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The Right of the People to be Secure in their Persons, Houses, Papers, and Effects,
Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures,
Shall Not Be Violated


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fun for the whole family: Dubai set to open Qur'an theme park

Hurry, kids. The line for the 
Dark Knight Suicide Backpack ride 
is really short right now

From Jihad Watch:
"The estimated $7.3-million project will include a garden with plants mentioned in the Islamic holy book and an air-conditioned tunnel depicting events from the Qur’an." 
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IRS Sent 23,994 Refund Checks to ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at Same Address in Atlanta – Sent 8,393 Refund Checks to Same Bank Account

This is the same organization who wants to know the membership addresses and phone numbers of Tea Party members, and the content of the prayers of Christians.

They can keep track of that, but they can't keep track of the money that goes out in refunds?

I have a feeling the people at these addresses are IN THE PAY of the IRS. 

They are hitmen of some sort. 

I do not mean they are actually murdering anyone. But I do mean I believe these people are involved in some sort of backend criminal activity having to do with IRS Operations.

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Interview With Elizabeth S. Wolff (Who is On Trial in The EU Court for Human rights for Denigration of a Legally Recognized Religion): "It Appears Only Muslims May Comment on Islam and We As Dhimmis May Not"

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Want Some Privacy on the Net?

With the revelations about the govt keeping track of your use of the net, you can still get some valued privacy by using THIS as your starter/search page. Get it and read what they do and how they do it.
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How 'SAFE' are the Security programs that supposedly protect your computer, how about from intrusion by the Gov?

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

How 'SAFE' are the Security programs that supposedly protect your computer, How about from intrusion by the Gov?(MFS).
From Kaspersky: Kaspersky Lab is a private international company that registered its holding in Great Britain in 2006. This means that our financial reporting is transparent and freely available to anyone. I think we can all agree that Her Majesty’s laws are strong and respected worldwide. Our affairs there have nothing to do with the Kremlin. This is the first time I’ve seen this major stretch to try and link our business with the Russian government.

All three of the world’s leading security companies – Symantec, McAfee/Intel, and Kaspersky Lab – work with law enforcement bodies worldwide to help fight cyber-crime. 
The ITU, CET, FBI, FSB, U.S. Secret Service… we all have a duty to help them solve criminal cases. Remember “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with Indiana Jones? He was a archeologist – the best on the planet. And that’s why the U.S. military came to him for help; they knew nothing about history or mythology. Well it’s the same for what we do for governments worldwide today – we provide EXPERTISE. Nothing more. 

How about Microsoft

In the last five years or so, the biggest names in security — Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee — all got their act together and made their security solutions lighter, faster and more effective than ever.Microsoft, however, never stopped working on its own security. Each version of Windows made critical changes to harden the operating system's defenses (they also had to do the same thing with Internet Explorer, which had some of the biggest, gapping security holes of all Microsoft’s software).

Building a more secure platform wasn’t enough. Microsoft eventually made the leap into full-blown protection. Thus, in 2010, was born Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). Microsoft pitched it as simpler and lighter than other security options. It was also free.

The app promised to block viruses and malware. It installed incredibly fast and just seemed to work. For those who didn’t believe they should pay for a protected system, this was a viable alternative to other popular security freeware, including Avira, Comodo, Adaware, and AVG. 

There existed, I would say, a detente between MSE and the big boys (Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro), because most offered far more functionality than MSE. The aptly named Norton 360, for instance, includes, along with virus and malware protection, anti-spam, anti-phishing, parental controls and password management. Many people are willing to pay for those features. 

When I asked Microsoft partner, Trend Micro about Windows 8’s new security chops, the company offered, in part, this cautious response:

“While we applaud Microsoft for including some minimal level of antivirus protection in its new Windows 8 OS and are proud to be a trusted Microsoft partner, we all know from experience that additional protections beyond the basic level of security to be provided by Microsoft are needed.Microsoft Windows 8 paired with Trend Micro is the better choice for security users.” 

