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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All's I Can Say Is You Better Listen To Reliapundit On This

Remember, I have been predicting, from the very beginning, that Barack Obama would not make it two years in the Presidency, and that he would be removed from office by his own party.

I know it sounds like a crazy prediction. But, you have to understand me to understand how I arrive at such an belief.

I think of everything in terms of how ideas effect history. That's why I studied Philosophy and Literature in College.

I do not claim to be the brightest bulb. However, I do claim that I recognize ideas for what they are; the potentiality of power, and the movement of power.

Barack Obama has set himself at odds with the American Tradition, and with everything that makes our economy, and our heart, tick here in America.

Because of that, I am convinced he will not make it.

It turns out that I may be right, even while I am wrong. He may be brought down by his personal associations.

However, his personal associations reveal his ideology. And, that is what I have been basing my crazy-assed prediction on all along.

From Reliapundit, the Astute Blogger:

Obama tells one story about how he first got to Chicago.

And everyone else has a different story.

I have long found that odd - and intriguing.

In 2005
, Obama, told American Libraries magazine:

‘People always mention libraries in terms of just being sources for reading material or research. But I probably would not be in Chicago were it not for the Manhattan public library, because I was looking for an organizing job and was having great trouble finding a job as a community organizer in New York.

‘The Mid-Manhattan Library had these books of lists of organizations, and the librarian helped me find these lists of organizations, and I wrote to every organization. One of them wound up being an organization in Chicago that I got a job with.’
He said the same thing at Wesleyan's Commencement in 2008.

But the man who hired him - Gerald Kellman (Marty Kaufman in Obama's memoir, and an ardent disciple of Alinsky) - has an entirely different account - one he related at the DNC Convention in Denver:

In 1985, I needed to hire a community organizer. I found myself in New York City, across from a 25-year-old recent college graduate. I wanted to convince him to give up a comfortable life and a bright future to come to Chicago to take up the toughest of challenges for a salary of just $10,000 a year.

It was not difficult to convince Barack to take the job. All I had to do was describe what had happened to people on the south side of Chicago. The region had once been the largest producer of steel in the entire world, but the mills had shut down one by one. Other industries began to close, then stores and offices. Without jobs, neighborhoods unraveled and kids became easy prey for gangs and drugs.

Two weeks later, using $2,000 we gave him to buy a car, Barack arrived in Chicago.

Kellman set out to find a black organizer. He ran an ad in some trade publications, and Obama responded.

But at first Kellman wasn’t sure Obama was right for the job. “My wife was Japanese-American,” Kellman recalled. “I showed her the résumé, with the background in Hawaii. The name’s Obama, so I asked, ‘Could this be Japanese?’ She said, ‘Sure, it could be.’” It was only when Kellman talked to Obama on the phone, and Obama “expressed interest in something African-American culturally,” that a relieved Kellman offered Obama the job.
  • AN AD???

And there's another tidbit that I find VERY intriguing: Obama has EXPLICITLY said and written that when he got to Chicago he "didn't know a soul".


Huh. WHY BE SO SPECIFIC?! It's like, ya know: HE'S HIDING SOMETHING! What!? That he was deeply connected to Chicago.


Besides being one degree of separation from Alinsky and tutoring Obama in leftist tactics, Kellman is also the man who INSTRUCTED Obama to join a "black Church" to help is organizing.]

I think the reason Kellman and Obama have different stories is because they are both lying.

I think Kellman and Obama are hiding the real deep connections Obama has to Chicago - the connections that got him that first job and the job where he met Michelle Robinson and have protected him ever since.

Where does Obama's Chicago Connection really begin?

Perhaps with Obama's mother.

In Dreams from my Father, Obama writes that his mother - Stanley Ann Dunham (born in November, 1942, and nick-named Anna) - went to Chicago to be an au pair one summer. She claimed - according to Barack, that she went to Chicago because she wanted to apply to the University of Chicago. In the book, Obama writes that she said she was 16 at the time, and that she distinctly remembered seeing the GREAT movie Black Orpheus while she was there.

