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Thursday, February 03, 2011

PS ‘Peaceful’ China NOW Supplying virtually every nuke component Iran needs


WASHINGTON — The U.S. intelligence community has deemed China the leading supplier to Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Officials said the intelligence community has determined that state-owned and other Chinese companies were exporting virtually every component required for Iran to maintain and advance its nuclear weapons program. They said China has also supplied components, systems and technology for Teheran’s ballistic missile program, a key element in the delivery of nuclear weapons.

“We’ve asked China repeatedly to stop the flow of technology and components to Iran, and they haven’t done anything about it,” an official said.

Officials said Western and United Nations sanctions have failed to stop China’s aid to Iran’s nuclear program. They said Beijing and Teheran appear to have formed a strategic alliance based on Iranian energy in exchange for Chinese strategic weapons technology.

Within two months of UN sanctions in June, officials said, the U.S. intelligence community was already warning of an accelerated flow of Chinese dual-use technology for Iran’s missile and nuclear programs. They said China was also serving as an intermediary for the acquisition of Western components for Iran’s strategic weapons program.

As a result, the Chinese have supplied Iran with such key components as gyroscopes, jet vanes, aluminum alloys and steel, officials said. They said most of these exports were used to enhance Iran’s intermediate-range ballistic missile program, meant to contain nuclear warheads.

“The understanding is that whatever Iran wants from China, it will get,” another official said.


Conscience’s Untrammeled

Without Critical Discussion

Uncaring as to ultimate outcome (which is obvious)

Want to know why America IS EXCEPTIONAL?

This story is why.

We bitch it out with each other in the open, and it mostly all hangs out, and what doesn’t, as WIKILEAKS has CLEARLY demonstrated, is correctly assumed to be the way it has turned to be.

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