Note the use of the words “basic level of security”. Trend Micro and Symantec insist that Windows 8 is not equipped to fully protect users from today’s threats. Trend likens Windows 8 security to “the traditional security technologies (anti-malware and signature-based detections) [that] are rapidly becoming ineffective in protecting users from today’s threats.” 

Windows 8 users apparently cannot uninstall Windows Defender, but you can disable it in the settings, which should allow compatible security solutions coming from Symantec, Trend Micro and others to handle the security chores on their own. Microsoft also told me it can work alongside these security suites. Even so, Microsoft has changed the game in other ways that may push aside these partners.

One obvious example is Internet Explorer 10. The version that lives in the Windows Design area of Windows 8 (yes, there are two) does not accept plug-ins (IE10 for the Desktop does). As a result, Norton and Trend Micro’s browser extensions that can, for example, pre-check links and store passwords, won’t work. Norton is developing its own browser, which will use the Internet Explorer engine underneath, but support Norton’s security plugins. 

This is the kind of kludgey approach consumers are least likely to embrace. There’s also the simple fact that many of them may simply choose to use Windows Defender because it’s already there and running.Only time will tell if that will be enough protection.

Hmmmmm.... NSA Helping Microsoft to Improve Windows 7 Security.......how about Windows 8 as well.....How 'safe' is your PC? Sourceinfiniteunknown

The partnership between the NSA and Microsoft is not new.
In 2007, NSA officials acknowledged working with Microsoft during the development of Windows Vista to help boost its defenses against computer viruses, worms and other attacks. 
In fact, the cooperation dates back to at least 2005, when the NSA and other government agencies worked with Microsoft on its Windows XP system and other programs.

The NSA, which is best known for its electronic eavesdropping operations, is charged with protecting the nation’s national security computing infrastructure from online assaults.
As these systems become increasingly dependent on private-sector computing products, the NSA has reached out to a growing number of software companies.
“More and more, we find that protecting national security systems demands teaming with public and private institutions to raise the information assurance level of products and services more broadly,” Schaeffer said.
Schaeffer said that the NSA is also working to engage other companies, including Apple, Sun, and RedHat, on security standards for their products. The agency also works with computer security firms such as Symantec, McAfee, and Intel.
A growing array of law enforcement authorities, intelligence officials, and private computer experts has been warning about the rising threat of cyberattacks.
“The FBI considers the cyber threat against our nation to be one of the greatest concerns of the 21st century,” Steven Chabinksy, the deputy assistant director of the FBI’s cyber division, told the same congressional committee.
The Obama administration has been under pressure to name a cybersecurity chief to reinvigorate the government’s efforts to protect its most sensitive computer networks. Some press reports suggest that appointment could come as early as next week.

Update at 5:30 p.m. ET: The text of Schaeffer’s testimony, as prepared for delivery, is now online here.

Update at 2 p.m. ET: The NSA and other cybersecurity experts say that simple precautions (such as installing system updates regularly and running anti-virus software and firewalls) should protect against about 80% of the attacks out there. This means that if users took these steps, the NSA and others could focus on the more dangerous 20%, or so the theory goes. Put another way, of course, that means about 20% of attacks are sophisticated enough to theoretically defeat standard security measures.

Hmmmm.........Any of you still feel safe while surfing the web?

And for the real paranoia freak : How NSA access was built into Windows

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Prevent 9/11 From Being Hijacked

The following is a message from Freedom Annie:

9/11 is rapidly approaching, and we will once again remember what so many lost with the treacherous acts of terrorism on American soil.

This was an assault on freedom everywhere; not just in America — a cold and calculated plan to commit jihad against our freedoms on a global scale, for the world to see. This assault was to bring us to our knees as they attempted to behead our way of life and bring us under their tyrannical rule.

We must all stand together around the globe in one voice and say No More!

We must stand up and be heard.

We must speak out in one voice to say we will not allow these brutal acts of terrorism to bully us into submission. We must stop their agenda to dominate the world with Sharia Law in our own countries. We must hold tight to our freedoms, our liberties and our rights to live free. We the people can and will be heard, but you must act now.