Well, er.. um: as I detail in this earlier post, Black Orpheus was released in the USA in December of 1959, so if she saw it in summer while "au pairing" then she was 17 - it HAD TO BE THE SUMMER OF 1960 and she has already been accepted to University of Hawaii.

In August 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state to be admitted into the Union. Dunham's parents sought business opportunities in the new state, and after graduating from high school in 1960, Dunham and her family moved to Hawaii. Dunham soon enrolled at theUniversity of Hawaii at Mānoa.

This leads me to believe that she did not go to Chicago because she was interested in APPLYING the University if Chicago. By the summer of 1960 she was already headed to U 0f H.

Therefore, the "I was an au pair in 1959" is is also a cover story.


Barack must have needed to cover up the real reason she chose to go to Chicago.

And this leads me to suspect that she may not have even been an au pair - or of she was, that it was for someone connected to an acquaintance of hers who Barack doesnlt want anyone to know about.

You see, I just don't think a 17 year old girl from a Kansas-based family who grew up in the state of Washington with RECENT Hawaii connections would select Chicago OUT OF THE BLUE and go there without without knowing a soul or in whose home she'd be "au pairing".


I think the key is Frank Marshall Davis.

Davis and his wife were from Chicago. He was a journalist and Communist in Chicago who left when it became difficult - because of the Red Scare - to thrive there. He felt the heat and split.

According to his son Mark Davis - (who frequently commented at this blog in the past, to counter my early Davis/Obama posts) - his mother, Davis's wife, was a from a wealthy white family in Chicagol; I think Mark said she was a socialite. (I haven't found her maiden name, perhaps he will read this post and send it to me!)

While in Chicago, Davis worked at the same Chicago newspaper as Vernon Jarrett, (also a Communist at the time and Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett's ex-father-in-law; more on this later).

In Davis's memoir - (like Obama's fictionalized with some people made into compressed characters to protect innocent people; FOR EXAMPLE: in DFMF Obama renamed Jerry Kellman, Marty Kaufman) - Dais says he and his wife slept with a young white teenager named "ANN"; UK TELEGRAPH:
He then described how he and his wife would have sex with the girl. “Anne came up many times the next several weeks, her aunt thinking she was in good hands. Actually she was.

“She obtained a course in practical sex from experienced and considerate practitioners rather than from ignorant insensitive neophytes….I think we did her a favour, although the pleasure was mutual.”
(Previous post on this here.)

I think ANNE was Stanley Ann Dunham, after all, Anna was her nick-name! It's hardly a stretch!

I now suspect Stanley Ann got pregnant as a result of her sex with Davis and went to Chicago for an abortion, and while there was brought into the Davis-Jarrett nexus.

I think this because Frank Marshall Davis - and Vernon Jarrett - CONNECT ALL THE DOTS in Obama's meteoric rise in both the Chicago left and inside Chicago's Machine.

Jarrett was neighbors with the Bowman family - whose daughter Valerie would marry his son and become Valerie Jarrett - who became a key cog in the Chicago Machine and Obama's senior advisor and most trusted aide.

Valerie's mother served on the Board of Trustees of a major left-wing group - THE ERIKSON GROUP - with TOM AYERS - Bill Ayers father. And Bill Ayers' wife was also on the Board at time. This Group was founded in 1966.

SO, we have established Bowman-Ayers connection and a Bowman-Jarrett connection and a Jarrett-Davis connection and it's a fact that they were all lefties.


Billy Ayers would have been 12 or 13 yrs old the summer 17 year old Stanley Ann was an au pair.

WAS SHE BABY-SITTING FOR BILLY? Or Vernon Jarrett's son, William Robert Jarrett who would have bee 5 or 6 yrs old?

Seriously, all these key people in Barack's life tie back to Frank Davis and his Chicago connections.

Barack launched his political career in Bill Ayers home

Barack's biggest job before entering the Illinois State Senate was with the Annenberg Challenge group where he worked with Bill Ayers.

The Ayers family was politically tied into the Jarrett's and the Bowman's - and they were all Hyde Park neighbors; (Hyde Park is the ritzy left-wing neighborhood they all lived in; even Farrakhan and Khalidi lived there).

