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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Facebook fright

I thought the story of a user who's Facebook group was hacked and hijacked by terrorists and the company did nothing about it was bad enough. But now, it looks like Islamofascists may have more ideas in store for how to terrorize Israelis:
Jerusalem — Israeli intelligence has issued an unprecedented warning: Terrorists may use Facebook as a weapon in their war of terror.

A senior Israeli officer identifies recently fired high-tech workers or young career women seeking work abroad as potential terrorist targets for Facebook infiltration.

Their method is simple: monitor personal details on social networks and send their targets a tempting offer — for example, a dream job in Europe — with the hope they will also be able to obtain information, recruit spies and maybe even a kidnap an Israeli.

That is the Israel security establishment’s nightmare, and it believes Hezbollah already uses this technique.

An Israeli citizen recently told law enforcement authorities he had been solicited on Facebook by someone who introduced himself as a businessman from Lebanon. The businessman asked him to relay intelligence information in return for a fee.

Israel security sources say this instance was not the only case, and they believe Hezbollah has engaged in some of these activities.
I'm starting to wonder if Facebook is even worth any sensible person's time? Maybe not, and if Facebook's management won't do anything to stop this either, or cooperate with authorities trying to prevent these potential crimes, then they do not deserve having you as a customer.


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