Let’s flood our social media with this message! Let's "Speak Up About Jihad" on 9/11 to counter the Muslim attempt to hijack 9/11. The Political Action Committee (AMPAC) that is sponsoring the “Million Muslim March” is now called the “Million American March Against Fear on 9/11/13,” according to its Facebook page.

AMPAC says the march on DC is also a chance for American Muslims to stand up and “fight the injustices being committed” against them — to demand their “civil rights be protected by our government.”

Here is a novel idea for AMPAC: Why don’t you march on DC on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on the U.S. soil and denounce the “extremists” in your religion who kill in the name of Islam? Why don’t you march and condemn the actions of fellow American Muslim Dzhokhar Tsarnaev one of the Boston bombers? Why don’t you call out the despicable human rights violations against women that Sharia law condones?

No, instead AMPAC organizes a march for civil rights on a day we remember the murderous attacks brought to us at home by Muslim fundamentalists.

Let us begin preparing now to flood our social media with clear, calm, understated but solid information about jihad on 9/11. Start collecting images and facts, articles and videos that say most clearly to everyone what jihad is, and how Islamic doctrine motivated the attacks on 9/11. And on that day, unleash the torrent of the very best of your collection for everyone to see. This year, let’s prevent 9/11 itself from being hijacked.
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Diana Krall
I Don't Know Enough About You

Maybe You'll Be There

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"Hello, My Name Is Paul Weston, and I Am A Racist"

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The Blaze:

Bush-Era NSA Whistleblower Makes Most Explosive Allegations Yet About Extent of Gov’t Surveillance — and You Won’t Believe Who He Says They Spied On

Russ Tice, a former intelligence analyst and Bush-era NSA whistleblower, claimed Wednesday that the intelligence community has ordered surveillance on a wide range of groups and individuals, including high-ranking military officials, lawmakers and diplomats.
He also made another stunning allegation. He says the NSA had ordered wiretaps on phones connected to then-Senate candidate Barack Obama back in 2004.
“They went after–and I know this because I had my hands literally on the paperwork for these sort of things–they went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and some of the–and judicial,” Tice told Peter B. Collins on Boiling Frog Post News.
He went on: “But they went after other ones, too. They went after lawyers and law firms. All kinds of–heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the executive service that were part of the White House–their own people.”
Then Tice dropped the bombshell about Obama.
“Here’s the big one,” he said. “[T]his was in summer of 2004, one of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with a 40-something-year-old wannabe senator for Illinois. You wouldn’t happen to know where that guy lives right now would you? It’s a big white house in Washington, D.C. That’s who they went after, and that’s the president of the United States now.”
FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds and Tice agreed that such wide-ranging surveillance of officials could provide the intelligence agencies with unthinkable power to blackmail their opponents.
“I was worried that the intelligence community now has sway over what is going on,” Tice said.

Tice first blew the whistle on what he alleged was seriously unconstitutional domestic spying across multiple agencies in 2005. He later admitted he was the key source in a bombshell New York Times report that exposed the Bush administration’s use of warantless wiretapping of international communications in the United States.
The Bush administration admitted to the wiretapping on a small scale but denied Tice’s claims that the tactic was likely being used to gather data on millions of Americans.
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden also claimed that as an analyst, he could wiretap the phones of anyone, including judges or the president of the United States if he had access to the right information.


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Nearly 50% of Boys in the Capitol of Jordan Believe In Killing Women For Honor

The poll tries to make the case that this has nothing to do with religion, but Jordan is 92% Muslim.