I'd bet that these friends of Frank Davis got Stanley Ann her abortion.

I think she came back and got pregnant again.

And I think she probably didn't want to go through with another one.

So she STAYED pregnant.

I feel that she decided needed a husband and father - WHO WAS BLACK. And that since Davis wasn't gonna give up his white wife - he helped her find Obama Sr: a married African at the university who wanted the marriage so he could stay in the USA.

A year later, when Obama Sr. decided to go back to Africa, the phony marriageto Dunham and her son BY ANOTHER MAN - was of no use or interest, and he just split.

A few years and one husband later, when Stanley Ann decided to neglect her children and devote herself to esoteric academic research in south Asia, she dumped Barack with her parents.

If Barack's REAL father was nearby - Frank - then this "dumping" less horrible and more understandable; in fact, it's hardly dumping at all.

TELEGRAPH, (again):
While his mother was in Indonesia during part of his teenage years, Mr Obama lived with his white grandparents. Mrs Weatherly-Williams said that the poet was first introduced to the future Democratic presidential candidate in 1970 at the age of 10.

“Stan had been promising to bring Barry by because we all had that in common - Frank’s kids were half-white, Stan’s grandson was half-black and my son was half-black. We all had that in common and we all really enjoyed it. We got a real kick out of reality.”

Maya Soetoro-Ng, Obama's half-sister, told the Associated Press recently that her grandfather had seen Mr Davis was “a point of connection, a bridge if you will, to the larger African-American experience for my brother".

In his memoir, Mr Obama recounts how he visited Mr Davis on several occasions, apparently at junctures when he was grappling with racial issues, to seek his counsel.

At one point in 1979 Mr Davis described university as “an advanced degree in compromise” that was designed to keep blacks in their place.

Mr Obama quoted him as saying: “Leaving your race at the door. Leaving your people behind. Understand something, boy. You’re not going to college to get educated. You’re going there to get trained.”

He added that “they’ll tank on your chain and let you know that you may be a well-trained, well-paid nigger, but you’re a nigger just the same.”
Before heading off to college, Barack wrote a poem about Davis.



How apt.

Perhaps Obama was told Davis was his real biological father at around this time - which happens to be when Obama begins to get serious about his goals:
Obama's Adolescent Poem

The following poem has been published in the Guardian. It's by Barack Obama. I liked it quite well, and felt that it has a certain lyrical urgency. He was 19 when it was written.

It was published in a student journal at Occidental College in 1981.

The poet to whom he is writing in the poem is pretty clearly Frank Marshall Davis, whom he addresses as "Pop," and who is one of Obama's mentors in Dreams of My Father.

Davis was a communist poet who was under heavy FBI scrutiny for decades due to his adherence to the CPUSA.

If you want to find his FBI file, it exists online. It's not clear to me to what extent Obama's mentor and he himself share a political line. But they shared poetry. I think Obama is quite lyrical in this piece.

Some think he didn't write his books, but I say he did. He clearly has an ear, and an eye, and a soul for poetry. See what you think. (The word shink three fourths of the way down may be a typo. It has a dictionary meaning of to shrink away.)


Sitting in his seat, a seat broad and broken
In, sprinkled with ashes,
Pop switches channels, takes another
Shot of Seagrams, neat, and asks
What to do with me, a green young man
Who fails to consider the
Flim and flam of the world, since
Things have been easy for me;
I stare hard at his face, a stare
That deflects off his brow;
I'm sure he's unaware of his
Dark, watery eyes, that
Glance in different directions,
And his slow, unwelcome twitches,
Fail to pass.
I listen, nod,
Listen, open, till I cling to his pale,
Beige T-shirt, yelling,
Yelling in his ears, that hang
With heavy lobes, but he's still telling
His joke, so I ask why
He's so unhappy, to which he replies ...
But I don't care anymore, cause
He took too damn long, and from
Under my seat, I pull out the
Mirror I've been saving; I'm laughing,
Laughing loud, the blood rushing from
his face
To mine, as he grows small,
A spot in my brain, something
That may be squeezed out, like a
Watermelon seed between
Two fingers.
Pop takes another shot, neat,
Points out the same amber
Stain on his shorts that I've got on mine,
Makes me smell his smell, coming
From me; he switches channels, recites
an old poem
He wrote before his mother died,
Stands, shouts, and asks
For a hug, as I shink*, my
Arms barely reaching around
His thick, oily neck, and his broad back;
I see my face, framed within
Pop's black-framed glasses
And know he's laughing too.*

