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Friday, December 07, 2012

Former NAACP Chapter President: No Reason For Blacks To Vote For Obama Except Race

Reverend Bryant, who used to be a NAACP Chapter President, is promoting a movie called "Runaway Slaves."

Yesterday he appeared on MSNBC, and told the truth.

REVEREND C.L. BRYANT: By telling the truth about who they’ve been historically. That has been distorted. The truth of the matter is this – and Mr. Reed did in fact say well, the president did well through the south – but the truth of the matter is this: take away this president’s skin color and take away the race card that is played so often with this president and there’s really no reason for black people to vote for him or Latinos in that frame as well, because when you look at the unemployment rate among those two demographics, when you look at the poverty rate among young white females, there is no reason for anybody to have re-elected this president in those demographics except for the emotional issue of race.
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