacked on September 11, 2001, few could have imagined the success that OBL would have had by flying planes into the Twin Towers in New York. Indeed, OBL couldn’t have dreamed of a better outcome from this attack. He wanted to bring the USA to its knees; and to its knees it has just about brought it.

But if anyone out there is happy about this, then his happiness is totally misplaced; and for one simple reason: If America is no longer to be the world’s superpower, then the world will fall into darkness.

Why? Because the US has guaranteed freedom not only for itself, but also for much of the rest of the world. Which other country in the world could do this? Russia certainly couldn’t. In Russia, one goes against the political system at one’s own peril. Ask the once richest man of Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky! He’ll tell you the price he has had to pay for perceived criticism of the system, and for political activity in a country which understands neither democracy nor freedom.

In a silly article asking who else would be up to replacing America’s hegemony, SpiegelOnline International posed the question who could take over from America’s pole position. The answer is no-one! Which other country could guarantee us all such freedoms? Which other country would be so generous with its resources? Which other country would come to aid all in time of need?

Where would Germany be today without the aid of America after the Second World War? And where would Britain be today without America’s help in that very same war? Indeed, how free would Europe be today without the the help of the generous, oh so generous Americans?

America, and the rest of the West, is under threat from the Islamic world; indeed, our great Judeo-Christian civilization could go under because of the threat of Islam. Islam is not only knocking at our door, it is already within, and is out to destroy everything we in the West stand for: Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, or the freedom to choose none, freedom of sexual expression, and freedom in so may other ways, too. Yet only the few are listening! Only the few are taking these threats to our liberties seriously.

For most people, these threats are but abstract, distant possibilities; yet they are not. They are anything but. They are very real. Muslims are here in the West; and many of them – though certainly not all – are out to destroy everything Western. They must NEVER be allowed to achieve their goals. We must this resist attack with every fibre of our beings. We must OVERCOME!

If we do not, the West will be taken into a New Dark Age. The way of life that will ensue will be one which will be quite unlike the way of life we have come to know, understand, appreciate, and love. It will be a repressive way of life – repressive for women, repressive for infidels, repressive for Christians, repressive for Jews, repressive for homosexuals, repressive, indeed, for all except Muslims.

If we are to fight this darkness, it is imperative that the United States be kept strong, and buoyed up. The United States needs to be strong militarily, financially, and economically, for without a strong United States, there is little hope for a free world. Little hope for liberty. If the light goes out Stateside, the light goes out for us all!

©Mark Alexander

All Rights reserved

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