This Davis-Chicago nexus probably gets Obama into Columbia; it definitiely helped get him into Harvard: according to Percy Sutton - former Manhattan Borough president and Malcolm X's lawyer - Sutton was contacted by a leading Black Muslim FROM TEXAS OF ALL PLACES to help Barack get into Harvard. The Black Muslim from Texas just happened to be a protege of Farrakahn - from Chicago.

NOW I ASK YOU: How would a Black Muslim from TEXAS know about an atheistic half-white/half-Kenyan kid from Hawaii living in Chicago other than through his Chicago connection Farrakhan!?

It's the SIMPLEST possiblity. It passes Occam's Razor.

The law firm where Obama interned - Sydley Austin - and where he met Michelle was one dominated by Tom Ayers and Chicago Con Ed - the huge firm which he ran. (More on Bill Ayers' rich leftist father here.)

When Obama graduated Harvard Law he didn't go back to Sydley Austin, instead he went to a small down'n dirty law firm deeply entrenched in Chicgao and Illinois Politics: WSJ:

... the Chicago Sun-Times did a deep dive into Barack’s days as a lawyer at Miner, Barnhill & Galland. After Harvard Law, Obama returned to the Windy City and joined the small litigation firm with deep Chicago political connections. As the Law Blog noted, Obama had an offer from Sidley Austin, where he had summered, but instead chose Miner Barnhill.

... Said Judson Miner to the Sun-Times: “Barack was a young kid when he came here. He was not ‘THE Barack Obama’ yet.” And Miner also said: “As smart as he is, he is very quick to appreciate all kinds of nuances with legal issues. He finds it very hard to shoot back a real quick, simple answer. His instinct was to better understand what the nuances were.”

After three years as a full-time associate, he was elected to the State Senate.
His wife Michelle was hired by VALERIE JARRETT - who was part of Harold Washington's Machine and went deep inside Daley's Machine after Harold died and Daley took over Chicago again by merging the old Machine with the blacks and leftists Washington controlled.

Rezko, Blagojevich, Axelrod, Jarrett and Rahm Emanuel were all part of this machine - and Obama's campaign and now his administration.

How Obama went from the state Senate to the White House is outlined here.

Like his rise from Hawaii to Harvard and Chicago, it's all about Obama's connections.

Connections on the Left, with the Chicago Machine, and with the Shadow Party of billionaire George Soros.

And those connections all begin with Frank Marshall Davis.

[All we'd need to do to prove this is get some DNA from the president and Mark Davis and an Obama 1/2 brother in Kenya.]

(Obama's czars represent the transformation of his administration into an unaccountable Shadow Government run by the Shadow Party and the Chicago Machine.)

From the Radio Patriot:


Glenn Beck just wrapped up what had to be the most compelling radio I've heard... and lately, most of his shows have been pretty compelling.

Whew, where to start? Well, how about this: you should make it a point to do two things today: watch his TV show at 5 ET this afternoon on Fox News, and hit the Big Government website an hour earlier at 4 ET.

Here's what you'll find - the latest video sting of ACORN. This one in a San Bernardino ACORN office where the employee can't talk fast enough about the connections they have to politicians (naming them by name) and even an admission of murder.

Scott Baker of Breitbart TV's The B-Cast was on during Glenn's final segment, connecting the dots between POTUS advisor Valerie Jarrett and Obama's past, including his grandparents, his mother, and Franklin Davis Marshall who played an influential role in his life.

This is stuff you can't make up.

Yesterday I came across a detailed expose about Valerie Jarrett, who as we are learning, has and is playing a major role in this presidency. She is Obama's brain. She's also Michelle's brain too.

A must read. It's 7 pages printed out, but you can find it online at FrontPageMag.

As Glenn Beck put it today, "The whole thing is coming undone. Brace yourselves."