From CNN:
(CNN) -- Almost half of boys and one in five girls in Jordan's capital city, Amman, believe that killing a woman who has "dishonored," or shamed, her family is justifiable, a study of teenagers' attitudes published Thursday revealed.  
A third of all teenagers involved in the study by researchers at Britain's Cambridge University advocated so-called honor murders.
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American convert to Islam arrested for threatening to kill his mother and her boyfriend for feeding him pork

From the Smoking Gun:

A Pennsylvania man allegedly threatened to kill his mother because he believed she tried to “poison” him by serving pork, “which was against his Muslim religion," investigators report. 
Joshua Lee Coffey, 25, confronted his mother Sherri last week in the family’s home in St. Marys, a central Pennsylvania city. 
Coffey accused his mother of “attempting to poison him,” noting that “the meat he was given to eat was pork, which was against his Muslim religion," according to a probable cause affidavit. A criminal complaint alleges that Coffey “did threaten to kill his mother…due to his displeasure with the dinner served to him.” 
During the ensuing argument, Coffey allegedly threatened to kill his mother and her boyfriend (with whom she had been eating dinner in her bedroom). 
At one point, Coffey went to the kitchen and retrieved a 10-inch kitchen knife. He then returned to the bedroom and “held the knife in a threatening manner,” prompting his mother to “flee out the window of the bedroom onto the roof.” Sherri Coffey subsequently called 911 and then went to a neighbor’s home to await the arrival of officers. 
According to cops, Coffey held the knife to the throat of Mark Blair, his mother’s boyfriend, and threatened to kill him if his mother called the police. When cops reached the Coffey residence, they found Joshua, carrying the knife, in the backyard. After complying with an order to drop the weapon, Coffey was arrested.
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Look For The Union Label: How The Federal Bureaucracy and Public Sector Unions Work Together To Destroy The American Idea

From Drew at Ace:
So, no, I don’t believe that the President ever actually picked up a phone and told someone over at the IRS to slow-walk those applications or audit anybody. But the truth is, he didn’t have to. The message was clear enough. 
But if the message was clear, the medium was also perfectly suited to the cause.The federal bureaucracy, and in particular the growth of public sector unions, has created an inherent and undeniable tension between those who believe in limited self-government and those who stand to benefit from its growth. Let’s face it, when elected leaders and union bosses tell the folks who work at these agencies that they should view half the people they’re supposed to be serving as a threat to democracy, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that they would.  
Why would we even expect a public employee — whose union more or less exists to grow the government — to treat someone who opposes that goal to a fair hearing? When the head of the union that represents unionized IRS workers publicly vilifies the Tea Party, is it any wonder that members of her union would get caught targeting them?
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Obama in Berlin: "Tear Down This ... Uh, Yeah, I Don't Know ...

The thing I find striking about Obama's Berlin speech is the small crowd on hand; 4,500 people.

Reagan's speech drew a crowd of 45,000. Ten times as many. And truly, Reagan's speech was a shot heard round the world.

We are told Europeans LIKE President Obama, and they HATED Ronald Reagan.

So, I guess what we can derive from this is, when Europeans like you, they ignore you, and when they hate you, they go out of their way to see you.

Ok, got it. Check.

From George Will:
Obama Hits a Wall in Germany 
The question of whether Barack Obama’s second term will be a failure was answered in the affirmative before his Berlin debacle, which has recast the question, which now is: Will this term be silly, even scary in its detachment from reality? Before Berlin, 
Obama set his steep downward trajectory by squandering the most precious post-election months on gun-control futilities and by a subsequent storm of scandals that have made his unvarying project — ever bigger, more expansive, more intrusive and more coercive government — more repulsive. Then came Wednesday’s pratfall in Berlin. 
There he vowed energetic measures against global warming (“the global threat of our time”). The 16-year pause of this warming was not predicted by, and is not explained by, the climate models for which, in his strange understanding of respect for science, he has forsworn skepticism.  
 Regarding another threat, he spoke an almost meaningless sentence that is an exquisite example of why his rhetoric cannot withstand close reading: “We may strike blows against terrorist networks, but if we ignore the instability and intolerance that fuels extremism, our own freedom will eventually be endangered.”  
So, “instability and intolerance” are to blame for terrorism? Instability where? Intolerance of what by whom “fuels” terrorists? Terrorism is a tactic of destabilization. Intolerance is, for terrorists, a virtue. It is axiomatic: Arms control is impossible until it is unimportant. This is because arms control is an arena of competition in which nations negotiate only those limits that advance their interests.  
Nevertheless, Obama trotted out another golden oldie in Berlin when he vowed to resuscitate the cadaver of nuclear arms control with Russia. As though Russia’s arsenal is a pressing problem. And as though there is reason to think President Vladimir Putin, who calls the Soviet Union’s collapse “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century,” is interested in reducing the arsenal that is the basis of his otherwise Third World country’s claim to great-power status.
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New Virus Originated In The Middle East

