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Friday, January 08, 2010

January 8 Lead Editorial In The WaPo

Note the concluding paragraph of this editorial, the title of which appears online as "After Detroit, a big security gap and a less reassuring response":
Mr. Obama's solutions have the air of the small bore: a "training course" for the National Security Agency; a "dedicated capability responsible for enhancing record information on possible terrorists . . . for watchlisting purposes." Perhaps a series of individual tweaks will do the job. But the administration report suggests that the problem is less tractable than Mr. Obama has acknowledged. His depiction Thursday of the shortcomings was admirably honest and more frightening than previously portrayed. His proposed fixes did not entirely reassure.
Terrorists are intractable? Duh.

Anyway, the WaPo is implying that reaching out to the Moslem world might not work.

Duh again.

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