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posted by Pastorius at permanent link#


Blogger Epaminondas said...

Allow me to argue as Obama's surrogates will surely, since he will say nothing.

"SO WHAT? This is another fringe argument by right wing nuts who cannot adjust to a president who wants real change. He is a fairly elected president and will serve out his term. Deal with it"

I advise to forget his heritage. Personally I don't care if his father was Lenin and his mother was Rosa Luxemburg and he was born as a result of an orgy in central park led by Valentina Tereshkova

There is no doubt in my mind however that ACORN is the mutated CRIMINAL organism born of Alinsky's activism (which was designed to ensure disadvantaged communities don't get screwed ..not to take over a nation). ACORN will be tough to tie to Obama in a way which can result in a any kind of Constitutional removal.

That is the only kind of removal I care to discuss today

We should focus on 2010. The methods of bringing attention to Obama's back ground was not sufficient to prevent his election. However now that people that were in his back ground are in power, americans seem to be paying MORE attention. I am not sure it is enuf, yet

We should focus on these kinds of issues. We should ask if a sudden death on the supreme court which can result in 5-4 the other way is a situation americans want to see go to people who picked Van Jones?
We should ask if the people who dropped charges against the new black panthers for brandishing weapons at a voting station are trustworthy for choosing another justice?
We should ask if those who characterize honest differences as racism ALL THE TIME can be responsible for leadership and tolerate american dissent.
We should ask if the change americans voted for was a government invading facets of their final days, when they are sick and most vulnerable and their families are not thinking clearly.

We should ask if this administration's actions as a whole have been at all realistic in foreign matters and if we are better off as a result.

WE should ask if our lives are better now than they were in Nov 2008 (and watch them try to Blame BUsh 2 years later)

We should cast aside what has not worked, and instead look for what will.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 11:00:00 am  
Anonymous revereridesagain said...

I have suspected this is true for some time now. What other reason would there be for a presidential candidate to restrict access to virtually all documentation of his past? What explains the apparent abandonment of his son by a Muslim father? If the information presented here is true, it means that a major fraud has been perpetrated against the voters in this country. At the very least the voters themselves have been remiss in not asking enough questions about the background of their candidate. Fraud, however, adds the element of deliberate misleading and manipulation that it should be confronted.

Granted, it may not be feasible to provide a rock-solid trail of evidence to support this. Or perhaps not until Obama is "safely" out of office. But it's important to know where this stunning infusion of hardcore leftist ideology came from.

BTW, Black Orpheus is an absolutely gorgeous movie.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 1:07:00 pm  
Blogger SamenoKami said...

Excellent post. I think the reason for no actual birth certificate (dont' care) is the father of Odama is Davis, and O doesn't want to destroy his cover or admit his mother was a mega-slut. Epi is right. We don't need to hang our hat on O getting stripped of his office. No one blogging on IBA has enough ammo to survive the riots when 95+% of the blacks go about burning the country because "the white man was p/o'd about the 1st black president."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 2:20:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SamenoKami brings some valid points however if Obama does get booted it will be with Democrat support if not led.

Also, he may go down for other reasons than this. Someone may come forward and unload some info, who knows. There's a perfect storm for a radical like him to go down.

I believe "black" folk are starting to turn against him. Star Parker makes a great point that going against the political grain in the "black" community can be dangerous.

Personally, Obama will have a meltdown that can't be spinned or hidden. No one this angry and full of hate can hold it in for long. His wife will have a hand in his demise.

Did you see that woman's face during his speech to both houses the other day? She looked like someone pissed on her birthday cake and kicked her dog.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 2:44:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

I think the phrase "Perfect Storm" is apt.

I also think the metaphor of a rock-slide or avalanche is apt.

Obama's whole mountain of being is perched on the edge of collapse. You can not hold together this many lies, obfuscations, and evasions (of the Constitution - the American Tradition - and reality in general). It's physically (psychically) impossible.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 3:25:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Oh, by the way, Epa is right, this is not the stuff that will bring him down.

However, I do not agree with Epa that this ought not be focused on.

I think it is part of the "Perfect Storm".