A bit of a medical mystery and a deadly one:
A mysterious new respiratory virus that originated in the Middle East spreads easily between people and appears more deadly than SARS, doctors reported Wednesday after investigating the biggest outbreak in Saudi Arabia.


...[Experts]couldn't nail down how it was spread in every case -- through droplets from sneezing or coughing, or a more indirect route. Some of the hospital patients weren't close to the infected person, but somehow picked up the virus....


Cases have continued to trickle in, and there appears to be an ongoing outbreak in Saudi Arabia. MERS cases have also been reported in Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Tunisia. Most have had a direct connection to the Middle East region.

In the Saudi cluster that was investigated, certain patients infected many more people than would be expected, Perl said. One patient who was receiving dialysis treatment spread MERS to seven others, including fellow dialysis patients at the same hospital. During SARS, such patients were known as "superspreaders" and effectively seeded outbreaks in numerous countries.


...Compared to SARS' 8 percent death rate, the fatality rate for MERS in the Saudi outbreak was about 65 percent, though the experts could be missing mild cases that might skew the figures....
More information HERE.

The CDC has information HERE.

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The OLD DEPENDABLE: Turkish problems? Guess who is responsible?

Washington Free Beacon, NOT THE ONION:

Turkish Reporters Suggest Conspiracy Theory

Government-supporting scribes suggest U.S. Jews organizing unrest in Turkey
Turkish reporters loyal to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan have claimed that the anti-government protests currently gripping the nation have been carefully orchestrated and planned by prominent Jewish officials and a conservative Washington, D.C., think tank.
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Tammy Swofford Commentary: "Jefferson in PRISM — I"

From the Daily Times Pakistan, Tammy Swofford reminds us of the dystopian dangers of absolute national security:
On May 25, 2013, the government very quietly removed an elderly gentleman from the sidewalk in front of the Independence Hall in Philadelphia. He had set up a small display with the original documents known as The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution. They rested on hand carved wooden easels on either side of the entrance to the building. Those who passed by were impressed by the genteel manner of the man. Perhaps more startling was the phrase that he kept repeating again and again: “Ignorance is preferable to error; and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing, than he who believes what is wrong.”

As the white-haired gentleman hailed from a private estate known as Monticello, he was remanded to the custody of the Virginia State Police and is now housed at an undisclosed location. Although there is nearly a complete media embargo on the peculiarities of this arrest, small factoids about the case are finding their way into a network of underground reporters who have managed to evade the surveillance of the state. A profile and extensive dossier had previously been constructed by the NSA and CIA on this particular citizen. He possessed a powerful intellect and strong command of the English language. At an earlier date, he had been heavily recruited to join the growing ranks of his powerful analytical peers. His subsequent protest was categorised as one of imminent threat to the intelligence-gathering capabilities of the security apparatus.

Interestingly, the technology that has allowed for the NSA PRISM programme is the same technology that has diminished any real public support for the elderly man who quietly went about his work as a sentinel. A new generation feeds on a virtual reality inhabited by avatars and unpredictable friends. Technological advances have placed increasingly complex global networking capabilities within the hands of the masses. This seems like empowerment. But a more subtle side to the technology has been exposed. A public poll assessing interest in the aforementioned arrest determined that 45 percent of Americans polled had little concern for the man on the sidewalk. In fact, they believed that the PRISM programme should be expanded. The conclusion is self-evident. This technology used by the masses is nimble in its psychological enslavement capabilities. For the unaware, it captures and enslaves the intricate reasoning processes necessary to understand concepts such as human liberty, right to privacy, and protection from unlawful seizure. Mildred Montag and a seashell to the ear. Fahrenheit 451.

