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Thursday, May 14, 2009

This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, which WC and I cohost. The show broadcasts live every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is (646) 915-9870. Callers welcome.

Special Show!

Our guest for the full hour is Frank Salvato. Excerpt from his bio: Frank Salvato is the managing editor for The New Media Journal.us and serves as the vice president and executive director of Basics Project. He is a contributing writer for GOPUSA, CNS News, ChronWatch, Opinion Editorials, Men's News Daily, Canada Free Press, American Daily, The American Chronicle and The North Carolina Conservative.... Read the rest of the bio HERE. CLICK HERE to read some of Mr. Salvato's articles.

We will discuss with Mr. Salvato why the Obama administration has appointed scores of unqualified individuals to important posts in the government.

Listen to the May 15, 2009 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

May 15: Frank Salvato
May 22: John Kenneth Press and Midnight Rider
May 29: Koran debate

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