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 3:26:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The plausiblity of connections is breathtaking. Having just read AB's blog, I note that Mark, son of Davis responded several times in the comment section - immediately.
Triggering a "thou doest protest too much" characterization, implying a vested interest deeper than openly admitted. Is Mark in protective mode - as if protecting a sibling . . .nay, a half-sibling?

FWIW, I now finally fully distance myself from the birther movement, since Davis' paternity quelches the natural born citizen arguement while, as Samenokami stated, Davis' paternage confirms Barry's "mother was a mega-slut" and likely a mega manipulator. I suspect she did travel with Sr. to Kenya, to avoid the public humiliation (given the social limitations of tolerance during the early 60's) of giving birth to a racially mixed child stateside.

Beginning with her parent's dissappointment having birthed a female child, "Stanley Anne" may have lashed out, as any oppositionally defiant child does, testing/manipulating societal boundaries.

Stanley-Anne's manipulative behavior would have been easily recognized and not warmly received within Sr's tribal community. She & Jr. retreated post haste, sans Sr.

Considering Sr's culture would have the father normally claim custody, this confirms Sr.'s rejection of paternity.

The legacy of a manipulative mother who recognized opportunity in the culture of Islam with all it's inherent deceptions - providing her son a surname which opened many doors for him in the PC MC utopia, doors to which his natural surname & widely recognized commie connections would have been openly shuttered, hindering the meteoric ascension to power this manipulation and deception enabled.

Disgust without pity.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 3:46:00 pm  
Blogger rumcrook said...

I think y'all are missing the main points of the possiblity of this being the real history.

1. obama lied about ayers being a friend and mentor, and if he lied about that radical connection, did he have a radical connection to the weather underground?

this exposes him as being a radical. he sold a bill of goods. he sold himself as a moderate thoughtful man and americans bought that. now he will little by little be shown as so radical and mysterious that it more and more alarm americans.

2. the birthers are being used as usefull idiots.

as long as they are spouting whacky ideas of being born in kenya, which wouldnt matter becuase his mother is an american, it is a crazyiness covering up the real more alarming radical history and upbringing he had.

and they groomed it and like it becuase it keeps people from seeing the forest through the trees.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 3:54:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

I agree with everything you wrote. I just don't think this will be the thing that takes him down. It's the fraying piece of the sweater:


Also, I have said from the beginning, along with you, that the whole "Birther" thing was a case of Obama's people playing all the dumb-ass "extremist right-wingers" like a fiddle.

I never believed he was not a citizen (perhaps I did for a second at one point, but I don't remember it, if I did). I have always said that I thought Obama ought to release his birth certificate and other records, but that it was more useful to him to not release them, because it makes our side look like nuts.

I posted this research from Reliapundit because I believe it is the beginning of the sweater being undone by the one string.

And, as I said previously in this post, it is only part of the "Perfect Storm" which is coming together to unseat the man from the Presidency.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 4:16:00 pm  
Blogger Epaminondas said...

You don't agree with me 100%?


Wednesday, September 16, 2009 4:57:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

As Britney Spears, whom you so artfully quoted yesterday, might say, "Oops, you commented again."


Wednesday, September 16, 2009 5:31:00 pm  
Blogger rumcrook said...

no I get that pastorius I dont think it alone will bring him down, your right it is just part of an ever fraying sweater, but it makes his judgment suspect and gives evidence to why his agenda is more radical than how he speaks, since his actions and words are so polar opposite.

and in the end no one with common sense wants a cypher making critical descisions about thier lives nor someone who as the scales drop seems more and more to be a destructive radical ( or at least a radical who traveled in circles of destructive radicals and covered it up)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 9:07:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have long suspected that the reason for the Prez not wanting to reveal his documents is somethign along these lines, not that he was born outside of the US. I also suspect that he might have received aid as a foreign student. Many will say "it doesn't matter who his father was" or how he paid for his education and they are correct. However, this would clearly show that so much of what he claims is untrue and that he has a penchant for lying. It is a matter of integrity. If this would to be proven it would surly ruin his political career in that he would be trusted even less than he is today.

Friday, September 18, 2009 5:57:00 pm  

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