PRISM. Bellum omnium in omnia.

One of the white-haired gentleman’s jailers, a rather brave fellow by the name of Edward Snowden, agreed to smuggle some of the private papers of this man into an underground media network. These papers were stored on a flash drive that was hidden in the heel of his boot. He assured the jailer that a forensic sweep of his private papers from his laptop at home had already been accomplished on more than one occasion. As I bring this report to you, the status of the jailer is also unknown. He is no longer available for updates on the physical condition of the prisoner. But he is known to be in a weakened state. So today, I release to you a few of the thoughts of this prisoner, delivered to me in a parking garage in Dallas. These are his words. His name is Thomas Jefferson....
Read the rest HERE.

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"Congress should repeal it or test its constitutionality.”

The Wall Street Journal on IPAB, OBamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, you know that thing that all the democrats claimed did not exist…


They report to, and are responsible to no one. 
The IPAB, sometimes called a “death panel,” threatens both the Medicare program and the Constitution’s separation of powers. At a time when many Americans have been unsettled by abuses at the Internal Revenue Service and Justice Department, the introduction of a powerful and largely unaccountable board into health care merits special scrutiny.
For a vivid illustration of the extent to which life-and-death medical decisions have already been usurped by government bureaucrats, consider the recent refusal by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to waive the rules barring access by 10-year old Sarah Murnaghan to the adult lung-transplant list. A judge ultimately intervened and Sarah received a lifesaving transplant June 12. But the grip of the bureaucracy will clamp much harder once the Independent Payment Advisory Board gets going in the next two years.
The board, which will control more than a half-trillion dollars of federal spending annually, is directed to “develop detailed and specific proposals related to the Medicare program,” including proposals cutting Medicare spending below a statutorily prescribed level. In addition, the board is encouraged to make rules “related to” Medicare.
Oh, and pay attention to this:

The ObamaCare law also stipulates that there “shall be no administrative or judicial review” of the board’s decisions. Its members will be nearly untouchable, too. They will be presidentially nominated and Senate-confirmed, but after that they can only be fired for “neglect of duty or malfeasance in office.”

“Excuse me,” said the local IPAB representative after reviewing my doctor’s recommendation for a 4th stent in my left main coronary artery, “but just for clarity,” he asked as he was calling me at home, even though I had no idea how he got my cell phone number, “the IRS agents assigned to enforce compliance of policies with the ACA, in a regular and routine scan authorized by regulations, while not reviewing the content of your calls, have placed your cell phone  by triangulation at the Mall in Washington on July 4th, 2015. I just need to know if that is correct.”
I try to control myself, knowing the stakes.  There was a gigantic Tea Party rally out there that day! Was that the day we were at the Smithsonian with the grandchildren? I can’t bring myself to argue this. Too craven.  Both my gorge and anger rise suddenly.
“And one more thing,” he said, “is it true you have been retired now for 4 years?”
And then understanding the stakes, I read that worn copy I had in some pocket, and know that what I HAVE TO LOSE is very little.
For a good idea of the COVER the IPAB will use, read THIS:
We evaluate eight simple allocation principles that can be classifi ed into four categories: treating people equally, favouring the worst-off , maximising total benefits,

and promoting and rewarding social usefulness

Paranoid, you say?
FEAR is the weapon which will silence.

