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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Remember Those 57 Ships Anchored Off The Atlantic Coast? Navy Confirms Explosion at New Jersey Base

Last week, we posted the odd news that 57 ships were docked off the coast of the Atlantic. I posted photos which showed barges laying in the middle of the ports.

I suspect these were for defensive purposes.

Today there is a big explosion at a Navy base in New Jersey.

Are they related?

Who knows?

From ABC:
MIDDLETOWN (WABC) -- Authorities are responding to a report of an explosion or fire at the Naval Weapons Station Earle in Middletown, New Jersey, Tuesday morning. 
Naval officials will only confirm that some kind of explosion or fire happened in one of the buildings along the waterfront around 9 a.m. No confirmation on injuries at this point, and additional details were not readily available. 
According to its website, the Naval station mainside is located in Colts Neck, and the Waterfront is in the Leonardo section of Middletown. The two areas are connected by a private, federally-owned roadway. Colts Neck sits in the heart of New Jersey's horse farming region and is only 20 minutes away from the famed Jersey Shore. 
Leonardo is located on Sandy Hook Bay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the New York skyline.
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