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Friday, May 20, 2011

PEW:Arab Spring Fails to Improve U.S. Image

As President Obama prepares to make a major address on the tumultuous changes spreading throughout the Middle East, a new survey finds that the rise of pro-democracy movements has not led to an improvement in America’s image in the region. Instead, in key Arab nations and in other predominantly Muslim countries, views of the U.S. remain negative, as they have been for nearly a decade. Indeed, in Jordan, Turkey and Pakistan, views are even more negative than they were one year ago.

It seems one bright spot is that Lebanon appears to be willing to DUMP extremism.

Here is the whole thing. 60 detailed pages of confirmation of everything we have been saying, and it is no pleasure to be right

Arab democracies will apparently, as the vote in Gaza was an early signal, turn out to be a demonstration of Samuel Huntington’s thesis.

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