As Chief Justice John Marshall observed in Wayman v. Southard (1825), Congress may delegate tasks to other bodies, but there is a fundamental constitutional difference between letting them “fill up the details” of a statute versus deciding “important subjects,” which “must be entirely regulated by the legislature itself.” Distinguishing between the two, the court said, requires an inquiry into the extent of the power given to the administrative body.
The power given by Congress to the Independent Payment Advisory Board is breathtaking. Congress has willingly abandoned its power to make tough spending decisions (how and where to cut) to an unaccountable board that neither the legislative branch nor the president can control. The law has also entrenched the board’s decisions to an unprecedented degree.
In Mistretta v. United States (1989), the Supreme Court emphasized that, in seeking assistance to fill in details not spelled out in the law, Congress must lay down an “intelligible principle” that “confine[s] the discretion of the authorities to whom Congress has delegated power.” The “intelligible principle” test ensures accountability by demanding that Congress take responsibility for fundamental policy decisions.
The IPAB is guided by no such intelligible principle

Is it the contention of the Congress (DEM majority in both houses when passed) that in the 2700 pages of the bill, there  WAS NOT ENOUGH DETAIL?

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From Atlas Shrugs:

There are many, many cases all the time of sexual predators taking advantage of underage girls. This one, however, has two elements that show traces of the effects that Islamic supremacism can have on a human mind. Abdelbadie claims that this 12-year-old girl "seduced" him -- an idea that might occur easily to someone who, following Muhammad's example, sees girls as young as nine as sex objects. Also, he claims she was dressed "provocatively." Many Muslim clerics have justified sexual abuse of women by saying that they brought it on themselves with their immodest dress. If they had covered up, nothing would have happened. Muslim men in Islamic cultures have no obligation to control themselves. Women have to make sure they don't get attacked by not "provoking" the men. This little girl was a victim of that mentality.
This is same modus operandi behind the scores of Muslim child sex trafficking gangs in Europe. Vulnerable pre-teen plied with durgs and alcohol. Sex jihad .... this is how it starts.
"CAIR-Washington Member Omar Abdelbadie Arrested for Raping Twelve-Year-Old Girl"Answering Muslims, June 20, 2013 (thanks to David Wood)
Omar Abdelbadie was born in Egypt, but has lived in the United States for the past eight years. He is currently studying Neurobiology at the University of Washington. In his free time, he volunteers with CAIR-Washington, promotes interfaith unity as Vice-President of Bridges (the University of Washington's Interfaith Council), and walks the streets looking for little girls to ply with drugs and take back to his apartment. The only silver lining to this dark cloud of perversion is Abdelbadie's unnamed friend, who called police after realizing that a sex-crime had just been committed. (If this friend happens to be Muslim, I tip my hat to him, for living a far better life than some of his Muslim brothers across the Atlantic have been living.)

Of course, perverts can come from all sorts of backgrounds. The point here, however, is that Muslim preachers keep telling us that Islam is the solution to Western immorality. With so many recent cases of Muslim pedophiles targeting little (non-Muslim) girls, I'd say that Muslim preachers have lost the right to tell us what Islam can do for the West. When a religion glorifies a man who had sex with a nine-year-old girl, allows its adherents to rape female captives, and calls anyone who rejects the religion "the worst of creatures" (Qur'an 98:6), it will never benefit societies with large populations of unbelievers.

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BREAKING NEWS: American People Not As Stupid As Obama Thinks They Are --- Poll Shows Only 17% Agree With Obama That The War On Terror Is Over, 77% Say We Are Still At War With Radical Islam

From Fox News:
In a major national security address in May, President Obama said it was time to take the United States off the war footing it has been on since the September 11 terrorist attacks — and at one point stated, “This war, like all wars, must end.”The speech was widely seen as a signal Obama views the war on terrorism as winding down. 
A Fox News national poll released Wednesday finds American voters disagree.
The poll was conducted in the wake of revelations that the government’s National Security Agency has been secretly collecting telephone and internet records of millions of Americans as part of a program to prevent future terrorist attacks. 
Asked how they see the war on terrorism, 77 percent of voters say the war is ongoing and “should continue to be a top priority to the government.” Far fewer — 17 percent — feel the war is over and should be a lower priority. The majority opinion overwhelms partisan differences. Ninety percent of those who identify with the Tea Party movement and 87 percent of military veterans believe the fight against terrorism should continue to be a top priority, as do most Republicans (86 percent)
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University of Central Florida Professor Tells Truth About Islam, CAIR Wants Him Fired

Here he is. He really knows what he's talking about.

