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Friday, December 07, 2012

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Militia Beat Two Anti-Morsi Protesters To Death

CAIRO: An Egyptian activist told ONTV’s Yousri Fouda early Thursday morning that Muslim Brotherhood members attack the field hospital she had been in on Wednesday evening, attempting to take the injured and threatening women, demanding they leave the area. 
Naglaa Bader said the Brotherhood supporters entered the area and began pushing and moving protesters at the field hospital, which had been set up to give medical assistance to protesters injured in the ongoing violence near the presidential palace. 
“They looked through one injured man for his ID,” she told Fouda. 
When Bader asked the men what their intentions were with the injured, she was told that they did not want to kill anyone. 
“We will just break his hand, the hand that threw rocks at us, so he spends 6 months in treatment to give us a break,” Bader said he told her. 
Then the angry Brotherhood attackers tried to throw out the women at the hospital, including Bader and Mona Mina, the head of the Doctors Without Rights organization.
The women refused, saying they would only leave if everyone was forced out. 
Then, “one of the men came over and threatened to kill Mina. He said that if he ever saw her face again he would,” she added. “The threat came in an extremely scary tone.” 
ONTV is showing a live feed of the ongoing violence, including angry Brotherhood groups singling out anti-President Morsi protesters and beating them brutally, with sticks, sharp objects and knives. In one of the many images, a man is seen being surrounded by a group of men. He is hit by something and when his head turns to face the camera, blood is seen streaking down his face. 
Egyptian activists and political groups confirmed the death of two anti-President Mohamed Morsi protesters around the Presidential Palace after Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters attacked the two and killed them.
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