And, here's CAIR, from the Orlando Sentinel:
The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is accusing a UCF professor of teaching anti-Muslim bigotry. 
Officials with the group sent a complaint to the University of Central Florida asking it to review the content of professor Jonathan Matusitz’s courses. 
Matusitz, 36, has taught several communication classes at UCF, including one called Terrorism and Communication and another on intercultural communication. He wrote a book titled “Terrorism & Communication: A Critical Introduction” that was published last year. 
The council points to a YouTube video of Matusitz as an example of his sharing “Islamophobic” views with students that it says are inaccurate, biased and over-generalized. UCF says that video, which appears to have been taped in a classroom, 
actually features an “outside-of-the-classroom presentation” that took place in January.
UCF spokesman Grant Heston said the school has received no complaints from students or Matusitz’s colleagues about his work. 
In the video, Matusitz stresses the link between terrorism and Islamic culture. He also suggests countries should resist the global spread of Islam. 
“Why do so many Muslims, relative to other religions, want to kill us?” he asks in the video. “The answer is easy, very easy. It is seven letters: culture.” 
Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the national Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he does not understand how a publicly funded university such as UCF could allow a professor to promote such hateful views.
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The Bare Bones Message

What is written in Islamic texts is dangerous to non-Muslims. That's it. That's the only message we need to get across. When this sinks in, it changes everything. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but from that point on the person will see the world with new understanding. From that point on, the person will no longer be bamboozled by the amazing amount of nonsense uttered by so many in the media. From that point on, the person is no longer a "useful idiot" (inadvertently supporting a cause that takes away freedom, rights, and the lives of innocent people).

The message we need to get across is simple, but it's still too much for many people to emotionally cope with. It ruins the life they once had. It shatters their innocence forever. Because of this, they will immediately try to find a way to dismiss this simple message. The first and easiest thing to say is, "Other religions have violence and intolerance in their texts." If you have no answer to this, they will be relieved. They can safely put the issue back out of their minds. "Everything is okay," they'll think, "Islam is just like other religions." There are other versions of this same objection. For example, Christianity is just as bad, all religions are evil, there are extremists in every religion, etc. (We have answers to these objections here.)

However, if you answer the objection successfully, the next thing people will usually come up with is, "Most Muslims don't follow the texts." That's somewhat true, and it's a good thing! But it doesn't change the fact that the texts themselves are dangerous to non-Muslims. It doesn't make the problem go away. Other versions of this are: Only extremists or fundamentalists take the texts literally, not all Muslims are terrorists, I know a Muslim and he's really nice, etc.

Just like getting any horrible news, people will try to deny it. That is the first line of emotional defense. They'll try to find a way to escape from the terrible news and its implications. But if you can prevent someone from escaping the hard fact, you will have done all you need to do. Reality will teach them the rest.

There is a lot we can say about Islam. But it's good to be clear about the most important fact to get across, and to stay focused on it: What is written in Islamic texts is dangerous to non-Muslims. Get this to sink in.
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Michael Brecker
Madame Toulouse

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Pat Condell’s latest and excellent video has cost him his account at Vimeo andabsurd warnings on Youtube 

... as if it was a violent or pornographic video. We have finally reached the state of Orwelianism where the state feels the truth is what is dangerous and the distractions of sexually appealing material should be presented wherever and whenever possible. In a way, Im surprised it took this long. Here is the actual video if anyone has not already seen it. Check the links above for what each web-host did to him because of it.

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Immigration Bill Amendment Would Give Amnesty/Legal Status to Any Would-Be Immigrant Displaced by 'Climate Change'

From Breitbart:

Enough. Enough.

Senator Brian Schatz’s (D-HI) filed an amendment for the immigration bill Wednesday that would allow stateless people in the U.S. to seek conditional lawful status if their nations have been made uninhabitable by climate change. 
Drought in Mexico?  Gee, we never have droughts in Mexico.  But now that we have had one, say hello to your 25 million new, specially-amnestied US citizens.

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